Blowin’ In The Wind – Peter, Paul & Mary

Before they call him a man? How many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? How many times must the cannon balls fly Before they’re forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind The answer is blowin’ in the wind. How many years must a mountain exist […]

Bob Dylan’s Dream – Peter, Paul & Mary

I fell asleep for to take my rest. I dreamed a dream that made me sad, Concerning myself and the first few friends I had. With half damp eyes I stared to the room Where my friends and I spent many an afternoon, Where we together weathered many a storm, Laughin’ and singin’ ’til the […]

Wild Places – Peter, Paul & Mary

The stillness clear and close as heaven’s door The earth beats out its rhythm, in slow and perfect time Counterpoint and harmonies, life’s melodies entwine And we fight the battle here where there’s time to fall in step The secrets are still known here, but the secrets never kept Chorus: Wild places, somewhere we can […]

Mockingbird – Peter, Paul & Mary

Pappa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird If that mockingbird don’t sing Pappa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring If that diamond ring turns brass Pappa’s gonna buy you a lookin’ glass If that lookin’ glass gets broke Pappa’s gonna buy you billy goat If that billy goat don’t pull Pappa’s gonna buy you a cart […]

BALLAD OF SPRING HILL (Spring Hill Disaster) – Peter, Paul & Mary

Down in the heart of the Cumberland Mine, There’s blood on the coal and miners lie In the roads that never saw sun or sky Roads that never saw sun or sky. Down at the coal face the miner’s workin’ Rattle of the belt and the cutter’s blade Crumble of rock and the walls close […]

Right Field – Peter, Paul & Mary

We’d run to the schoolyard and here’s what we did We’d pick out the captains and we’d choose up the teams It was always a measure of my self esteem Cuz the fastest, the strongest, played shortstop and first The last ones they picked were the worst I never needed to ask, it was sealed, […]

Music Speaks Louder Than Words – Peter, Paul & Mary

Music speaks louder than words It’s the only thing that the whole world listens to. Music speaks louder than words, When you sing, people understand. Sometimes the love that you feel inside Gets lost between your heart and your mind And the words don’t really say the things you wanted them to. But then you […]

Quit Your Low Down Ways – Peter, Paul & Mary

You can fall down on your knees pretty momma And pray to the Lord but it ain’t gonna do you no good. Chorus: Cause you gonna need – You gonna need my help someday Well if you can’t stop your sinnin’ please, Quit your low down ways. Well you can run down to the White […]

The Unicorn Song – Peter, Paul & Mary

The others smiled at me and called me “;crazy”; But I was not upset by knowing I did not conform I always thought their seeing must be hazy. The unicorn and I would while away the hours Playing, dancing and romancing in the wild flowers And we’d sing (Chorus) Seeing is believing in the things […]

It’s Raining – Peter, Paul & Mary

Bumped his head and he went to bed and he couldn’t get up in the mornin’ Rain rain, go away, come again some other day. (Spoken) “;Hey I got an idea… we could all play hide and go seek inside, now everybody hide and I’ll be it!”; Star light, star bright, first star I see […]

If I Had Wings – Peter, Paul & Mary

The bird sings, no one asks why. I can see in myself wings as I feel them If you see something else, keep your thoughts to yourself, I’ll fly free then. Yesterday’s eyes see their colors fading away They see their sun turning to grey You can’t share in a dream, that you don’t believe […]

Blue – Peter, Paul & Mary

I had a dog and his name was Blue I had a dog and his name was Blue I had a dog and his name was Blue I betcha five dollars he’s a good dog, too Singin’ “;here, ol’ Blue, you’re a good dog, you!”; Ol’ Blue come when I blow my horn Ol’ Blue […]

Flora – Peter, Paul & Mary

I met a fair young maiden there, her beauty filled my mind. Her rosy cheek, her ruby lips, they gave my heart no rest. The name she bore was Flora, the lily of the west. I courted lovely Flora, she promised ne’er to go. But soon a tale was told to me that filled my […]

Deportee – Peter, Paul & Mary

The oranges piled in their creosote dumps They’re flying us back to the Mexican border To pay all our money just to wade back again Some of us are illegal and some are not wanted Our work contract’s out and we have to move on 600 miles to that Mexican border They chase us like […]

Danny’s Downs – Peter, Paul & Mary

His father stared and his mother cried They knew his name but they didn’t know why He looked the way he did This thing happens to other kids How in the world are we gonna live With a boy like that? Doctor said,”;Dan’s the first bad news Second is his heart won’t make it through […]

