Miracle Man – Ozzy Osbourne

I’m looking for a miracle man who’s not in disguise. I don’t know where he’ll come from I don’t know […]

Suicide Solution – Ozzy Osbourne

But whiskey’s quicker suicide is slow with liquer Take a bottle drain your sorrows Candied thoughts await tommorows Evil thought […]

Paranoid – Ozzy Osbourne

people think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time All day long I think of things but nothing […]

Believer – Ozzy Osbourne

Watching the time go and feeling belief grow Rise above the obstacles People beech me but they’ll never teach me […]

Denial – Ozzy Osbourne

You are my only daughter, I guess I made you twice You look inside my other, he’ll give you bad […]

War Pigs – Ozzy Osbourne

just like witches at black masses evil minds that plot destruction sorcerers of death’s construction in the fields the bodies […]

Crazy Babies – Ozzy Osbourne

Crazy…Babies…Crazy Babies never say die. Born to live on a permanent high, flying high above the world below, They’d better […]

Never – Ozzy Osbourne

It is the voice of your laughter that echoes in vain In the vessel of your sorrow and pain It […]

Forever – Ozzy Osbourne

There’s no present there’s no future I don’t even know about the past It’s all timeless and never ending To […]

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