Drive Away – Phil Vassar

Things are too simple, things are too hard Nobody’s happy with the way things are Looking for the quick fix, the short term loan Got to rent ’cause you might not be here long enough to own The way I see it the trouble with the world these days It’s getting way to easy just […]

Amazing Grace – Phil Vassar

I thought about a bedroom window, I thought about you and me. Talk about an endless summer, I’m still living it now. Burning in the heat of midnight, well I’ll never forget how. You would whisper “Pull me to ya”. Softly kiss me, and Hallelujah. I told you that I loved you, and watched the […]

Forgettin’s So Long – Phil Vassar

Rolls off my tongue like a nursery rhyme Wooden numbers on the front of your house Where we fell in love Little things they stick in my mind Like they happened yesterday after all this time The way it turned out I never would’ve thought I’d remember so much But why is my heart so […]

For A Little While – Phil Vassar

We’re sittin on the bank and watch the world go by Our feet in the water she pressed her lips to mine We were so long on love but short on time She could be a honeymoon sweet and a little wild But she was mine oh, for a little while And I laugh everytime […]

This Is My Life – Phil Vassar

Linin their pockets What does it matter? All I want is an honest wage A piece of ground where my kids are safe 80 bucks to fill my truck Old man tellin’ me times are tough Stickin’ it to the middle class Well, they can kiss my price of gas It’s time to speak my […]

Erase – Phil Vassar

You’re a tattoo under my skin And I can’t wash it off It’s a permanent mark I try to let it go, I try to chill But still I feel I’m under your spell Oh why the hell can’t I just move on? Your memory stays with me I can’t escape, I’m running in place […]

Six-Pack Summer – Phil Vassar

Winter sure was cold and miserable Cooped up, shut down, baby it was pitiful Anyhow, it’s over now We owe to ourselves to have a little fun The pace car’s pacin’ now the green flag’s wavin’ Uh, oh another six-pack summer comin’ Sing to me babe I’ll be your dashboard drummer and Let’s turn the […]

Time’s Wastin’ – Phil Vassar

Of why we shouldn’t take a chance Be so afraid it’s gonna rain we sit and miss a sunny day To avoid the circumstance There’s a million and one reasons we could run But it’s too late for that Time’s wastin’ it ain’t waitin’ for us I know that we can make it We can […]

Somewhere In Between – Phil Vassar

Sometimes I forget, then I remember Sometimes I hold on, then I let go Sometimes I fight, then I surrender Losing you’s been harder than you’ll ever know I’m just caught here halfway there I’m hangin’ in mid-air Somewhere in between in the middle Of the darkness and the light All I can see is […]

Bye Bye – Phil Vassar

Maybe I read you wrong thinkin’ I could be your Mr. Right I was puttin’ my heart and soul on the line Said you needed some time, just a little more time to make up your mind Well it’s been long enough Time is up Bye bye love, I’ll catch you later Got a lead […]

In A Real Love – Phil Vassar

With a letterman jacket and a Chevrolet Thought I was cool Yeah I ruled the school You were Cum Laude with the strawberry lips Had the whole world danglin’ at your fingertips Your senior year And I was your daddy’s worst fear We ran off on graduation night Thought a couple of left hand rings […]

It’s Only Love – Phil Vassar

Don’t act like it’s something I can’t live without that you took I ain’t gonna bury my head in the sand, I’m stronger than that I’m gonna spring right back like a rubber band, I know that I can It’s only love It ain’t nothing but oxygen, water, and sun to the sunlight What keeps […]

My Next Thirty Years – Phil Vassar

The ending of an era and the turning of a page Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here Lord have mercy on my next thirty years Hey my next thirty years I’m gonna have some fun Try to forget about all the crazy things I’ve done Maybe now I’ve conquered […]

Just Another Day In Paradise – Phil Vassar

The kids screaming, phone ringing Dog barking at the mailman bringing That stack of bills – overdue Good morning baby, how are you? Got a half hour, quick shower Take a drink of milk but the milk’s gone sour My funny face makes you laugh Twist the top on and I put it back There […]

I’m Already Gone – Phil Vassar

And say I didn’t need it anyhow Just walk away and let it go Tip my hat and try to play it cool To keep myself from being made a fool I could pretend you don’t already know that I’m already gone I never thought I’d cross over the line But it’s way too late […]