Somedays – Paul McCartney

I look at you with eyes that shine Somedays I don’t I don’t believe that you are mine It’s no good asking me what time of day it is, Who won the match or scored the goal Somedays I look Somedays I look into your soul Sometimes I laugh I laugh to think how young […]

Tiny Bubble – Paul McCartney

Don’t leave home tonight While we’re sleeping we can learn to see that All the world’s a tiny bubble Floating inside Those of us who notice are Expected to hide All the world’s a tiny bubble Floating inside, the truth When I look in your eyes I can see the sky Shining down upon the […]

To You – Paul McCartney

Would you still put me through what you put me through? If it happened to you. What if it happened to you? What if it happened a man kept shaking you down But you can’t get a ride to his side of town? If it happened to you. What if it happened to you? What […]

With A Little Luck – Paul McCartney

We Can Make This Whole Damn Thing Work Out. With A Little Love, We Can Lay It Down. Can’t You Feel The Town Exploding? There Is No End To What We Can Do Together. There Is No End, There Is No End. The Wiliow Turns His Back On Inclement Weather; And If He Can Do […]

Keep Under Cover – Paul McCartney

Love, I’m Going To Take You Out On A Journey I Don’t Know Where I’m Going To But I Know What I’ve Been Going Through Without You By My Side What Good Is Butter If You Haven’t Got Bread? What Good Is Art When It Hurts Your Head? Might As Well Be In Bed Keep […]

Once Upon Along Ago – Paul McCartney

Puppy Dog Tails In The House Of Lords Tell Me Darling, What Can It Mean? Making Up Moons In A Minor Key What Have Those Tunes Got To Do With Me? Tell Me Darling, Where Have You Been? Once Upon Along Ago Children Searched For Treasure Nature’s Plan Went Hand In Hand With Pleasure. Such […]

Mrs Vandebilt – Paul McCartney

You don’t use money you don’t pay rent You don’t ever know the time But you don’t mind Ho Hey Ho… When your light is on the blink You never think of worrying What’s the use of worrying? When your bus has left the stop You’d better drop your hurrying What’s the use of hurrying? […]

Your Loving Flame – Paul McCartney

Help me to discover What it is you’re thinking of ‘Cos when we kiss, nothing feels the same I could spend eternity Inside your loving flame What am I to do If I don’t have you I’ll be feeling blue Just sitting here without you You could be the one To chase my blues away, […]

I Owe It All To You – Paul McCartney

Took Me To The Lovers Zone. I Sae There, Images Projected On A Wall Of Stone. I Stood Inside Egyptian Temples, I Looked Into Eternal Gardens, Lau On The Shores Of Distant Islands, Linstening To The Sea Birds Song Of Joy. Oh – I Owe It All To You, You Make Me Happy, Oh – […]

C Moon – Paul McCartney

C Moon C Moon C Moon To Me. How Come No One Older Than Me Ever Seems To Understand The Things I Wanna To Do? It Will Be L7 And I’d Never Get To Heaven If I Filled My Head With Glue What’s It All To You? C Moon, C Moon, C Moon Is She […]

Love In Song – Paul McCartney

And All That Goes With Loving Love In Song – Love In Song My, You’re So Fine When Love Is Mine I Can’t Go Wrong, Love In Song – Love In Song I Can See The Places That We Used To Go To Now Happiness In The Homeland Happiness In The Homeland My Eye Cries […]

After The Ball/Million Miles – Paul McCartney

You were the one, the one who would love me, after the ball. After the ball, after the ball, you were the one out in the hall You were the one, the one who would love me, after the ball. Well, I arrived, looked around but the room was full of strangers Nowhere was a […]

Famous Groupies – Paul McCartney

Take A Snap Of The Famous Groupies For Me Behold The Famous Groupies They Are Alike As Two Peas And Where The Other Goes, The Other Goes But Though The Famous Groupies Are Only Paid In Rupies Nobody Knows What The Famous Groupies Know And Nobody Goes Where The Famous Groupies Go There Was A […]

She’s My Baby – Paul McCartney

she’s takin’ me by surprise, She’s my baby. Like gravy, down to the last drop, I keep mopping her up Oh yeah, she’s my baby. She’s my baby in the morning time, when the sleep is in her eyes, and the world is waking up, she has a rhythm, oh believe me, I ain’t lyin’; […]

Picasso’s Last Words – Paul McCartney

His Paintings On The Wall Before He Went He Bade Us Well And Said Goodnight To Us All. Drink To Me, Drink To My Health You Know I Can’t Drink Any More Drink To Me, Drink To My Health You Know I Can’t Drink Any More 3 O’clock In The Morning I’m Getting Ready For […]

