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Rivers Of The Blood – Phil Ochs

First a trickle, then a flood — First the ocean’s pounding roar, Then a tidal wave hits upon the shore. Knives and arrows fell like rain, And the powder burst aflame, And the flames they flew so high — Dropped their poison down from the sky. In the shadow of the bygone days Millions died […]

Talking Vietnam – Phil Ochs

Southeast Asian Birmingham. Well training is the word we use, Nice word to have in case we lose. Training a million Vietnamese To fight for the wrong government and the American Way. Well they put me in a barracks house Just across the way from Laos. They said you’re pretty safe when the troops deploy […]

One More Parade – Phil Ochs

Hup, two, three, four, marching down the street C Dm Rolling of the drums and the trampin’ of the feet Dm Generals salute and mothers wave and weep(?) F E7 A – G Here comes the big parade A – G Don’t be afraid A7 Price is paid Dm One more parade F C So […]

Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends – Phil Ochs

Look outside the window, there’s a woman being grabbed C Em F G They’ve dragged her to the bushes and now she’s being stabbed E Am Maybe we should call the cops and try to stop the pain F Am Dm G But Monopoly is so much fun, I’d hate to blow the game C […]

Bound For Glory – Phil Ochs

He walked all over his own growin’ land D From the New York island to the California sand G D He saw all the people that needed to be seen A7 G D Planted all the grass where it needed to be green Em A D And now he’s bound for a glory all his […]

That’s What I Want To Hear – Phil Ochs

So you tell me that your last good dollar is gone A D G and you say that your pockets are bare. G B7 Em E7 And you tell me that your clothes are tattered and torn A A7 D and nobody seems to care. B7 Em Now don’t tell me your troubles, A D […]

The Power And The Glory – Phil Ochs

Come and take a walk with me thru this green and growing land C Em Am G7 Gm7 Gm6 Dm Walk thru the meadows and the mountains and the sand Dm7 Dm6 Dm Dm7 Dm6 Dm Walk thru the valleys and the rivers and the plains F G Walk thru the sun and walk thru […]

Ballad Of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith) – Phil Ochs

When marshalls faced an angry mob to send one man to school His name was Jimmy Meredith the tide he helped to turn For he chose to stay on that terrible day The land was soon to learn There was blood, red blood, on their hands, Yellow dirt on their clothes What they thought they […]

No More Songs – Phil Ochs

Em Hello, hello, hello C Is there anybody home? Em I’ve only called to say C D I’m sorry. Em The drums are in the dawn, G D and all the voices gone. C D Em And it seems that there are no more songs. Once I knew a girl She was a flower in […]

I’ve Had Her – Phil Ochs

The night air is inviting you to walk out on the trail Em You will not fail Am D You will not fail G C G C G And by the beach a lady sails a ship without a sail Em And you reach out for her Am D And you reach out for her […]

A. M. A. Song – Phil Ochs

We are the nation’s physicians D G Yes, we give to our lobbies every day D B C7 We will fight against disease when the money comes with ease G D G And when we get together we say C G Hooray for A. M. A. C G D And for us doctors gluts of […]

Another Age – Phil Ochs

Intro: Am – F G Am – F G Am E Am E Am There’s a man walking round the island with a snake cane Am E Am E Am He picked it up in Thailand from a hurricane C G And you know he’s not gonna go there F G He’s been one time […]

Do What I Have To Do – Phil Ochs

Dm G Dm G All around this country, trouble in the air Bb Am F C7 And I hear the voices calling me F Bb F Dm Asking “;do you know and do you care? Bb C7 F F7 Do you know and do you care?”; Bb F F7 So I’m a-gonna do what I […]

The Harder They Fall – Phil Ochs

London Bridge is falling down, E Am And the people want their crown. D G They are not fooling a-round. C G C /C7/F Gimme my crown, gimme my crown, gimme my crown. F So I’ll say these words to you, Dm C Though you won’t believe a word I say… G Gonna say the […]

William Moore – Phil Ochs

Walkin’ down an Alabama road Rememberin’ what the Bible told D G D Am Walkin’ with a letter in his hand D G D Am Dreaming of another southern land Am Walkin’ down an Alabama road And he went by the name of William Moore Now what are you doing William Moore D G Am […]

I’m Going To Say It Now – Phil Ochs

Oh I am just a student, sir, and only want to learn Bm C But it’s hard to read through the risin’ smoke of the books that D you like to burn G Bm C G So I’d like to make a promise and I’d like to make a vow C G D G That […]

If I Knew – Phil Ochs

And If I knew the taste of ancient wine If I knew all these wonders, there’s one thing more I’d know I’d know the way we all should go If I knew the deepest ocean floor And If I knew the waves upon the shore If I knew all these wonders, there’s one thing more […]

Paul Crump – Phil Ochs

In the state of Illinois ’bout nine years ago Dm C Bb A A cold blooded killer he went against the law Dm G He killed a factory guard when his robbery did fail Dm C G And they caught him and they threw him in the jail. He lay there in his cell locked […]

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me – Phil Ochs

Every morning at the dawn dust is in the air. Em F G Am Karen rises early, runs brushes through her hair. Em F Em F Then she buys the paper, I lay on my back, Em F G A Then she feeds the monkey, then she feeds the cat. Chorus: G I’ll talk, I’ll […]

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me – Phil Ochs

Every morning at the dawn dust is in the air. Em F G Am Karen rises early, runs brushes through her hair. Em F Em F Then she buys the paper, I lay on my back, Em F G A Then she feeds the monkey, then she feeds the cat. Chorus: G I’ll talk, I’ll […]

Jim Dean Of Indiana – Phil Ochs

A D Bm E It was on an Indiana farm in the middle of the country D G F#m C#m Esus4 Growin’ in the fields of grain, Jim Dean of Indiana His mother died when he was a boy, his father was a stranger Marcus Winslow took him in, nobody seemed to want him The […]

Is There Anybody Here – Phil Ochs

Is there anybody here who’d like to change his clothes into a uniform, G B7 G Em A7 Is there anybody here who thinks they’re only serving in a raging storm. D F#m Is there anybody here with glory in their eyes, D F#m loyal to the end, whose duty is to die, G A […]

Going Down To Mississipi – Phil Ochs

I’m going down a southern road And if you never see me again Remember that I had to go Remember that I had to go It’s a long road down to Mississipi It’s a short road back the other way If the cops pull you over to the side of the road You won’t have […]

Remember Me – Phil Ochs

I didn’t want to fight, it was the only thing to do. I was the victim of a world that went insane– Will you show me that I didn’t die in vain. Remember me, when the crosses are a burnin’, Remember me, when the racists come around. Remember me, when the tides of peace are […]