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Up To Zero – Overkill

No communication, no respect. Zero but a world of words, a war a simple rage. Not worth the time to look in or dissect. He said… Wait!! I’m not ready. I wasn’t really treated fair… Wait!! Not in a hurry, I want the time I wasted back when I thought no one cared. Positivly negative, […]

Hymn 43 – Overkill

Oh father high in heaven — smile down upon your son He’s busy with his money games — his women and his gun. Oh Jesus save me! And the unsung Western hero, he killed an Indian or three And then he made his name in Hollywood To set the white man free. Oh Jesus save […]

Fear His Name – Overkill

And those with open eyes will see… Hail the avenger, midnight defender. The end will never be. You look to the light…. Dawn of a new day. Hail the avenger… He who lights the way. Away with your fear, I’ve cried all my tears, Delevered from the night….. Hail the avenger, laughing at danger. Shed […]

Long Time Dyin’ – Overkill

with a little of touch of denial A man on his knees he was licking the floor like he’s trying to reconcile You fill your pot with anger, You eat all that you can, Tell you one thing as I look back now I don’t ever want to be that man again Cannot feel it […]

Playing With Spiders//Skullkrusher – Overkill

Which Way You Gonna Go And What You Gonna Do When It Comes Bargainin’ A Gasoline Take A Ride On This Machine Gonna Get Me Some When It Comes Just How Far You Gonna Go Somebody Should Let You Know Once You’re In You Ain’t Get It Out Put Aside Your Foolish Pride So You […]

Time To Kill – Overkill

Let Me Out Of Prison I’m Just Killing Time Every Time I Turn Around I Start To Hear Familiar Sound Counting Down As Time Stands Still Yes I Think It’s Time To Kill Chorus Time To Kill(X4) All The Mental Anguish Speaks A Common Language I Have Yet To Lavisha Chance To Walk Away Every […]

Feed My Head – Overkill

I can’t afford the, price of wasted time… Who will reap the profit of the lie? Fantasy, Illusion fusion impressions of a high… Sacred is the being of the lie. Drawn is a picture of myself, It’s all that I see, leaving! Gone are the cries I heard for help, The mirror spits, Reflections of […]

What’s Your Problem – Overkill

I’m not a bad man (bad man), Just excel in anger and hatred!! Do the best, with what I have. I’m a constitution, yeah… Everyday I’m tested! With the worst of what you have… Here’s to your problem. Here, Mr. Know-It-All… Here’s to the solvin’ of a problem in yer head. Here’s to your problem, […]

No Feelings – Overkill

Seen you in the mirror when the story began and I fell in love with you I love yer mortal sin Your brains are locked away but I love your company I only ever leave you when you got no money I got no emotions for anybody else You better understand I’m in love with […]

Fatal If Swallowed – Overkill

Lust is the fire which warms you in the night. Scorching the edge of your soul. I am desire, your eyes are filled with light. Pleasing the master your goal. Like a fly! to a spider, against my web you fight. My poison dousing your flame. Call on the liar, to fill the hole with […]

Forked Tongue Kiss – Overkill

Got a fistful of momories, a long lost innocence Hey baby, dead baby devil he embracin’ you With a long forked-tongue-kiss Suckin’ all the life from you If you need to reach me I’m broaking one through ten And if you really need me Can I get an amen… Passion on a??????? gotta get it […]

Certifiable – Overkill

‘Cause you can’t live, without me. Who left the door the window gate locked? Who did the didn’t want me in? Way back when I was just a psychopath, C’mon c’mon c’mon and let me in! Whoa! They tell me I’m insane. Whoa! Just something with my brain. I’m a good boy now, good boy […]

Under One – Overkill

My back is broke, flame is out, eyes and head are rusted. My arms are open wide. Yeah. Under one nation, (under one) Under one God. (under one) Under one nation, (under one) Under one fog. (under one) Send us all your criminal insane inflamed indignant. Your terminal infected hopeful, juvenille delinquents. My arms still […]

Spiritual Void – Overkill

That makes a man feel right as rain. My soul-a-fire, feelin’ so alive in your own way. If you need a reason, To get some healin’. If your spirit’s bleedin’ Then get some healin’!! I need a new religeon!! Laughin’ like a true beleiver, Laughin’ hard the true deceiver. Without a worry in this world […]

Deny The Cross – Overkill

Rip the core of your, world apart. Then I’ll, Take your sight. Leave ya blind. Laughing hard as you, loose your mind. Smash in your skull!! Kick out your brains!! Dance all over! What remains!!!!! Life! The living danger, Death! The welcome stranger, In sin! You deny the cross. (again) Deny the cross….! I’m an […]

