Pieces – Rascal Flatts

My world was turned around,
Upside down
To some degree I still regret
My memory
For keeping you around
Girl, I thought that you were mine
But my broken heart’s been shattered
One too many times

And I don’t wanna see you anymore
I’m just not that strong
I love it when you’re here
But I’m better when you’re gone
I;m certain that I’ve given
And oh how you can take
There’s no use in you lookin’
There’s nothin’ left for you to break
Baby, please release me
Let my heart rest in pieces, in pieces

Someone let you down again
So you turn to me,
Your convenient friend
Oh, but I know what you’re doin’
And what you hope to find
I’ve seen it a thousand times
All the fire we had before
Are now just bitter ashes
Left scattered on the floor

Repeat Chorus twice

We both know that you don’t need me
Let my heart rest in pieces, in pieces
Let it rest

Lyric Pieces – Rascal Flatts