Time Will Pass You By – Kylie Minogue

1: Passing seasons over fade away Into misty clouds of autumn grey As i sit here looking at the street Little figures quickly moving feet I’m just a pebble on the beach and i Sit and wonder why Little people running around Never knowing why Chorus: Life is just a precious minute baby Open up […]

Closer To Perfection – A*Teens

Putting everything aside Hooked onto you And my life was passing by I stood in a cloud of dust Blinded, ’til you cut me off I’m back and alive getting over you Now I got it together, I’m stronger than ever Back on a track with a better view And I’m getting closer to perfection […]

This Nigga Die – B. G

[B. G.] Ain’t this a bitch (Hook-2x) If this nigga die, then a lot of niggas gon’ die If my momma cry, then a lot of mommas gon’ cry [B. G. {talking underneath hook}] (?????) – fuck it Someone gotta handle that Checkmate, nigga [B. G.] Nigga done crept down and pretend he my dog […]

Who Do You Love – Whitney Houston

Who do you love? (X4) I got a feeling you’re the boy for me I bet your love can set me free I feel a love thing coming on It started week then got oh so strong Strong enough to rock the world Straight up I want to be your girl So I keep praying […]

Fates Warning – Iron Maiden

Why is it some of us are destined to stay alive, and some of us are here just so that we’ll die How come the bullet hits the other guy, do we have to try and reason why Be it the devil or be it him, you can count on just one thing When the […]

My Big Mouth – Posies

Cause I’m drawn to someone else (Looks like you could use a little sleep) I had some I didn’t mention You caught me coming late (framed by the door) Onto a floor that’s freshly waxed And hides my tracks and raises Some important questions I ask you to be nice – it has no effect […]

Dirty Diamonds – Alice Cooper

It looked so good, your perfect plan You had to get greedy to be the man Now you’re holding the bag, paying the price Gonna get burned by the heat of the ice Dirty diamonds You rolled the dice, you bet your life You put your trust in your trophy wife Got stabbed in the […]

All Sparks – Editors

All sparks will burn out in the end You burn like a bouncing cigarette on the road All sparks will burn out in the end All sparks will burn out All sparks will burn out All sparks will burn out In the end You’re casting opinions at people who need them All sparks will burn […]

Just Like You – Hannah Montana

So what you see Is only half the story There’s another side of me I’m the girl you know But I’m someone else too If you only knew It’s a crazy life But I’m alright I got everything I’ve always wanted Living the dream So yeah, everything I’ve always wanted isn’t always what it seems […]

Over The Hills And Far Away – Gary Moore

They came for him one winter’s night. Arrested, he was bound. They said there’d been a robbery, his pistol had been found. They marched him to the station house, he waited till the dawn. And as they led him to the dock, he knew that he’d been wronged. You stand accused of robbery, he heard […]

Yesterday – Perry Como

I don’t know, she wouldn’t say I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday! Yesterday. . . all my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they’re here to stay Oh I believe in yesterday! Suddenly. . . I’m not half the man I used to be There’s a shadow hanging […]

Two Steps Back – Craig David

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You know I’m the kinda guy that does 9 to 5 Working real hard is the way I live my life Back home just me and you girl all alone With no one interrupting Switch off the phone But I could be that other guy Who comes home late at […]

When I Fall In Love – Westlife

It will be forever Or I’ll never fall in love In a restless world Like this is Love is ended before it’s begun And too many Moonlight kisses Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun When I give my heart It will be completely Or I’ll never give my heart And the moment […]

Drive There Now! – Almost

What the hey Let’s say what we needed to say Since way back when we sailed our inhibitions Hold on tight ’cause this is so the truth This is so the truth I love the way that we laugh until we cry Dance until we die (dance until we die) I love the smile with […]

Falling Down – Duran Duran

He thought nothing could touch him But here and now it’s a different storyline Like the straw he is clutching Why has the sky turned grey Hard to my face and cold on my shoulder And why has my life gone astray Scarred by disgrace, I know that its over Because I’m falling down With […]

Once In A Lifetime – Keith Urban

I can see it in your eyes And feel it in your touch I know that you’re scared But you’ve never been this loved (mm hmm) It’s a long shot, baby, I know it’s true. But if anyone can make it, I’m bettin’ on me and you. (mm hmm) Just keep on moving into me, […]

