Blind Man, Deaf Boy – PFR (Pray For Rain)

and the walls crumbled and there i stood exposed clutching my chest in fear how’d i end up here bad decisions one right after the other moved like waves pulled by the moon like a puppet who’s tugged on by string like water tumbling down stream i was lost Chorus A blind man, deaf boy […]

Goldie’s Last Day – PFR (Pray For Rain)

puppy love, puppy love yes she gave all she had not like a brother or sister more like a mom or a dad we never asked her never gave her a choice we just barked out commands sit, stay, don’t beg stop licking my hand those days are gone now i wish goldie could come […]

Wait For The Sun – PFR (Pray For Rain)

somewhere in your heart and hope will never fade though at times it will be hard but lift your head anyway God’s Son is returning He’s bringing brighter days Chorus so wait for the sun to come out again storms always come but they blow away with the wind so wait for the Son is […]

Anything – PFR (Pray For Rain)

will matter anyway just a vain display with me in the middle no more empty words will anymore be heard all my rhymes and verbs mean very little it doesn’t mean anything without You just a nice melody without You without Your Spirit to sing of the hope and the joy that You bring without […]

Kingdom Smile – PFR (Pray For Rain)

no hesitation, purely divine the first revelation was that he would be free his second was he’d drown in grace his frowning face replaced irresistibly the floor meets his knees He’s come and everyone in the kingdom wears a smile because He’s won oh, He’s come and waves of joy spread across the kingdom smile […]

Walk Away From Love – PFR (Pray For Rain)

i know you doubt what i am saying you think that i’ve been deceived to follow after what some call a weak man’s haven it seems so simple that it’s hard to believe Chorus i can’t understand why you would walk away from love no i don’t understand why you would walk away from love […]

That Kind Of Love – PFR (Pray For Rain)

who came down from the sky who healed the broken hearted with His hand and dried the tear-dimmed eye oh, i would give anything to see Him face to face and oh He gave us everything to make the world a better place Chorus oh, where does that kind of love come from they say […]

See The Sun – PFR (Pray For Rain)

yet another season of doubt has set in the warm september rains have gone, gone away the trust that you held in your heart isn’t there now you’re fighting your fears but they never fight fair gone are all the endless summer days Chorus i believe that they’re still there though the storms will surely […]

By Myself – PFR (Pray For Rain)

by a handful of disguises so i tried them all on and they were all the right sizes i wore them obviously though they would choke the life from me Chorus i got here by myself but i know that i will never leave the same way i got here by myself but how many […]

You Lord – PFR (Pray For Rain)

think i was made of stone that i could carry a heavy load never thought that one day i’d be all alone and then the road got long i saw i was wrong and had no one to lean upon but you kept me from falling far below and taught me something i had ever […]

Pray For Rain – PFR (Pray For Rain)

wind and sand have blown through me haven’t found shade anywhere only moments of relief but sometimes i think i hear the thunder somewhere on the horizon line if i could just find a way to get under the rain that can reach this soul of mine Chorus i pray for rain to come and […]

Let Go – PFR (Pray For Rain)

if there is only one law, why do we live like there aren’t any i’m not trying to get you down. I just want you to know that if you’re gonna live for God, you’ve got to let go Chorus gotta let go of the little things, before they get you down gotta let go […]