Category: OVERKILL

Use Your Head – Overkill

Lookin’ for some dirty action. Leave ’em on the floor, Leave ’em wantin’ more. Use it for the prime reaction. Workin’ like a dog, Tired cold, and bored. Stimulate me to satisfaction. Alcohol and sluts, Pull me from my rut, Second only to the attraction. YOU! Got a lot to learn. Your head’s up your […]

Feel The Fire – Overkill

Sift through the metal. Belly full, another deal, Stopping would be fatal! Round’n’round spins a forty-five, Is it vinyl or a bullet? One to kill one keeps alive, Get on your knees and suck it! Looking down the barrel, the feeling of new power…. Look up the weasle! Feel the reign of terror! Crawling scratching […]

Stone Cold Jesus – Overkill

Got devil gone down on me It’s a non – stop, no meal, no connoction Devil – devil all over me Hero baby, here baby plant one on your daddy’s cheek Got devil all over me I’ll be gone for a minute but no more that a week Devil – devil all over me Gone […]

Necroshine – Overkill

You can’t take the hell on out of me Wathch me here as I get But be careful what you see I cut across the waste, some live and some enshrined I look into the light of the necroshine Don’t you worry ‘ bout me You know I’m doin ‘ line Basking in the light […]

End Of The Line – Overkill

Take a good long look, and tell me what you see. Through time passing. Make a stand. In your way, Leaves way.. too much for me. On the edge, Standing. I was there when lightning struck, I watched the idols fall. I could see it coming, Could read the writing on the wall! Time. Time […]

Wrecking Crew – Overkill

Just one sweep of the wreckin’ ball. Put ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down, Or knock ’em up, then leave town. Demolition of the mind. Desolation, left behind. Light the fuse, dynamite. Light the sky! in the night!! We will walk! All over you! ‘Cause we are! The wreckin’! Wreckin’ crew!!! We are the wreckin’ […]

Nothing To Die For – Overkill

Too Young To Core Bent On Self Destruction Goin’ Nowhere If I Had A Reason I Could Make It Work For Me If I Had An Answer I Wouldn’t Be So Hard To See I’m Feelin’ Just The Same I’m Feelin’ Just No Pain I’m Not Goin’ Down The Drain Make My Own Decisions Just […]

Kill On Command – Overkill

They ride through the dark of the night. Metal warrior stands over victims whose hands Grab for their last chance of life. Bright shields! sharp swords! March forward for their Lord. Set the bow, rulers come Meet your maker. Battle cries! silent screams! Submerge the Devil in evil dreams Feel the blade, rulers come Meet […]

I, Hurricane – Overkill

It feels nothin’ like I’m missin’ you Self-inflicted pain, has turned me upside down In the drenchin’ bloody rain I know nothin’ I’m supposed to do So I think I’ll entertain thoughts of the underground All I possess has becomes laid to rest And the things that I love don’t make a sound All I […]

Cornucopia – Overkill

Too much in the truth they say Keep it ’till another day Let them have their little game Illusion helps to keep them sane Let them have their little toys Fast sports cars and motor noise Exciting in their plastic place Frozen food in a concrete maze You’re gonna go insane I’m trying to save […]

Dreaming In Columbian – Overkill

Just close my eyes to bring me there. I fall apart, the peices are so hard to find. A puzzle peice is torn in half. The absence, of colour. surrounds a broken dream. Call my eyes to take me there… One by one I watch, as the peices disappear, My friends become the ones I […]

God-Like – Overkill

I’m your crucifix, your burning light. I’m the perfect mix, of wrong and right. I’m your full blown blue eyed devil, It’s my nature to deceive. You’re the classic lost example, With a need to beleive, need to beleive. You want to Walk in God-like. Immune to dyin’, What was I thinkin’ as I bent […]

Space Truckin’ – Overkill

Well, we had a lot of fun on Venus We always had a ball on Mars While meeting all the groovey people We’ve rocked the Milky Way so far We danced around with Borealice We’re space truckin’ round the stars Come on, Come on, Come on Let’s go Space Truckin’ Come on, Come on, Come […]

Drunken Wisdom – Overkill

Ain’t feeling sorry for you. Why don’t you fade away? Got no time. No time for what I gotta do. And get a message through. Kiss my ass. Your bitchin’s a bore. Don’t wanna hear it no.. more. So stop cryin’. Ain’t feelin’ nothing for you. Don’t like it there’s the door. Sorry if I’m […]

Genocya – Overkill

Your homegrown, goddamn genocide The standard behind which you hide I’m at your door, right by your side…so Go – high Go – higher Go – high Go – higher I’m the hate, the jealousy I can magnify the agony The self-destructive qualities So won’t you come and go with me…and Go – high Go […]

Let Me Shut That For You – Overkill

Hey! Yeah!!!! Yeah!!!!(2x) Here come Mr. ‘I ain’t like that’, Mr. ‘You can count on me’. Here come evolution, walkin’ with stupidity. Waste a’ time, waste a’ my time. Give it up, lay it down, play the bottom line. Waste a’ time, waste a’ prime time. Hey! Let me shut that for you. Hey! Hey! […]

Hammerhead – Overkill

Twisting whats left of my mind. Tearing the same, this blood burning flame Decaying all it can find. Banging your head, stuck in the dread, Leaving the posers behind. Powers you see, the power you need Nerves and bones we grind. Hammer! Hammerhead. Hammer! Hammerhead. Knocked to the floor, left wanting more. Scars decorate your […]

Bastard Nation – Overkill

The balance goes away. Mine is but an active immagination. Tear the boundary down! Know more line. Take a look inside the bastard that you find. Yelling screamed and ripped, Just to have a say. Yours is but an over exaggeration. Throw the civil down! Kill your fear. Feel the need, to act on what […]

Half Past Dead – Overkill

No wanting the can’t have Untasted Seems everything I have Yeah ready Heard everything you said I’m steady Even though it’s half past dead Welcome to the unforgiving Franernity of pain where the lines remains uncrossed Are entertained Greetings from the other side Where all has gone array here But in all honesty takes me […]

Hello From The Gutter – Overkill

Swept down the sewer with the rest of the trash. Never to be seen again. Now you’re makin’ a home in a garbage can!! But here’s a little story that I lived to tell. Hello from the gutter! Hello from our little hell…! Wasted days, watsed nights. Hypnotized by the city lights! Another king, another […]