Parkdrive 31 – Liquido

I`m calling you my Baby please when we`re demanding our relationship ahead
everybody knows one love must die the other grows and though I sometimes like the rain
I seldom go against the grain distracting me
I got to pass the test in me We`ll make it so leave your chance to break it and on the other side
we`ll stake it ain`t no need to fake it so let us be so free it has chilled me to the bone
all the tantrums we have thrown then you gave me proper fill for you got that certain thrill
smooth on the top and rough-skinned underneath our bliss was in the cards
we dreamed of driving open cars we had to face the human lie
we`ll never change but time goes by when we embrace I feel your pulse – pulse of the feedback
we`ll make it leave you`re chance to break it and on the other side

Lyric Parkdrive 31 – Liquido