Didn’t I – Petey Pablo

Hey dog, you think I could make my phone call? Hey look, what you need to do is sit down I just wanna make my phone call Just sit down – Hey, I get a phone call for this motherfucker Fuck you Hey fuck you too ya bastard I just want my fuckin phone call […]

I Told Y’all – Petey Pablo

Hih.. Ha… Petey Pablo… Mmm Hmm… [Chorus:] I told y’all (told y’all) It was gunna happen, Y’all wouldn’t listen to me (I told y’all) Now you see it poppin off, got you in the club dancing your ass off (I told y’all) Break it down…Break it down for me (for me) (I told y’all) Break […]

Truth About Me – Petey Pablo

When y’all tellin folk… about my life I don’t want y’all to add nothing I don’t want y’all to take nothing away I want y’all to play that thang Just like this here… Ya heard me [Petey] Since the tender age (since the tender age) I been running wild (I been running wild) I seen […]