Second Son – Overkill

Damned at birth, the child king born. The prophets warned beware the second son. Born to lead! And then raised in peace and harmony My fellow man and I live as one. Together forever! Forever in the kingdom of the son…! Watched in fear, another day the final year! The light that fills our sky […]

Never Say Never – Overkill

I climb the mountian, for all to see. Systematic ascention! is a part of me. I’ve felt the fire! been taken over. I’m pushin’ forward and getting closer. From the fire to the streets. I’ve seen it all.. I’ve melted in the heat, An’ I heard the call. And then a brand new day! A […]

Fast Junkie – Overkill

Take it right. Down one, No kissin’ concrete. I’m awake! I’m awake! I’m awake! Too alive! It’s comin’..! Let it go let it go let it go let it go let it go let it go go go! My strip, My bank, My rubber rut steel, my tank. I can kill! I can kill! Yeah […]

Use Your Head – Overkill

Lookin’ for some dirty action. Leave ’em on the floor, Leave ’em wantin’ more. Use it for the prime reaction. Workin’ like a dog, Tired cold, and bored. Stimulate me to satisfaction. Alcohol and sluts, Pull me from my rut, Second only to the attraction. YOU! Got a lot to learn. Your head’s up your […]

Feel The Fire – Overkill

Sift through the metal. Belly full, another deal, Stopping would be fatal! Round’n’round spins a forty-five, Is it vinyl or a bullet? One to kill one keeps alive, Get on your knees and suck it! Looking down the barrel, the feeling of new power…. Look up the weasle! Feel the reign of terror! Crawling scratching […]

Stone Cold Jesus – Overkill

Got devil gone down on me It’s a non – stop, no meal, no connoction Devil – devil all over me Hero baby, here baby plant one on your daddy’s cheek Got devil all over me I’ll be gone for a minute but no more that a week Devil – devil all over me Gone […]

Necroshine – Overkill

You can’t take the hell on out of me Wathch me here as I get But be careful what you see I cut across the waste, some live and some enshrined I look into the light of the necroshine Don’t you worry ‘ bout me You know I’m doin ‘ line Basking in the light […]

End Of The Line – Overkill

Take a good long look, and tell me what you see. Through time passing. Make a stand. In your way, Leaves way.. too much for me. On the edge, Standing. I was there when lightning struck, I watched the idols fall. I could see it coming, Could read the writing on the wall! Time. Time […]

Wrecking Crew – Overkill

Just one sweep of the wreckin’ ball. Put ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down, Or knock ’em up, then leave town. Demolition of the mind. Desolation, left behind. Light the fuse, dynamite. Light the sky! in the night!! We will walk! All over you! ‘Cause we are! The wreckin’! Wreckin’ crew!!! We are the wreckin’ […]

Nothing To Die For – Overkill

Too Young To Core Bent On Self Destruction Goin’ Nowhere If I Had A Reason I Could Make It Work For Me If I Had An Answer I Wouldn’t Be So Hard To See I’m Feelin’ Just The Same I’m Feelin’ Just No Pain I’m Not Goin’ Down The Drain Make My Own Decisions Just […]

Kill On Command – Overkill

They ride through the dark of the night. Metal warrior stands over victims whose hands Grab for their last chance of life. Bright shields! sharp swords! March forward for their Lord. Set the bow, rulers come Meet your maker. Battle cries! silent screams! Submerge the Devil in evil dreams Feel the blade, rulers come Meet […]

I, Hurricane – Overkill

It feels nothin’ like I’m missin’ you Self-inflicted pain, has turned me upside down In the drenchin’ bloody rain I know nothin’ I’m supposed to do So I think I’ll entertain thoughts of the underground All I possess has becomes laid to rest And the things that I love don’t make a sound All I […]

Cornucopia – Overkill

Too much in the truth they say Keep it ’till another day Let them have their little game Illusion helps to keep them sane Let them have their little toys Fast sports cars and motor noise Exciting in their plastic place Frozen food in a concrete maze You’re gonna go insane I’m trying to save […]

Dreaming In Columbian – Overkill

Just close my eyes to bring me there. I fall apart, the peices are so hard to find. A puzzle peice is torn in half. The absence, of colour. surrounds a broken dream. Call my eyes to take me there… One by one I watch, as the peices disappear, My friends become the ones I […]

God-Like – Overkill

I’m your crucifix, your burning light. I’m the perfect mix, of wrong and right. I’m your full blown blue eyed devil, It’s my nature to deceive. You’re the classic lost example, With a need to beleive, need to beleive. You want to Walk in God-like. Immune to dyin’, What was I thinkin’ as I bent […]

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