Together – Philip Lynott

If you see her Please give her this message Oh won’t you tell her How much I miss her Even Better Tell her I must meet her Or tell her that I lover her And nothings changed You see together We were stonger Alas no longer Are we together And God forbid If I should […]

The Man’s A Fool – Philip Lynott

That this was no ordinary man And do we all agree That we should use any means nessesary Like standing in the line Like pulling at the same time (Can We) Do you think there’s hope for us (Can We Save It) Do you think all is lost (Can We) Can we save the world […]

Ode To Liberty – Philip Lynott

Or some preminition like we were told It was no figment of the imagination To prove that we could be bought or sold The doctor of the dimond run Could be revealed to the intellegent But this is what I resent Who cares for the ignorent, the intellegent The synics approch was mean Who cares […]

Solo In Soho – Philip Lynott

Stop this cheating Stop treating me like I am some Kind of fool over whose eyes you can pull the wool You’re not so cool Remember it’s to me you are speaking Stop cutting Stop hurting Stop this dirt About you lifting up your skirt To any man dressed in pants with shirt buttons undone […]

Old Town – Philip Lynott

I remeber only too well The girl’s a fool She broke the rule She hurt him hard This time you will break down She’s lost his trust And so she must All is lost The System has broke down Romance has broke down This boy is crack’in up This boy has broke down She plays […]

Talk In 79 – Philip Lynott

Crash for complete control The Pistols left behind a swindle and a scandal That nobody wished to handle Sham 69 were left in a shambles Generation X was next Elvis and Nick Lowe They had a go With the help of the Attractions And Joe Jackson said it wasn’t his style Dave Edmunds survived alive […]

A Child’s Lullaby – Philip Lynott

Don’t let a teardrop fall There is no need to cry child There is no need at all Dry your eyes and sleep now Let your sweet dreams flow And when you rise know that I’ll be near Because I love you so Don’t be sad my baby girl Don’t be bad or blue Please […]

Growing Up – Philip Lynott

She’s lost her first public fight She’s so upset as she wipes away her tears She can’t concentrate on her homework that night And finally when she gets her homework right Her daddy knows that somethings wrong But decideds to leave the questions utill later on And later on at the little girls request that […]

Fatalistic Attitude – Philip Lynott

And everyone that used her Would let her take the blame And if she dare refused And if she dare resist All suggestions that she made were quickly dismissed ’til in the end in despair She threw her hands up in the air She’d slit her wrists Crying nobody cares Believing that by dying she […]