Apple Of Your Daddy’s Eye – Peter Cetera

I felt like one lucky Son of a gun And when you turned into two I was so happy When you said I love you Held you in my arms so tight I’d never forget The best years of my life (chorus) Apple of your daddy’s eye Wanna be the one to hold you in […]

Save Me – Peter Cetera

Man overboard, caught in a terrible storm Throw me the rope, pull me out of trouble I need someone, someone to keep me warm Why don’t you save me I’m burning with desire Why won’t you save me Don’t leave me all alone And it’s all right Wrap me up, baby won’t you take me […]

Faithfully – Peter Cetera

When you love somebody so passionately Time has a way of stealing That raging fire you’re feeling Leaving the ashes laying at your feet Those fools of little faith will never know Those higher places two hearts can go Where time is standing still And love will burn until The heaven and the earth have […]

Happy Man – Peter Cetera

Very unsuspecting You caught my heart Unprotecting me Now I’ve fallen in love with you Just when I thought Life was free and easy You came along to me Soft and breezy Now I’ve fallen in love with you (chorus) And for the first time in my life I know what it’s like to be […]

Still Getting Over You – Peter Cetera

Can’t face the day Just can’t face it on my own Try to be strong, try to carry on With a broken heart in an empty home Lying awake half the night without sleeping Hopelessly thinking of you Here in my heart I have to admit it’s true I’m still getting over you I begged […]

The Last Place God Made – Peter Cetera

I’ve seen the worst of times ‘Been around and I’ve taken my chances (But) I could never be tied down Too many questions–not enough answers Then I laid eyes on you I knew right there and then This would be more than a passing encounter My fate is bound to yours I’ve found a cause […]

Have You Ever Been In Love? – Peter Cetera

Half awake and half asleep Have you ever laid there thinking Was it all a dream? But you reach out and she’s there Every moment, everywhere Have you ever been in love? Have you ever felt How far a heart can fall Have you ever stayed up waiting For a telephone call Just to hear […]

Body Language (There In The Dark) – Peter Cetera

Trying your best to forget It’s all behind you, it’s part of the past You’ve got no time for regrets Time to start over with somebody new You’ve got nothing more to lose Out for the evening, dressed for the kill Leaving your troubles behind Dangerous places, dangerous times Leave with the first one you […]

I Can Feel It – Peter Cetera

I can feel it, yeah yeah And I’m old enough to do things my way I can feel it, yeah yeah *Once I get to you I’m never gonna let you go I can feel it ‘Cause I love you so Baby, baby, I just want you to know You know there’s something I gotta […]

I Wasn’t The One (Who Said Goodbye) – Peter Cetera

Seems like a lifetime since I walked beside your smile There’s a dark cloud that’s hanging above Memories never lie Still we talk about the way that it was And I think we both know the feelings haven’t died I wasn’t the one who said goodbye, oh no I wasn’t the one who disappeared in […]

Peace Of Mind – Peter Cetera

I let it rain on my parade I need a star that doesn’t fade When I open my eyes Everything is clear to see You’ve given me a destiny I know there’s something left for me And I found it this time (chorus) I don’t want it all, I just want a little bit And […]

The Next Time I Fall – Peter Cetera

How it leads me back again To heartache I’ll never understand Darling I put my heart up on a shelf ‘Till the moment was right and I told myself Next time I fall in love I’ll know better what to do Next time I fall in love Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo The next […]

Wild Ways – Peter Cetera

We were the last of the line Young and free We were two of a kind We ran the streets together The night would last forever Oh do you remember when Whatever happened to our wild ways The hungry beat of our younger days We swore we’d never let them get away But so long […]

Man In Me – Peter Cetera

And he searches for his pride He’s confused by who he’s told to be ‘Cause he feels the beast inside He is troubled by the changing times And he fears his dreams have died There’s a man that’s waited Hoping to be liberated There’s a man in me who I wanna save Revive his dignity […]

You Never Listen To Me – Peter Cetera

Now’s not the time, it can wait You never listen to me Some things are hard to forget It’s time to do something you might regret You never listen to me I think that you must be blind Havn’t you noticed that I’m not around Waisting your precious time All that I want Is knowing […]

Ivy Covered Walls – Peter Cetera

And near a river down a lonely winding road Friendly conversation Then you read by candlelight Every word of every story told Maybe you can move into the castle Surrounded by the ivy covered walls Find a bit of paradise Where no one bothers you Only time they come is when you call Something I […]