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Hang On – Outlawz

What (Hang on) wherever you at Hold your head Put your head to the sky For my ankle bracelet niggas (Hang on) 25 to life niggas Outlawz hang on (Hang on) Hang on All my thugs hang on (Hang on) Hang on (Hang on) Yeah Verse 1: Young Noble For all my thug niggas I […]

Who? – Outlawz

What up One luv One thug Know what y’all mutha fuckas need? What we need nigga? Know what America need? What do America need? A Outlaw as a president Outlaw Yeah, you might be right What you want nigga? That’s exactly what y’all need You might be fuckin’ right guy Uh Chorus 2x: Phats Bossilini […]

When I Go – Outlawz

Yo I don’t want no open caskets Don’t be crying to me I don’t want nobody standing there lying to me Talking about if you was there you would’ve died for me Took 5 for me Shoot blind for me Save the pipe dreams dog I’m gonna be aiight And even if I die tomorrow […]

Murder Made Easy – Outlawz

Outlaw, Outlaw Bring your mother fucking Jersey Mob In the name of Makaveli The Don, the killa motherfuckin Kadafi [Akwylah – Verse 1] Everybody wanna know how I live my life (pucka) Where’s my balls? (pucka) Where’s my ice? No matter now I answer then, feel my stripes You keep poppin shit, I’ll pin my […]