Walk Away – Paradise Lost

And in the summer when the clouds show through I might go the same way too if You and I could talk together Well what am I supposed to do with You and I would walk together Then with always close around and Now you gaze toward the doorway When the weather comes falling down […]

Crying For Eternity – Paradise Lost

And I’m waiting for the dawn Laughter at my every move As if crippled by my thoughts And I’m burning cold, burning cold You prevail in the end (Unlike your god’s obscenity) Hating the disgrace (Of a child’s insanity) I’m taken all the more And I’ll take all that I see You’ll do it all […]

Master Of Misrule – Paradise Lost

it’s too late to feel again what it takes to be born what it takes when the last has fallen what I see is depravity within us all what it takes to be born what it takes when the last has fallen what it is this the despondency within us all maybe I’m already dead […]

Wreck – Paradise Lost

Talk With Friends Of God Sometimes You’ll See Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Don’t Say Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Save Your Weak Demands For One Who Cares No More Can I Fake This You’ll See Its Not That Simple Anymore Somehow Don’t Say Its Not That Simple Anymore Somehow Fear […]

Mortals Watch The Day – Paradise Lost

All my troubles fade from view Pale the four walls surround Have I madness in my eyes? While mortals watch the day Our fear will pave the way Hidden until the end See a room of crimson Nothing I have seen before Coldness wrapped around me Struggle not for Hell is here While tyrants close […]

Gothic (mix) – Paradise Lost

Frustrations tension eludes The past was clean Where thoughts were mild The present day horrors alive Slowly passing timeless horrors Lives within all fear The mourning in my tears Drown all the past We lived beneath these years Awaiting for the call For all life to expire Passive to this day To infinity we’ll fall […]

Poison – Paradise Lost

Free from the sanity of them Is there something, that you see in all of them Non-believer, a time will come, but when? All you worship in life, destroyed by human hands, Spare the trouble you feel, save a breath for your next Spit on the laws that I made for you Betray the treasures […]

Never Again – Paradise Lost

The Anger Rages. Blame Your Loneliness, Blame Your Situation. The Essence Is How Much Pleasure Allowed Solution Is Stealing The Times That You Try, So Many Must Die, Their Loss So Appealing Murder More Or Less The Sense Engages Blame Unwillingness Blame Your Complications The Essence Is How, Much Pleasure Allowed, Solution Is Stealing. Times […]

Forever Failure – Paradise Lost

You must feel frustration Cause your mind feels such temptation And your ways appear a total lack of faith You may feel elation At your body’s re-creation And that joy you need, restricted by one thought Are you forever – loss of purpose in a passive life Are you forever – pale, regarded as a […]

True Belief – Paradise Lost

Closed the room where the last is buried Rise or fall at your master’s request You’re unable to accept redemption I don’t know about a true belief here With the ‘lost’ it’s the same as always All I want is the same, a true belief You can’t wait to become a memory With the ‘weak’ […]

Enchantment – Paradise Lost

Like a fever, fever – inside of me Like a fever, fever – inside of me Stand fast, faithful one See the moon and not the sun but I…… All I need is a simple reminder Breakdown frail affairs Turn from the elsuive starts but I…… All I need is a simple reminder Guilt is […]

The Last Time – Paradise Lost

It’s a struggle with a failures frown And it crashes in front of me I see the clouds divide Will you stay or try to leave The time you’re looking at through the door And think to walk right through I want to ignore I only wish that it passes soon I raise a sunken […]

Fear – Paradise Lost

and pray for silence for the hurt again eradication of the tortured man configuration of the lonely bleeding the gods are praying for our souls again the willing conquest of our souls again the wicked rule the one who dares to cross accept the pain and simply count the losses feed my fear feed my […]

Joys Of The Emptiness – Paradise Lost

Changes of which I could foresee Violence caressing, impending distress As my body lay sleeping, enternally bleeding, and… Shallow despair, broken years years you cannot repair Summonded here, and all must see the hypocrisy Peed back the face, the sorry mind, a vacant space Born deprived, the moods expired in reality A fantasy, based on […]

Albino Flogged In Black – Paradise Lost

‘o you sweet, little six six sixteen I’m the saviour of your sisterhood stretched thing, held in leash for daddy clench the thong now honey clench it good shadow blue, the shadow of the ox whip whistling through the dark and kiss my poor child slashed sister, kneel before your daddy and squeeze now honey […]

No Reason – Paradise Lost

There Something’s You Can’t Conceal, It’s The Same Old Show, Maybe You Don’t Know, Go And Find Some Reasons To Live…. Always A Mistake I’m Selfless, Always A Mistake I Feel, But There’s Many Times When You Seem So Shallow, There’s Many Times When You’re Without Worth. But You Say It’s All Over, You’re Down […]

Death Walks Behind You – Paradise Lost

Death walks behind you Lock the door, switch the lights You’ll be so afraid tonight Hide away from the past Count the nightlights that you have Start to scream, shout for help There is no one by your side To forget what he has done Seems so hard to carry on Death walks behind you […]

Daylight Torn – Paradise Lost

Holding on until the end Helping me tread on your life Life is the game, strengthen my anger Reshape the misguided times See me then, die, Fate has control of us all Blemish the quest of all, Create the dread Waiting in line, lost in your prayer Lost in your insanity lt seems to be […]

Embers Fire – Paradise Lost

A crude elite that’s from a distant zone You don’t know if It’s the truth you told Anger looks on the quiet dreaming Seals the sense incandescent ones Hold back desire for danger A bet you lose, you’ll have no way to turn I see the man who lives and breathes corruption Into a circle […]

I See Your Face – Paradise Lost

Coming back today, the pounding thoughts relay It’s a time that’s for myself I’m laying low, strife is gaining slow A kind of anguish I don’t need…… When I see your frown, hurt will put me down If I could see a light shining Is this borrowed time maybe a final time That I can […]

Deadly Inner Sense – Paradise Lost

Seek salvage from this carnage Frustration deep inside Writhe in utmost rage A tortuous embrace is embedded in their minds As hands from above grasp Emptiness they find. Paralysed from neck down Like fluid drinks Pressures increase on flesh Excruciating pain… These mindless thoughtless fools Corrupted in mind Crying out for the death Innocence they […]

Say Just Words – Paradise Lost

You get high, with your corrosive instinct – Where can I go, to escape your foul mind tricks You’re trying it more, but you will never break me Cause you presume, the winner’s you but that’s not true So say just words to me, unreal what your hate’s providing Say just words to me, your […]

Shadowkings – Paradise Lost

A spiral movement, the ultimate mystery Will you show….will you show who you are? It’s the truth that untrue suspicion is spreading like a disease Do you know if it is real? Voices appear inside my brain Their need, to set me free Onward they lead before the dawn Teach me what’s right and wrong […]

Pity The Sadness – Paradise Lost

The pains of life increased outright Contempt and sins priorities… To crush good fortune (to its knees) Morning… Morning’s calm, inside I cry This painful live has raped my mind Take me down, slow release From sorrow’s penetration Morning… Life is there for me Hell is there for me Sunlight greets my open wounds Morning’s […]