Motherland – Face Down (US)

As my mother burns for your sadistic trips I can turn the vision away But the image persists it won’t go away You preach like prophets but you say it wrong You fan the flames of battles born You think you’re right and you’re posed to fight You burn the blood so you should loose […]

Tears On My Pillow – Kylie Minogue

You don’t remember me But i remember you T’was not so long ago You broke my heart in two Chorus: Tears on my pillow Pain in my heart Caused by you 2: If we could start anew I wouldn’t hesitate I’d gladly take you back And tempt the hand of fate Chorus: 3: Love is […]

Help Yourself – Posies

And we did things ’cause they made sense Without trying hard I made it final And we conceived our children on backseat vinyl Though we didn’t have a lot (But) one was quickly bought Then we buit upon this ground something we thought was sound But in reality was silence I can’t tell you why […]

Pirate Jenny – Nina Simone

You people can watch while I’m scrubbing these floors And I’m scrubbin’ the floors while you’re gawking Maybe once ya tip me and it makes ya feel swell In this crummy Southern town In this crummy old hotel But you’ll never guess to who you’re talkin’. No. You couldn’t ever guess to who you’re talkin’. […]

Dipset – Lil Wayne

Cut the music up in the phones Drew My hair is blockin’ it [Laughs] My shit growin’ like my money….Hah The Runners! Let’s Go [Hook] Dip Dipset I get on extra Grind, I Get On Extra Grind I Get On Extra Grind, When It’s When It’s Reppin Time Dip Dipset When It’s Reppin Time When […]

Rotes Haar – In Extremo

Das jeder Wind daran vor? ber lief Ich habe da dein Blut gesp? rt Und wie es hei? zu mir her? ber rann Du hast nur mein Gesicht ber? hrt Da starb er einfach hin der harte Mann Weil’s solche Liebe nicht mehr gibt Ich hab mich in dein rotes Haar verliebt Im Feld den […]

Throwing It All Away – Genesis

Need I say I care Need I say that emotion’s, Something we don’t share I don’t want to be sitting here Trying to deceive you Cos you know I know baby That I don’t wanna go. We cannot live together We cannot live apart That’s the situation I’ve known it from the start Every time […]

She Floats – Vanessa Carlton

Watching puddles gather rain Theres no better place to lay Shes as fine as dandelions blowing in the wind Shes not thinkin’ about anything… She floats Floats… Wearing black patent mary janes She steps out in to the rain She’s as dry as clear blue skies Swallowing you whole God knows secrets though I’m told […]

Father Like Son – Yukmouth

Yes. My lil shortys gonna be a thug. Father like son, like son like dad. My family all into makin this cash. Shorty’s gonna be a thug. Like father, like son, like son, like dad. My family’s all into makin this cash. My lil, shortys gonna be a thug. Like father, like son, like son, […]

In Your Arms Again – Natalie Brown

V1 I remember standing there Compelled by the grip of your stare Wanting you to hold me forever No words were said, instead It’s like we knew that you’d never stop loving me And I, I’d never stop loving you Chorus: If I could be in your arms again I’d say the things I wanted […]

We Can Make It Tonight – Toto

Gotta know — the time has come to follow through Drive straight through the night Just hold on — we can make it home before daylight There’s a voice inside you And you know it can’t be wrong So break away from this pain, girl We’ve held out much too long Chorus: We can make […]

Days Of Shame – Pro-Pain

Blood onn our hands and our souls Filthy ideals fed to us those who play god In god we trust? This is insane We were wrong These days of shame last so long I’ve taken on this position cause that’s where I stand Abort the deadly mission and meet our demands Inhabitants beware of the […]

Cannibalistic Intent – Confessions Of Obscurity

Decaying… is the flesh Horrible… is the view Emotions… are bizarre The stench is unbearable But the hunger is stronger Eating her skin, licking her cold pussy Guts are now torn apart Her entrails are swallowed The tongue yet digested Once she was pretty and filled with life Now she’s slayed and cooked The cannibals […]

Down Low – R. Kelly

Yet you’re tellin’ me that everything is cool Tryin’ to convince me baby to do as you say Just go along and see things your way 1 – And keep it on the down low Nobody has to know We can keep it on the down low Nobody has to know Secret lovers is what […]