Lucille – Paul McCartney


Name And Address – Paul McCartney

You Packed A Bag And Like A Birdie Flew Away Meanwhile I’m Sitting Here, I’m Getting In A Mess If You Want My Love, Leave Your Name And Address I Used To Love You Baby, When I Was Your Man But Maybe Loving You Is Something No One Man Can Do Meanwhile I’m Sitting Here, […]

She’s Given Up Talking – Paul McCartney

Don’t say a word Even in the classroom Not a dickie bird Unlike other children She’s seen and never heard She’s given up talking Don’t say a word You see her in the playground Standing on her own Everybody wonders Why she’s all alone Someone made her angry Someone’s got her scared She’s given up […]

Mama’s Little Girl – Paul McCartney

Mama’s little girl Singing like a skylark Mama’s little girl Better give me some time for this heart of mine Cause I just can’t take it all in Still I will remember Mama’s little girl Ohhhh Mama’s little girl, little girl Mama’s little girl, little girl Looking like a rosebud Mama’s little girl Pickin’ up […]

Stranglehold – Paul McCartney

Can I Get You To Slip Me The Answer? Can I Get You To Slow Me A Little Of Your Mime? You Were Always A Very Good Dancer I’d Be Happy To Show You A Bit Of What I Found I’d Be Happy To Share In Its Beauty I’d Be Happy To Lay Low Inevitably […]

Morse Moose And The Grey Goose – Paul McCartney

Tell Me Are You Receiving Me? My Name Is Morse Moose And I’m Calling You The Grey Goose Was A Steady Boat People Said She’s Never Float One Night When The Moon Was High The Grey Goose Flew Away As We Were Sailing ‘Round The Rocks The Mate Took Out His Compass Box And Said […]

The Other Me – Paul McCartney

For Treating You The Way I Did But Something Took Hold Of Me And I Acted Like A Dustbin Lid I Didn’t Give Second Though To What The Consequence Might Be I Really Wouldn’t Be Surprised If You Were Trying To Find Another Me The Other Me Would Rather Be The Glad One The Other […]

Twice In A Lifetime – Paul McCartney

To someone like me I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes Who knows how to find love Think before you give your answer Who knows what a mystery may bring Once in a life I’m a lucky man If I can find the kind of love That’s gonna last for me Twice in a […]

So Glad To See You Here – Paul McCartney

Someone’s got a road tonight. Someone’s got a wad, action will be red, You you wanna worry? Oo, you’re gonna knock ’em dead. Someone’s got a show tonight. Someone’s gotta go tonight. Someone’s doing rhyme, someone turn your mind. Someone to lift your eyes up Leanin’ toward the light. So glad to see you here, […]

The Lovers That Never Were – Paul McCartney

But I Close The Doors To Keep Out The World. But For You, I Would Be Here All Alone, Locked In A Photograph. All Of The Clocks Have Run Down. Lover Beware. We’ll Be The Lovers That Never Were. I Hang Patiently On Every Word You Send. Will We Ever Be Much More Than Just […]

Your Way – Paul McCartney

Please don’t take my heart away It’s happy Where it is so let it stay You gave me love You gave me what I wanted You gave me love your way I’ve seen it Shining from the furthest stars Like Venus Saw it on the way to Mars You gave me love You gave me […]

Flying To My Home – Paul McCartney

Out where the cattle roam I’m like a bird at the end of the day Flying to my home I’m flying to my home sweet majesty I’m flying to my home The sky is like a painted flag Above a sea of chrome I’ve got a woman living in my life Living in my home […]

Big Barn Bed – Paul McCartney

Who’s that coming round that bend Who’s that coming round that corner, will it Will it be my friend Keep On Sleeping In A Big Barn Bed Keep On Sleeping In A Big Barn Bed Who You Gonna Weep On? / Who You Gonna Sleep On? Who You Gonna Creep On Next? Weeping On A […]

Oh Woman, Oh Why – Paul McCartney

What have I done Oh woman, oh where, where, where, where, where Did you get that gun Oh what have I done What have I done Well I met her at the bottom of a well (of a well) Well I told here I was tryin’ to break a spell (break a spell) But I […]

If You Wanna – Paul McCartney

if you wanna if you wanna love me again I’ll take you for a ride in my Cadillac. He’ll be in the front, we’ll be in the back When you’re ready Let me know I’ll be waiting To make arrangements for the trip To make arrangements for the trip To make arrangements for the trip […]

Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney

The spirits up We’re here tonight And that’s enough Simply having a wonderful christmastime Simply having a wonderful christmastime The party’s on The feelin’s here That only comes This time of year Simply having a wonderful christmastime Simply having a wonderful christmastime The choir of children sing their song Ding dong, ding dong Ding dong, […]

