Pinhole View – Comecon

Can I call You? Can I see You alone?
Will You show up? Is it Your place or mine?
Are we friendly? What You seek You shall find,

Seven road blocks
From tonight
Polka mini
Obscurity defenestration

Old fame reclaimed
For straighter roads and rule by force
New age of rage
Of bias and uncivil wars

Now it always start from the bottom
When it comes to boil
And our history always runs upon the foil
And we always wish that the future
Shall be born without pain
But everybody wants to drive our train

In the gutter we can settle the score
But You don’t know who You settle it for
All around You is the enemy You dread
And Your vision is a map of Your head

A million toad halls
The table’s set
Marble cake
The princess on the pea is raging

Old fame reclaimed

Lyric Pinhole View – Comecon