Pay For My Tears – Massacra

The grass is always greener
Everytime I will for sure win the game
This pain won’t be forever
See the struggle I’m leaving deep inside
It was not right in my mind
So a friend in need is a friend indeed
It will pay you back in kind

It’s hard to be sorry,
This feeling is growing
I need to walk away,
Can you keep me from bleeding
I feel out of place,
Don’t count me in no more
I’m totally in the dark,
Black is really the color
You can tell me stupid,
But tied up are my hands
Life has turned to distress,
All I needed was some friends
I’ve been fading away,
Don’t know what next will come
Don’t want to live this way,
Can’t stand town where I’m from

Have to leave my last tears felt down
Nothing left to get,
There’s nothing anymore to give
Looks so small, the pleasure is gone
And for having betrayed me,

Lyric Pay For My Tears – Massacra