Getting Closer – Paul McCartney

Why Do You Need Him? Oh No, Don’t Answer, Oh No. I’m Getting Closer, I’m Getting Closer To Your Heart. Keeping Ahead Of The Rain On The Road, Watching My Windscreen Wipers. Radio Play Me A Danceable Ode, Cattle Beware Of Snipers. When Will You See Me, My Salamander? Now Don’t Try To Tell Me […]

One More Kiss – Paul McCartney

Let’s Make It One To Remember / Only One More Kiss I Said A Foolish Thing Last Night I Didn’t Think You’d Take It Bad But Now I’m On My Way Again And Just Before I Go Only One More Kiss / I Never Mean To Hurt You Little Girl Let’s Make It One To […]

Blue Moon Of Kentucy – Paul McCartney

Shine on the one that’s gone and left me blue. Well blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining, Shine on the one that’s gone and left me blue. Well, it was on one moonlight night, Well Stars shining bright, Wind blowin’ high My Love said good-bye. Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining. Shine on […]

Letting Go – Paul McCartney

Such A Human Being So Divine Oh She Feels Like Sun Mother Nature Look At What You’re Done Oh I Feel Like Letting Go Oh I Feel Like Letting Go. Ah, She Looks Like Snow I Want To Put Her In A Broadway Show Ah She’ll Dance And Dine Like A Lucifer She’ll Always Shine […]

Dear Boy – Paul McCartney

Dear boy, what you had found, I guess you never knew, Dear boy, that she was just the cutest thing around. I guess you never knew what you had found, Dear boy. I stepped in, my heart was down and out, But her love came through and brought me ’round, got me up and about. […]

Blackbird – Paul McCartney

Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise. Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these sunken eyes and learn to see All your life You were only waiting for this moment to be free. Blackbird fly Blackbird fly Into the light […]

So Bad – Paul McCartney

You Mean So Much To Me Girl, I Love You, Girl, I Love You So Bad And If You Leave, My Pain Will Go But That’s No Good To Me Girl, I Love You, Yes, I Love You So Bad Well It Feels So Good, Sometimes It Feels So Bad This Is Worse Than Anything […]

Teddy Boy – Paul McCartney

If His Mother Said Ted Be Good, He Would She Told Him Ted About His Soldier Dad Then It Made Her Cry, Oh My Ted Used To Tell Her He Could Be Twice As Good And He New He Could Cause In His Head He Said Mommy Don’t Worry Now Teddy Boy’s Here Taking Good […]

Take It Away – Paul McCartney

Take It Away Wanna Hear You Play ‘Til The Lights Go Down Take It Away Don’t You Wanna Stay ‘Til There’s No One Else Around Lonely Driver Out On The Road With A Hundred Miles To Go Sole Survivor Carrying The Load Switches On His Radio Take It Away Wanna Hear You Play ‘Til The […]

Talk More Talk – Paul McCartney

Sleasy Instruments, Half Talked, Half Baked Ideas… Dad, You Didn’t Say O. K…. The Window Was Open, Outside Was A Spaceship, (A Master Can Highlight The Phrases) It Took Off Into The Sky Leaving A Trail Of Smoke Behind It… Short Of The Standard. Was It The Sun? What Was Rehearsal? Conventional Drum? Not Quite […]

Motor Of Love Love – Paul McCartney

I Can’t Get Over Your Love No Matter How Hard Life Seems, There’s A Light In My Dreams Thanks To You. My Friends Keep Asking Me Why There’s Such A Smile On My Face, There’s A Home At My Place, Thanks To You. I Don’t Want Anything From You, Turn On Your Motor Of Love. […]

Power Cut – Paul McCartney

And The Candles Burn Down Low But Something Inside Of Me Says The Bad News Isn’t So I May Never Tell You But Baby You Should Know There May Be A Miracle And Baby I Love You So Baby I Love You So Baby I Love You So Baby I Love You So Baby I […]

The Broadcast – Paul McCartney

We may win or we may lose; We may even have to cut and run for it. Well, it won’t be the first time I’ve run And it won’t be the first time I’ve been caught. It’s the game that matters. Brother, I am proud to know you. This is one of the greatest moments […]

Wild Life – Paul McCartney

While take a walk thru an African park one day, I saw a sign say, “;The animals have the right of way”;. Wild life, whatever happened to, Wild life, the animals in the zoo? We’re breathing a lot, a lot of political nonsense in the air. You’re making it hard for the people who live […]

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