Zombie Zoo – Tom Petty

With white lipstick and one thing on their mind Hey little freak with the lunch pail purse Underneath th e […]

Crisis Of Disorder – Kreator

Searching – for reality to hold on to Probia – detonation without cause Terror – out of traumatic reaction Raging […]

409 – Beach Boys

She’s real fine my 409 My 409 Well I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes (Giddy up giddy […]

Mr. Warner – Lloyd

But I guess I will just accept the risk Please forgive me for my candidness But you’re the one who […]

Genocide – Bathory

In dust realised kill, what a thrill All hell ablaze the furnace gates Stands open wide for genocide Genocide – […]

Mumbo Jumbo – Squeeze

Eyebrows plucked and toenails cut, I’ll pick you up with a little luck, all prim and proper. Shaven legs and […]

Lux Triumphans – Rhapsody

“At the court of king Chaos only blood can write its own tragedy…” Mighty warriors from the silver hills march, […]

Bumbklaatt – Soulfly

Can’t you see what it takes To be a real man Talking shit all your life No integrity or pride […]

Six Hours – Alice Cooper

There’s only six hours Left in the day Time is so precious And it’s slipping away Got no destination Got […]

Mi Mancherai – Josh Groban

Mi mancherб la tua serenita Le tue parole come canzoni al vento E l’amore che ora porti via Mi mancherai […]

Pen Cap Chew – Nirvana

Ummm, mine Ummm, mmmm You go, you give, you get, you get to me All the years of tyrants such […]

Broken Train – Beck

In the bushes again I’m glad I got my suit dry-cleaned Before the riots started Cuz there’s only rehashed faces […]

Ya Ves (English Translation) – Selena

——————————————————– Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from Spanish […]

Rocks Off – Rolling Stones

Your mouth don’t move but I can hear you speak. What’s the matter with the boy? He don’t come around […]

Feel – Darren Hayes

It feels all right There’s nothing left to fear Finding myself The further I go Towards you You teach me […]