Jealousy – Pet Shop Boys

At dead of night, when strangers roam The streets in search of anyone who’ll take them home I lie alone, […]

Suburbia – Pet Shop Boys

Roaming suburban boys Mother’s got a hairdo to be done She says they’re too old for toys Stood by the […]

So Hard – Pet Shop Boys

I doublecross you And you get mysterious mail I’ve tried hard not to shock you It’s hard not to with […]

Before – Pet Shop Boys

The telephone’s not answered So many times you’ll call For many different reasons so many tears will fall before You […]

Being Boring – Pet Shop Boys

I came across a cache of old photos And invitations to teenage parties “;Dress in white”; one said, with quotations […]

Discoteca – Pet Shop Boys

Hay una discoteca por acqui? I don’t speak the language I can’t understand the word Where angels fear to tread […]

It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys

(Twenty seconds and counting… T minus fifteen seconds, guidance is okay) [?] When I look back upon my life It’s […]

Dj Culture – Pet Shop Boys

(Attention! Attention! Trente-neuf, quarante) Imagine a war which everyone won Permanent holiday in endless sun Peace without wisdom, one steals […]

Heart – Pet Shop Boys

(Beat) (H-H-Heartbeat) Every time I see you something happens to me Like a chain reaction between you and me My […]

Miserablism – Pet Shop Boys

It seems to me there’s something serious beginning A new approach found to the meaning of life Deny that happiness […]

Go West – Pet Shop Boys

Come on, come on, come on, come on (Together) We will go our way (Together) We will leave someday (Together) […]

Some Speculation – Pet Shop Boys

There’s been some speculation about a recent invitation There’s been some speculation about a recent invitation What’s your game? What’s […]

In Denial – Pet Shop Boys

Father: In denial, no my life’s a trial I’m not denying that every little bit hurts It’s a problem that […]

Violence – Pet Shop Boys

Anything to give their lives some meaning Busy with their guns and dreaming Far away from here Said they would […]

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