Fair Ireland – Peter, Paul & Mary

And they swear an oath of vengeance to the martyrs they have lost But they pray for peace on Sundays with a rosary in each hand It’s long memories and short tempers that have cursed poor Ireland It’s long memories and short tempers that have cursed poor Ireland We have cousins on the old sod […]

Garden Song – Peter, Paul & Mary

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground Inch by inch, row by row Someone bless these seeds I sow Someone warm them from below Til the rain comes tumbling down Pullin’ weeds and pickin’ stones, we […]

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine – Peter, Paul & Mary

I got to thinking it over what I had missed. I got me a girl, I kissed her and then Oh Lord, I kissed her again. Chorus: Oh, kisses sweeter than wine, Oh, kisses sweeter than wine I asked her to marry and be my sweet wife, And we would be so happy the rest […]

The Good Times We Had – Peter, Paul & Mary

All the good times that we had are gone now; Passed this way, Only mem’ries will remain, tomorrow. I thought my dreams would be enough for a while, And all the plans that we made. Hey, we had love, that was all that we had; Even that don’t seem the same. Peace of mind, where’s […]

Such Is Love – Peter, Paul & Mary

And the young man that I once was would have torn our love apart. When you’re young and always looking at the far side of the hill You might miss the fairest flower standing by you very still. (Chorus) Love, love, love, love, love, such is love, wonderous love Love, love, love, love, love, such […]

For Baby (For Bobbie) – Peter, Paul & Mary

I’ll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand. I’ll do anything to help you understand, I’ll love you more than anybody can. And the wind will whisper your name to me, Little birds will sing along in time, The leaves will bow down when you walk by, And morning bells will chime. I’ll be […]

Too Much Of Nothing – Peter, Paul & Mary

One man’s temper might rise, while the other man’s temper might freeze. In the days of long confessions, we can not mock a soul When there’s too much of nothin’, no one has control. (Chorus) Say hello to Valerie, say hello to Marion, Send them all my salary, on the waters of oblivion. Too much […]

Man Come Into Egypt – Peter, Paul & Mary

When he saw the grief upon us, in his heart there burned a flame. In his heart there burned a flame Oh Lord, In his heart there burned a flame, When he saw the grief upon us, in his heart there burned a flame. There is a man come into Egypt, his eyes are full […]

No Easy Walk To Freedom – Peter, Paul & Mary

And every step I heard liberty Tho he’s fallin’, come a million behind! Glory, Hallelujah, gonna make it this time! chorus: No easy walk to freedom, No easy walk to freedom, Keep on walkin and we shall be free That’s how we’re gonna make history Across the ocean, the blood’s running warm I, I hear […]

Home Is Where The Heart Is – Peter, Paul & Mary

His name is Mark, He’s always smiling He’s got this mom who comes on Wednesdays In the evening with soup so steaming He shares his house with his friend Martin They’re not brothers, they’re not cousins My little girl wonders all about these men I take hold of her hand, and I begin chorus: Home […]

Stewball – Peter, Paul & Mary

He never drank water, he always drank wine. His bridle was silver, his mane it was gold. And the worth of his saddle has never been told. Oh the fairgrounds were crowded, and Stewball was there But the betting was heavy on the bay and the mare. And a-way up yonder, ahead of them all, […]

The Cherry Tree Carol – Peter, Paul & Mary

He married Virgin Mary, the Queen of Galilee He married Virgin Mary, the Queen of Galilee And one day as they went walking, all in the garden green There were berries and cherries as thick as may be seen There were berries and cherries as thick as may be seen Then Mary said to Joseph, […]

Would You Like To Learn To Dance – Peter, Paul & Mary

Well I can show you how Gotta book here, all you need to know We can draw the Arthur Murray patterns right here on the floor. All ya have to do is follow. And then we’ll dance around the room a while You can lead now if you want to, I don’t mind. Nothin’ I […]

The Song Is Love – Peter, Paul & Mary

I would like to say a word or two, I know you won’t be thinking this applies to you, But it’s true, and it do. All your life you have had to sing your song alone, Not believing anybody could have known But it’s wrong and you know Chorus: I’ve found a song let me […]

The Last Thing On My Mind – Peter, Paul & Mary

Made of sand, made of sand In the wink of an eye my soul is turnin’ In your hand, in your hand. Are you goin’ away with no word of farewell Will there be not a trace left behind? Well I should have loved you better, Didn’t mean to be unkind You know that was […]

