As I Die – Paradise Lost

Stare as eyes uphold me And wait to see right through And curse me… The love has crippled you Shadows […]

Mercy – Paradise Lost

Within a sign there’s a promise, Don’t lose all faith cause you shake at night It’s in the art of […]

Wreck – Paradise Lost

Talk With Friends Of God Sometimes You’ll See Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Don’t Say Its Not That […]

Gothic (mix) – Paradise Lost

Frustrations tension eludes The past was clean Where thoughts were mild The present day horrors alive Slowly passing timeless horrors […]

Poison – Paradise Lost

Free from the sanity of them Is there something, that you see in all of them Non-believer, a time will […]

Never Again – Paradise Lost

The Anger Rages. Blame Your Loneliness, Blame Your Situation. The Essence Is How Much Pleasure Allowed Solution Is Stealing The […]

True Belief – Paradise Lost

Closed the room where the last is buried Rise or fall at your master’s request You’re unable to accept redemption […]

Fear – Paradise Lost

and pray for silence for the hurt again eradication of the tortured man configuration of the lonely bleeding the gods […]

No Reason – Paradise Lost

There Something’s You Can’t Conceal, It’s The Same Old Show, Maybe You Don’t Know, Go And Find Some Reasons To […]

Shadowkings – Paradise Lost

A spiral movement, the ultimate mystery Will you show….will you show who you are? It’s the truth that untrue suspicion […]

Pity The Sadness – Paradise Lost

The pains of life increased outright Contempt and sins priorities… To crush good fortune (to its knees) Morning… Morning’s calm, […]