Perverse Suffering – Cannibal Corpse

Begging to be tortured
Agony brings relief, I am insane

Indulging in self-mutilation
To satisfy my need again
The pain severe from my severed veins
Curing me of deprivation
Pain I crave
Euphoric state of butchery
Revelling in gore and blood
Pain I save
Igniting visions of the past
Dismembered bodies never found
Pain I gave

Deranged by my deviance savage goal to maim and kill
Obsessed with my cruelty, vicious ways for me to die
Sado-masochistic rage, horrific daze, reality
Pleasure from sadistic intent, driven by my lust for pain

Punishment my way of life, suffering intensifies
Brutal frenzy, no control, perverse actions gratify
Wretched abnormality, condoning inhumanity
Carnivorous abusiveness, boiling sawn-off testicles

Afflicted fate stricken to malignancy
Lechery dominates my misery

Tortured eternally, torment inside of me
Disturbing impulses, living in agony
Rancid degenerate craving impalement
Demented destiny, not fearing agony

Excruciating hunger that I need to feed
Soon to be slaughtered, dead, maliciously

Lyric Perverse Suffering – Cannibal Corpse