Poem For Erika / For Baby – Peter, Paul & Mary

Dancing through the day or moping by the stair My joy to know my Erika with the windy yellow hair Yesterday I met her running home from school Her face was tear stained, she didn’t know I knew But I do, I do But today she had a song to sing and a poem she […]

Somagwaza/Hey, Motswala – Peter, Paul & Mary

Somagwaza ma yo-weh yo-weh He Ma Yo-Weh, He Ma Yo-Weh Somagwaza My mother travelled to Pretoria to buy the license for the wedding day My mother travelled to Pretoria to buy the license for the wedding day Hey, Motswala, hey Motswala, hey, Motswala, hey Motswala My father wants to give the bride away but I […]

Tiny Sparrow – Peter, Paul & Mary

Take warning how you court your men. They’re like the stars on a summer’s mornin’ First they’ll appear and then they’re gone. If I had known before I courted what all his lyin’ would have done I’d have locked my heart in a box of golden and never would have courted none. I wish I […]

Like The First Time – Peter, Paul & Mary

For a million reasons we can’t even name All our roads still lead to one another And for all we’ve been apart we’re still the same. Like the first time, only better, We’re a song that must be sung together! Like the first time, only this time Could it be forever? Wondering if we’re lost […]

Blowin’ In The Wind – Peter, Paul & Mary

Before they call him a man? How many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? How many times must the cannon balls fly Before they’re forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind The answer is blowin’ in the wind. How many years must a mountain exist […]

Bob Dylan’s Dream – Peter, Paul & Mary

I fell asleep for to take my rest. I dreamed a dream that made me sad, Concerning myself and the first few friends I had. With half damp eyes I stared to the room Where my friends and I spent many an afternoon, Where we together weathered many a storm, Laughin’ and singin’ ’til the […]

Wild Places – Peter, Paul & Mary

The stillness clear and close as heaven’s door The earth beats out its rhythm, in slow and perfect time Counterpoint and harmonies, life’s melodies entwine And we fight the battle here where there’s time to fall in step The secrets are still known here, but the secrets never kept Chorus: Wild places, somewhere we can […]

Mockingbird – Peter, Paul & Mary

Pappa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird If that mockingbird don’t sing Pappa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring If that diamond ring turns brass Pappa’s gonna buy you a lookin’ glass If that lookin’ glass gets broke Pappa’s gonna buy you billy goat If that billy goat don’t pull Pappa’s gonna buy you a cart […]

BALLAD OF SPRING HILL (Spring Hill Disaster) – Peter, Paul & Mary

Down in the heart of the Cumberland Mine, There’s blood on the coal and miners lie In the roads that never saw sun or sky Roads that never saw sun or sky. Down at the coal face the miner’s workin’ Rattle of the belt and the cutter’s blade Crumble of rock and the walls close […]

Right Field – Peter, Paul & Mary

We’d run to the schoolyard and here’s what we did We’d pick out the captains and we’d choose up the teams It was always a measure of my self esteem Cuz the fastest, the strongest, played shortstop and first The last ones they picked were the worst I never needed to ask, it was sealed, […]

Music Speaks Louder Than Words – Peter, Paul & Mary

Music speaks louder than words It’s the only thing that the whole world listens to. Music speaks louder than words, When you sing, people understand. Sometimes the love that you feel inside Gets lost between your heart and your mind And the words don’t really say the things you wanted them to. But then you […]

Quit Your Low Down Ways – Peter, Paul & Mary

You can fall down on your knees pretty momma And pray to the Lord but it ain’t gonna do you no good. Chorus: Cause you gonna need – You gonna need my help someday Well if you can’t stop your sinnin’ please, Quit your low down ways. Well you can run down to the White […]

The Unicorn Song – Peter, Paul & Mary

The others smiled at me and called me “;crazy”; But I was not upset by knowing I did not conform I always thought their seeing must be hazy. The unicorn and I would while away the hours Playing, dancing and romancing in the wild flowers And we’d sing (Chorus) Seeing is believing in the things […]

It’s Raining – Peter, Paul & Mary

Bumped his head and he went to bed and he couldn’t get up in the mornin’ Rain rain, go away, come again some other day. (Spoken) “;Hey I got an idea… we could all play hide and go seek inside, now everybody hide and I’ll be it!”; Star light, star bright, first star I see […]

If I Had Wings – Peter, Paul & Mary

The bird sings, no one asks why. I can see in myself wings as I feel them If you see something else, keep your thoughts to yourself, I’ll fly free then. Yesterday’s eyes see their colors fading away They see their sun turning to grey You can’t share in a dream, that you don’t believe […]

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