Performer OVERKILL

Thunderhead – Overkill

Anything better than what we better believe No mention of freedom no glory hallelu No mention you freedom I’m coming […]

Raise The Dead – Overkill

Almighty power, building higher, you’ll never be the same! I’m wanting more, I’m getting more of the feelings you can’t […]

Coma – Overkill

Sleeping with a time bomb, Rumble in my dreams! Innocence been long gone! Fall apart at the seams. Looking through […]

Overkill – Overkill

Rides a mother’s son to take your life. They say he died ten years ago But the list of victims […]

Horrorscope – Overkill

And doctrines of fools will last. I am just trying to cope, Into my horroscope. Through eyes and ears they […]

Elimination – Overkill

Told Me Too Late What’s This Cough And Wheeze Fatal, You’re Shittin’ Me A Second Opinion Is What I Need […]

World Of Hurt – Overkill

Money powered, hypocracy. I have no feelings, you’re much the same. We have no feelings, we feel no pain! I […]

World Of Hurt – Overkill

Money powered, hypocracy. I have no feelings, you’re much the same. We have no feelings, we feel no pain! I […]

Deuce – Overkill

Get up And get your grandma outta here Pick up Old Jim is workin’ hard this year And baby Do […]

Up To Zero – Overkill

No communication, no respect. Zero but a world of words, a war a simple rage. Not worth the time to […]

Hymn 43 – Overkill

Oh father high in heaven — smile down upon your son He’s busy with his money games — his women […]

Fear His Name – Overkill

And those with open eyes will see… Hail the avenger, midnight defender. The end will never be. You look to […]

Time To Kill – Overkill

Let Me Out Of Prison I’m Just Killing Time Every Time I Turn Around I Start To Hear Familiar Sound […]

Feed My Head – Overkill

I can’t afford the, price of wasted time… Who will reap the profit of the lie? Fantasy, Illusion fusion impressions […]

Certifiable – Overkill

‘Cause you can’t live, without me. Who left the door the window gate locked? Who did the didn’t want me […]

Under One – Overkill

My back is broke, flame is out, eyes and head are rusted. My arms are open wide. Yeah. Under one […]

Deny The Cross – Overkill

Rip the core of your, world apart. Then I’ll, Take your sight. Leave ya blind. Laughing hard as you, loose […]

Second Son – Overkill

Damned at birth, the child king born. The prophets warned beware the second son. Born to lead! And then raised […]

Fast Junkie – Overkill

Take it right. Down one, No kissin’ concrete. I’m awake! I’m awake! I’m awake! Too alive! It’s comin’..! Let it […]

Use Your Head – Overkill

Lookin’ for some dirty action. Leave ’em on the floor, Leave ’em wantin’ more. Use it for the prime reaction. […]

Feel The Fire – Overkill

Sift through the metal. Belly full, another deal, Stopping would be fatal! Round’n’round spins a forty-five, Is it vinyl or […]

Necroshine – Overkill

You can’t take the hell on out of me Wathch me here as I get But be careful what you […]

Wrecking Crew – Overkill

Just one sweep of the wreckin’ ball. Put ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down, Or knock ’em up, then leave […]

Kill On Command – Overkill

They ride through the dark of the night. Metal warrior stands over victims whose hands Grab for their last chance […]

I, Hurricane – Overkill

It feels nothin’ like I’m missin’ you Self-inflicted pain, has turned me upside down In the drenchin’ bloody rain I […]

Cornucopia – Overkill

Too much in the truth they say Keep it ’till another day Let them have their little game Illusion helps […]

God-Like – Overkill

I’m your crucifix, your burning light. I’m the perfect mix, of wrong and right. I’m your full blown blue eyed […]

Genocya – Overkill

Your homegrown, goddamn genocide The standard behind which you hide I’m at your door, right by your side…so Go – […]

Hammerhead – Overkill

Twisting whats left of my mind. Tearing the same, this blood burning flame Decaying all it can find. Banging your […]

Bastard Nation – Overkill

The balance goes away. Mine is but an active immagination. Tear the boundary down! Know more line. Take a look […]

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