Rolling Home – Peter, Paul & Mary

Lets time decide what it should mean; It’s not the time but just the dreams that die. And sometimes when the room is still, Time with so much truth to kill, Leaves you by the window sill so tied Without a wing, to take you high, Without a clue to tell you why. Now, I […]

Talkin’ Candy Bar Blues – Peter, Paul & Mary

Bought a candy bar the other day, only ate half, s’gonna throw the rest away when I saw this kid playin’ in the street, I said “;Hey kid, you want somethin’ to eat?”; he said “;Whut?”; I said “;Candy, son.”; He said “;HELP!”; Then he started to run, and I stood there, watchin’ him go, […]

Long Chain On – Peter, Paul & Mary

moonlight as bright as the dawn I saw a man come a walking, he had a long chain on. I heard his chains a clankin’, they made a mournful sound, Welded around his body, draggin’ along the ground. Chorus: He had a long chain on He had a long chain on He had a long […]

There’s Anger In The Land – Peter, Paul & Mary

There’s sorrow in the sand. There’s sobbin’ in the shanty And there’s anger in the land. A woman broods in silence Close beside an open door; Flung on her flimsy doorstep Lies a corpse upon the floor. “;You’ll not ask me why I’m silent”; The woman said to me; Her two eyes blazed in anger […]

Weave Me The Sunshine – Peter, Paul & Mary

Shine on me again They say it grows on the bank of the river of suffering Shine on me again, and chorus: Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow, fill my cup again If only I could heal your sorrow Shine on me […]

Mon Vrai Destin – Peter, Paul & Mary

Dans mes rЁєves j’entends une voix Qui me dit “;Ne pleure pas”;, Quel dommage mes yeux sont des source claires. Dans mes rЁєves j’entends une voix Qui me dit “;Ne souffre pas!”; Quel dommage mon âme n’est pas de pierre. Mais les voix de mes fantômes ne connaissent pas la douleur de l’homme Pourtant les […]

Somos El Barco – Peter, Paul & Mary

Somos el barco, somos el mar, Yo navego en ti, tu navegas en mi We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me The stream sings it to the river, the river sings it to the sea The sea sings it to the boat that carries you and […]

Jane, Jane – Peter, Paul & Mary

I’m a gonna buy (Jane, Jane), three mockin’ birds (Jane, Jane) One for to whistle (Jane, Jane), one for to sing (Jane, Jane) One for to do (Jane, Jane) most any little thing (Jane, Jane) Chorus: Children go where I send thee, how shall I send thee Hey Hey, my Lord and Lord Well I’m […]

Car-Car – Peter, Paul & Mary

Chorus: Take me for a ride in your Car-Car Take me for a ride in your Car-Car Take me for a ride, Take me for a ride, Take me for a ride in your Car-Car (spoken and sound effects segment) Take me for a ride in your Mac Truck Take me for a ride in […]

The Marvelous Toy – Peter, Paul & Mary

Full of health and joy, My father homeward came one night And gave to me a toy. A wonder to behold it was With many colors bright And the moment I laid eyes on it, It became my heart’s delight. Refrain: It went “;Zip”; when it moved and “;Pop”; when it stopped, “;Whirrr”; when it […]

The Fox – Peter, Paul & Mary

Prayed for the moon to give him light For he had many a mile to go that night Before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o, Many a mile to go that night before he reached the town-o He ran ’til he came to a great big pen Where the ducks and the geese were kept […]

Golden Vanity – Peter, Paul & Mary

And the name of the ship was the Golden Vanity And we feared she would be taken by the Spanish enemy As she sailed upon the lowland, lowland, lowland Sailed upon the lowland sea. Then up spoke our cabinboy and boldly out spoke he And he said to our captain “;What will you give to […]

I Know An Old Lady – Peter, Paul & Mary

I don’t know why she swallowed the fly Perhaps she’ll die I know an old lady who swallowed a spider That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her She swallowed the spider to catch the fly But I don’t know why she swallowed the fly Perhaps she’ll die I know an old lady who swallowed […]

Don’t Go Down To The Quarry – Peter, Paul & Mary

You’ll never come back, you’ll never be right We lost Maggie there just last spring And Big Ben Johnson, he couldn’t do a thing Big Ben Johnson made a bet with Mad Man Mike That he could cross the quarry in the middle of the night He got there, ’bout halfway across When he started […]

I Shall Be Released – Peter, Paul & Mary

Yet every distance is not near. So I remember every face Of every man who put me here. Chorus: I see my light come shinin’ From the west unto the east Any day now, any day now I shall be released They say every man need protection They say every man must fall Yet I […]

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