Performer PHARCYDE

Hey You – Pharcyde

body tweaking diodes I walk the roads like karate masters most the time my mind be ghost like Casper sinkin […]

Devil Music – Pharcyde

So diablo wouldn’t faze us or daze us Or lay us down to sleep Know the wolf from the sheep […]

Drop – Pharcyde

Let me freak the funk, obsolete is the punk that talk more junk than Sanford sells I jet propel at […]

Runnin – Pharcyde

Verse One: Fat Lip I must admit on some occasions I went out like a punk and a chump or […]

Soul Flower – Pharcyde

People hint and wonder and they wanna know how and why but let me first introduce myself I’m tagging name […]

Ya Mama – Pharcyde

Yo man, you gotta be… you know You gotta be on to die, man, what’s up with that? Yo bro-shot […]

She Said – Pharcyde

leave love lonely cause being naive to it you can just lose it like that See kisses for bruises don’t […]

Oh Shit – Pharcyde

Oh, how I tossed that ass up Like a mission in the woods, woody woodpecker would if he could, But […]

On The DL – Pharcyde

fuck it friends or no friends I had enough bullshit to last me clear to the ends of my term […]

Otha Fish – Pharcyde

We was like that you know Yeah, and I bet you got layed back Yeah, I’ma uh, I’m a just […]

Bullshit – Pharcyde

feeling(x4) (Imani) Let me entertain you And Interphaze you, with the new sound the sound is the “;cyde”; And the […]

Officer – Pharcyde

yo man they tryin’ to run a 5-0 move on us man yo man you got to tell the suckers […]

Y? – Pharcyde

I wasn’t sleepin I was creepin slidin’ hidin’ I would love the girl behind me roll up a fat? tyme? […]

Pack The Pipe – Pharcyde

smokin’ weed, ’cause we smoke lots of mad weed all the time…mad mad mad…so Tre, Tre since we smoke a […]

Pharcyde – Pharcyde

“;None of that’s true”; We do it not you That’ why I got you stuck on to my style like […]

The Hustle – Pharcyde

(Bootie Brown) Lookin to advance in this world that’s monopolized so I utilize careful not to jeopardize on my chances […]