Performer PAVEMENT

Forklift – Pavement

mother says “;no”; can’t i for…forklift me? why? because i need money, work, time is my life, not hers. what […]

Unfair – Pavement

across the grapevine to L. A. we’ve got deserts, we’ve got trees we’ve got the hills of Beverly let’s burn […]

We Dance – Pavement

in a chair you will be with me we’ll dance [x4] but no one will dance with us in this […]

Passat Dream – Pavement

You know you gotta be strong — and I really hope you plan to buy it ‘Cause that’s the way […]

Newark Wilder – Pavement

the forces against you, the rain i know everybody wants to put you down but i know everybody’s gonna put […]

Black Out – Pavement

it’s closed on weekdays, shut for good pick out no one when you’re talkin’ felt like rattlesnakes were walkin’ no […]

Summer Babe – Pavement

I saw your girlfriend and she was eating her fingers like they’re just another meal but she waits there in […]

Fame Throwa – Pavement

the diamon watch the last reward, all the things we had before you sold us out and took it all […]

Type Slowly – Pavement

Get up early in the bed — for you morning comes so easy Spells have been cast and the urge […]

Shady Lane – Pavement

we had oysters and dry lancers when the check arrived we went dutch, dutch, dutch, dutch a redder shade of […]

Home – Pavement

You know i cannot do it myself. Stick your fingers in my mouth. Pull my lips back and watch me […]

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