Pick A Window – Flotsam And Jetsam

You can’t see in here but I know how
I know glass is made of sand
But I see right through enough to understand

Downfall delivery
At any speed
You’ll scare yourself creeping up on me
Hit myself hard in the head
Thought I could hold the hit instead
I burnt myself!

Pick a window because now you’re leaving
Do you like hospital food – You will
Can your mother sew – Have her stitch’ this

Things fade away that’s what they tell
Look in the water can’t see myself so well
Hoping for a place that safe
You got me instead
I’ve been waiting around all day
Just to see shadows spread

I’m hiding in the basement of my mind
It’s cold and dark in here
Just what I thought

Lyric Pick A Window – Flotsam And Jetsam