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Y? – Pharcyde

I wasn’t sleepin I was creepin slidin’ hidin’ I would love the girl behind me roll up a fat? tyme? thinkin’ mentally sinkin [precousicly] brinkin two decades n a half waitin’ for the path of mine to follow the world is hollow, yet it’s full of crap prepared to gamble i give you half of […]

Passin Me By – Pharcyde

When I went to school I carried lunch in a bag With an apple for my teacher ’cause I knew I’d get a kiss Always got mad when the class was dismissed But when it was in session, I always had a question I would raise my hand to make her stagger to my desk […]

Pack The Pipe – Pharcyde

smokin’ weed, ’cause we smoke lots of mad weed all the time…mad mad mad…so Tre, Tre since we smoke a lot of mad weed…you got what you want coppenhagen, give the people buddah…indoe gentlemen…a lovely yell oh that old boy…you must love the buddah…listen man your mother’s (weed beat) is hip-hop…you gotta (scrosho bard)…man] trapped […]

Pharcyde – Pharcyde

“;None of that’s true”; We do it not you That’ why I got you stuck on to my style like glue! The crew definitely is back again but I’m back to win so just tell a friend that I’m still twisting and bending minds and rhymes until the very end with the rhymes and the […]

The Hustle – Pharcyde

(Bootie Brown) Lookin to advance in this world that’s monopolized so I utilize careful not to jeopardize on my chances Some niggas pack 17 to stack their advances. I had a couple of homies that went to Kansas and Colorado. I never been one to follow I’m a lone desperado on the come up who […]

Return Of The B-Boy – Pharcyde

HELL YEAH! Is eighty eight in the house? (It’s the master, the master) HELL YEAH! So everybody’s in the house? (Pharcyde’s in the house) So everybody get on up and turn this mutha out! Ah yes yes y’all, I got the fever for the flavor of a beat y’all, I stand tall gets raw like […]