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Celia – Phil Ochs

Intro:F G C G F C When the wind from the island is rollin’ through the trees G F C When a kiss from a prison cell is carried in the breeze F Em F C That’s when I wonder how sad a man can be. F G7 C F C Oh, when will Celia […]

Gas Station Women – Phil Ochs

Everything is going wrong, everything is bad G There’s no one I can talk to when I am feeling sad She broke my heart a million ways C I’m losing all my friends G D7 G The boys down at the factory ask me where I’ve been C Fill ‘er up with love G Please […]

When In Rome – Phil Ochs

In the fire blue forests, faded and forgotten I crawled through the cotton fields, picking for cotton D The overseer sneered, his whipping was rotten A With ecstasy. F#m Im child-like terror I tore out the tap roots Bm Cards of the lash were calling to follow suit E7 I dashed for the swamps, the […]

I Ain’t Marching Anymore – Phil Ochs

Oh I marched to the battle of New Orleans G C D At the end of the early British war G C The young land started growing G The young blood started flowing C Am D But I ain’t marchin’ anymore For I’ve killed my share of Indians In a thousand different fights I was […]

The Ballad Of Billie Sol – Phil Ochs

Billie Sol was a man C G From the giant Texas land D7 He put the Chamber of Commerce on a limb G They voted him the best C G And the government did no less D7 G Until the I. O. U.’s of Texas fell on him C G Stand tall, Billie Sol, we […]

Changes – Phil Ochs

Intro: G/A/D/Em/G/A/F#m/Bm/Em/A/D/Em/A/D G A D Em Sit by my side, come as close as the air, G A F#m Share in a memory of gray; Bm Em A D Wander in my words, dream about the pictures Em A D That I play of changes. Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall To […]

Pleasures Of The Harbor – Phil Ochs

And the ship sets the sail G#m They’ve lived the tale C#m F#m To carry to the shore A6 E Straining at the oars G#7 C#m Or staring from the rail E – A B7 And the sea bids farewell G#m She waves in swells C#m F#m And sends them on their way A6 E […]

Ten Cents A Coup – Phil Ochs

It was a used car dealers’ election A And the choice was rather small D7 The boys agreed, “;it’s the war we need, G So there’s no president at all.”; G E Here’s to Nixon and Agnew A They are the stars of the stage and screen D7 Not since Laurel and Hardy G Have […]

On My Way – Phil Ochs

Thinkin’ of the good times I have had, Thinkin’ of the places I have been — Sometimes down, sometimes up, sometimes in. On my way — to another workin’ day. On my way — and I wish that I could stay. On my way — but I have no time to play, And I hope […]

Spanish Civil War Song – Phil Ochs

They fought the fascist army, they fought the fascist foe? Do you remember Franco, Hitler’s old ally? He butchered Spain’s democracy, half a million free men died. Ai, ai, ai, ai– Did you wonder why? Did you ever pause and cry? And don’t forget the churches and the sad role that they played: They crucified […]

That Was The President – Phil Ochs

The bullets of the false revenge have struck us once again Em Am D As the angry seas have struck upon the sand G C G Bm And it seemed as though a friendless world had lost itself a friend Em D G That was the President and that was the man. I still can […]

The Iron Lady – Phil Ochs

Have you seen the iron lady’s charms Am F Dm Legs of steel, leather on her arms Bb Gm Taking on a man to die Am Dm A life for a life, an eye for an eye Bb Gm Dm C And death’s the iron lady in the chair Stop the murder, deter the crimes […]

Love Me, I’m A Liberal – Phil Ochs

I cried when they shot Medgar Evers E C#m Tears ran down my spine E A E I cried when they shot Mr. Kennedy F#7 B7 As though I’d lost a father of mine E A E But Malcolm X got what was coming G#m A He got what he asked for this time E […]

Links On The Chain – Phil Ochs

A C D A Come you ranks of labor, come you union core, C D A And see if you remember the struggles of before, F#m D E When you were standing helpless on the outside of the door Bm E A And you started building links on the Chain. Bm D E A On […]

