Mellow Are The Reverberations – Phlebotomized

For a goodnight’s sleep The bible closes, safely tucked Nice and cosy under white sheets Eyelids fall and shut Soon to reach fantasy Capture the angel’s hand To flow towards blissful ecstasy She placed her hand in mine Simply indoctrinated Pre serenity Let this heavenly warmth forever… be!!! Mellow are the reverberations – a jewel […]

Barricade – Phlebotomized

God! Who will be done Could a poor soul be saved? For refuge one must run Cast from here to there Left in a disillusioned state Who acted so heedlessly? Forgive me, I hope it’s not too late The preposterous otherside This being of negativity Gains ground within the mind Revealing my other me Unwillingly […]

Dubbed Forswearer – Phlebotomized

Grievance… the cause of this Life of lies… my happiness Unlocking doors… with symbolic keys Entering… an unknown entity Swaying… between two worlds Fantasy… (I’m) about to be swirled Green, green grass… upon I lay Oh daydream… please lead me the way!!! All I wish that I’ll march Eagerness messed up my mind I’ll try […]

Subtle Disbalanced Liquidity – Phlebotomized

Subtle disbalanced liquidity I was sure to be set at ease Instead of relieving me from my pains A sense, a shred of my imagination involved In therapeutical treatment Suggestibility is used By calling upon my symptoms in trance Dislodge my repressed fears Expel vexatious traumas Drown now in my suggestive resistance Not based on […]

I Lost My Cookies In The Disco – Phlebotomized

I’m off to an island of my dreams… Far away from home, with nobody else but me Peaceful & all alone, surrounded by a blue I’m off to build a raft for me… Just let me be free, peaceful & all alone Just let me be me, far away from home Why…do I feel… …that […]