Deep – Paradise Lost

When Tomorrow Brings This Trail Of Desperate Thoughts Living So Afraid When Tomorrow Brings This Trail Of Simple Thoughts Give […]

Once Solemn – Paradise Lost

Once solemn, the thing I’m leaving alone Once solemn, the looks that turn one to stone And I’m learning the […]

Sweetness – Paradise Lost

a certain sweetness that I lack sensitive till the day of the final strike hatred coming on from greater heights […]

Embraced – Paradise Lost

Lying deep in comfort, I awake now I cannot believe this tale I cannot believe the echoes… or your petty […]

Fader – Paradise Lost

You Choose To Judge, Is That Your Role? Don’t Analyse Or Complicate, You’ll Critisise, You Can’t Relate… And Now You […]

As I Die – Paradise Lost

Stare as eyes uphold me And wait to see right through And curse me… The love has crippled you Shadows […]

Mercy – Paradise Lost

Within a sign there’s a promise, Don’t lose all faith cause you shake at night It’s in the art of […]

Wreck – Paradise Lost

Talk With Friends Of God Sometimes You’ll See Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Don’t Say Its Not That […]

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