Tug Of War – Paul McCartney

It’s A Tug Of War What With One Thing And Another It’s A Tug Of War We Expected More But With One Thing And Another We Were Trying To Outdo Each Other In A Tug Of War In Another World In Another World We Could Stand On Top Of The Mountain With Our Flag Unfurled […]

Get It – Paul McCartney

You’ve Got To Get It Mm Mm You’ve Got To Get It Don’t Forget It Doesn’t Come Around Again You’ve Got To Get It Mm Mm You’ve Got To Get It And You’ve Got To Get It Good Once I Had A Little Spanish Guitar The Neighbours Told Me I Could Go Pretty Far Well […]

How Many People – Paul McCartney

How Many People Stand In A Line? How Many People Never Get A Chance To Shine? If You Can Tell Me I’ll Gladly Listen How Many People Have Died? One Too Many Right Now For Me I Want To Be Happy, I Want To Be Free, One Too Many Tight Now For Me I Want […]

Deliver Your Children – Paul McCartney

And The Ground Turned To Mud I Was Watching All The People Running From The Flood So I Started to Pray Though I Ain’t No Prayin’ Man For The Lord To Come A Helpin’ Knowing He’d Understand Deliver Your Children To The Good Good Life Give’em Peace And Shelter And A Fork And Knife Shine […]

Biker Like An Icon – Paul McCartney

She Used To Follow Him Across America But The Biker Didn’t Like Her. She Didn’t Care, She Still Persisted Though Her Brother Said She Was Twisted And The Family Said They Wouldn’t Miss Her Anyway. She Loved The Biker Like An Icon Gazing At His Picture Everyday. She Loved The Biker Like An Icon Slowly […]

Time To Hide – Paul McCartney

If I have to shake a little sand out of my shoes, I’m runnin’ from the law, or they’ll put me inside. Baby, won’t you let me have a little time to hide. Baby, won’t you let me have a little time to hide. I’ve been on the run since the Good Lord knows when, […]

Pretty Little Head – Paul McCartney

Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh. Hillmen Come Down From The Lava. Forging Across The Mighty River Flow. Oh, Oh. Always Forever, Only So You Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head. Ursa Major……Ursa Major…… Hillmen, Hillmen, Hillmen, Hillmen. Oh, Oh. Oh, Oh. Hillmen Bring Garments, Spices. Carrying Trinkets, Slik And Precious Stones. Oh, Oh. Exotic Legends, Only […]

Hi, Hi, Hi, – Paul McCartney

You Were Standing With A Bootleg In Your Hand. I Took You Back To My Little Place For A Taste Of A Multicoloured Band. We’re Gonna Get Hi Hi Hi, The Night Is Young. She’ll Be My Funky Little Mama, Gonna Rock It And We’ve Only Just Begun. We’re Gonna Get Hi Hi Hi With […]

Here Today – Paul McCartney

And If I Say I Really Knew You Well What Would Your Answer Be. If You Were Here Today. Ooh – Ooh – Ooh – Here To – Day. Well Knowing You, You’d Probably Laugh And Say That We Were Worlds Apart. If You Were Here Today. Ooh – Ooh – Ooh – Here To […]

What’s That You’re Doing? – Paul McCartney

What’s That You’re Doing? Girl I Like What You Do To Me What’s That You’re Doing? ‘Cos It Makes No Kind Of Sense To Me You Can Make Me Feel So Proud You Can Make Me Holler Ow! Girl You Make Me Want To Dance And Sing My Mind Is Blown And You’re The Blame […]

Used To Be Bad – Paul McCartney

But I don’t have to be bad no more Yeah, I used to be bad But I don’t have to be bad no more Well ainЎЇt no doubt about it, people It’s something you can’t ignore Well, I ain’t good looking People, you know I’ve been up on a shelf Yes, I know I ain’t […]

Rough Ride – Paul McCartney

I Needed Loving, Needed A Friend I Needed Something, That Would Be There In The End. On A Rough Ride To Heaven Want To Get Inside, What Will I Do? On A Rough Ride To Heaven, I Want To Get Inside To Be With You. I Knew You’d Help Me, I Knew You Could. You […]

Magneto And Titanium Man – Paul McCartney

Magneto And Titanium Man. . . We Were Talking About You, Babe, Oo — They Said — You Were Involved In A Robbery That Was Due To Happen At A Quarter To Three In The Main Street. I Didn’t Believe Them Magneto And Titanium Man. . . But When The Crimson Dynamo Finally Assured Me, […]

Off The Ground – Paul McCartney

For you to sink so low. You must have had a ton of pressure. Only answer if the answer’s no. I Need Loving, You Need Loving Too. Doesn’t Take A Lot To Get Off The Ground. There Must Have Been A Lot Of Magic When The World Was Born. Let Me Be The One You […]

Lucille – Paul McCartney


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