Performer PARAMORE

Ignorance – Paramore

you don’t like me Well, I guess I’ll make my own way It’s a circle I mean cycle I can’t […]

Hallelujah – Paramore

if we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday if only time flew like a dove […]

We Are Broken – Paramore

And I’ve been waiting for the sun With my wide eyes I’ve seen worlds that don’t belong My mouth is […]

My Heart – Paramore

That I’ve fallen down and I can’t do this alone Stay with me, this is what I need, please? Sing […]

Pressure – Paramore

And if it was time well spent Just don’t let me fall asleep Feeling empty again Cause I fear I […]

Oh Star – Paramore

Let me make a wish upon you Hold on, let me think Think of what I’m wishing for Wait, don’t […]

All I Wanted – Paramore

I’ll beg you nice from my knees When the world treats you way too fairly It’s a shame i’m a […]

Emergency – Paramore

I think we have an emergency If you thought I’d leave, then you were wrong Cause I won’t stop holding […]

Looking Up – Paramore

I thought I’d never see the day when you smile at me. We always pull through oh when we try, […]

Miracle! – Paramore

So I’m going to start over tonight Beginning with you and I When this memory fades I’m gonna make sure […]

Brighter – Paramore

Well I, I would have never known And if it ends today I’ll still say that you shine brighter than […]

Born For This – Paramore

(back to the same old) and where’s hope, when misery comes callin (oh my way-eh) with your fate, you’ll trigger […]

When It Rains – Paramore

On this side of town it touches, everything. Just say it again and mean it. We don’t miss a thing. […]

Turn It Off – Paramore

and found a demon in my safest haven seems like its getting harder to believe in anything and just to […]

Playing God – Paramore

or make any with precision Well maybe you should tie me up so I don’t go where you don’t want […]

Fences – Paramore

Made up of only big white walls and in the halls There’s people looking through The window though they know […]

Careful – Paramore

A twisted up frown Disguised as a smile, well You would have never known I had it all But not […]

Whoa – Paramore

it gets better everyday I’ve hoped for change, but still I feel the same There’s something wrong, cause everybody knows […]

Franklin – Paramore

This place we live, it is not where we belong And I miss who we were in the town that […]

Conspiracy – Paramore

And they’ll find out why we don’t trust them Speak up dear cause I cannot hear you I need to […]