Links On The Chain – Phil Ochs

A C D A Come you ranks of labor, come you union core, C D A And see if you remember the struggles of before, F#m D E When you were standing helpless on the outside of the door Bm E A And you started building links on the Chain. Bm D E A On […]

The Party – Phil Ochs

The fire breathing Rebels arrive at the party early, C D Their khaki coats are hung in the closet near the fur. C D G – Em Asking handouts from the ladies, while they criticize the lords. E D G Em Boasting of the murder of the very hands that pour. C D G Em […]

Rivers Of The Blood – Phil Ochs

First a trickle, then a flood — First the ocean’s pounding roar, Then a tidal wave hits upon the shore. Knives and arrows fell like rain, And the powder burst aflame, And the flames they flew so high — Dropped their poison down from the sky. In the shadow of the bygone days Millions died […]

Talking Vietnam – Phil Ochs

Southeast Asian Birmingham. Well training is the word we use, Nice word to have in case we lose. Training a million Vietnamese To fight for the wrong government and the American Way. Well they put me in a barracks house Just across the way from Laos. They said you’re pretty safe when the troops deploy […]

One More Parade – Phil Ochs

Hup, two, three, four, marching down the street C Dm Rolling of the drums and the trampin’ of the feet Dm Generals salute and mothers wave and weep(?) F E7 A – G Here comes the big parade A – G Don’t be afraid A7 Price is paid Dm One more parade F C So […]

Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends – Phil Ochs

Look outside the window, there’s a woman being grabbed C Em F G They’ve dragged her to the bushes and now she’s being stabbed E Am Maybe we should call the cops and try to stop the pain F Am Dm G But Monopoly is so much fun, I’d hate to blow the game C […]

Bound For Glory – Phil Ochs

He walked all over his own growin’ land D From the New York island to the California sand G D He saw all the people that needed to be seen A7 G D Planted all the grass where it needed to be green Em A D And now he’s bound for a glory all his […]

That’s What I Want To Hear – Phil Ochs

So you tell me that your last good dollar is gone A D G and you say that your pockets are bare. G B7 Em E7 And you tell me that your clothes are tattered and torn A A7 D and nobody seems to care. B7 Em Now don’t tell me your troubles, A D […]

The Power And The Glory – Phil Ochs

Come and take a walk with me thru this green and growing land C Em Am G7 Gm7 Gm6 Dm Walk thru the meadows and the mountains and the sand Dm7 Dm6 Dm Dm7 Dm6 Dm Walk thru the valleys and the rivers and the plains F G Walk thru the sun and walk thru […]

Ballad Of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith) – Phil Ochs

When marshalls faced an angry mob to send one man to school His name was Jimmy Meredith the tide he helped to turn For he chose to stay on that terrible day The land was soon to learn There was blood, red blood, on their hands, Yellow dirt on their clothes What they thought they […]

No More Songs – Phil Ochs

Em Hello, hello, hello C Is there anybody home? Em I’ve only called to say C D I’m sorry. Em The drums are in the dawn, G D and all the voices gone. C D Em And it seems that there are no more songs. Once I knew a girl She was a flower in […]

I’ve Had Her – Phil Ochs

The night air is inviting you to walk out on the trail Em You will not fail Am D You will not fail G C G C G And by the beach a lady sails a ship without a sail Em And you reach out for her Am D And you reach out for her […]

A. M. A. Song – Phil Ochs

We are the nation’s physicians D G Yes, we give to our lobbies every day D B C7 We will fight against disease when the money comes with ease G D G And when we get together we say C G Hooray for A. M. A. C G D And for us doctors gluts of […]

Another Age – Phil Ochs

Intro: Am – F G Am – F G Am E Am E Am There’s a man walking round the island with a snake cane Am E Am E Am He picked it up in Thailand from a hurricane C G And you know he’s not gonna go there F G He’s been one time […]

Do What I Have To Do – Phil Ochs

Dm G Dm G All around this country, trouble in the air Bb Am F C7 And I hear the voices calling me F Bb F Dm Asking “;do you know and do you care? Bb C7 F F7 Do you know and do you care?”; Bb F F7 So I’m a-gonna do what I […]

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