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Summer Babe – Pavement

I saw your girlfriend and she was eating her fingers like they’re just another meal but she waits there in the levee washes mixin’ cocktails with a plastic-tipped cigar My eyes stick to all the shiny roses you wear on the protein delta strip in an abandoned house but i will wait there i’ll be […]

Embassy Row – Pavement

Come on now, give us a grade A for effort, and a B for delivery C for devotion when the world starts encroaching on your plans Where is the savoir, where is the savoir — he’s not here right now Where is the savoir, where is the savoir-faire? Embassy row — the fumes they lay […]

Fame Throwa – Pavement

the diamon watch the last reward, all the things we had before you sold us out and took it all head-borne cries from zenith sluts astral rites from dead-end ruts these ends are sickened wars [x2] he’s one of our nation’s spies he’s one of our first recruits i click with her leather thighs he’s […]

Type Slowly – Pavement

Get up early in the bed — for you morning comes so easy Spells have been cast and the urge has been lost Snipers posted bills — as they should — of our midnight vacation Back on the planet now — I’m beginning to see just how Echelon your dreams and they’ll come true Type […]

Shady Lane – Pavement

we had oysters and dry lancers when the check arrived we went dutch, dutch, dutch, dutch a redder shade of neck on a whiter shade of trash And this emory board is giving me a rash I’m flat out You’re so beautiful to look at when you cry Freeze, don’t move You’ve been chosen as […]

Grave Architecture – Pavement

grave architecture (x2) walk the marble malls [?] the monuments to those who fall and it’s a pocket less than narco shell-bit stiff the crypt and the others are rough and the hood’s so rad and i’m fucking glad glad to see that, know what it means it takes a lot grave architecture (x2) stroll […]

Rattled By The Rush – Pavement

Leave your lungs hurting Tuckin’ my shirt in Pants I wear so well Cross your t’s shirt smells Worse than your lyin’ Caught my dad cryin’ Loose like the wind From the rough we get par Sleet city woman Waiting to spar I’m Drowning for your thirst Drowning for your thirst Drowning for your thirst […]

Home – Pavement

You know i cannot do it myself. Stick your fingers in my mouth. Pull my lips back and watch me smile. Catch me on my troubled portion. Maybe there is something there for you. Look below her nylon stockings, snapped the double notch and left untied. Some king chooser will wind up with my number. […]

Fillmore Jive – Pavement

Do you think you’d like to come and bleed with me? I’d like to invite you to a taste of my chalice It’s a special one, it’s made of gold (passed out) Passed out on your couch You left me there (thank you) Let me sleep it off I need to sleep it off I […]

Stereo – Pavement

the infrastructure rots and the owners hate the jocks with their agents and their dates if the signatures are checked you’ll just have to wait and we’re counting up the instants that we save tired nation so depraved from the cheap seats see us wave to the camera it took a giant ramrod to raze […]

Gold Soundz – Pavement

and keep my advent to your self because it’s nothing i don’t like is it a crisis or a boring change? when it’s central, so essential, it has a nice ring when you laugh at the low life opinions and they’re coming to the chorus now… i keep your address to myself ’cause we need […]

Trigger Cut – Pavement

Fruit-covered nails Electricity and lust won’t break the door I’ve got a heavy coat – it’s filled with rocks and sand And if i lose it i’ll be comin’ back today (i’ve got a message for you) i’ll be comin’ back today (i keep it in my hand) you know i’m comin’ back one day […]

Starlings Of The Slipstream – Pavement

They’re robbing the skies — I can hear their followers cry: Ah – ooh — starlings in the slipstream Ah – ooh — starlings in the slipstream Ah – ooh — starlings in the slipstream Ah – ooh — starlings in the slipstream The language of influence is cluttered with hard hard C’s And I […]

Blue Hawaiian – Pavement

This house is a home and a home’s where I belong Where the feelings are warm and the foundations are strong If my soul has a shape, well, then it is an ellipse And this slap is a gift ‘Cause your cheeks have lost their lustre You know, your cheeks have lost their lustre You […]

Cut Your Hair – Pavement

do you think it’s gonna make him change? “;i’m just a boy with a new haircut”; and that’s a pretty nice haircut charge it like a puzzle, hit me wearin’ muzzles hesitate to die, look around, around, the second drummer’s drowned his telephone is found music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every […]

AT&T – Pavement

my heart is made of gravy and the laps i swim from lunatics don’t count open up your stocking pull out all the things you never wanted ’til room service calls room service calls open up your hands and let me see the things you keep in there i want to split up fifty-fifty that’s […]