Performer PITBULL

Mr. 305 – Pitbull

Let’s show ’em why Pitbull one of the rawest (Mr. 305) I’m one of the best, one of the rawest […]

Pause – Pitbull

No we know you can’t come back, Cause you look so right, cause you look so right [x2] Now come […]

Melting Pot – Pitbull

I’m not a thug No, no, no, no I’m not a gangsta But I won’t hesitate To cock back, bust […]

Girls – Pitbull

No I’m tri… I’ll try anything! Ay oh way oh way Talk to me, Ay oh way oh waa Tell […]

Back Up – Pitbull

Woo Yeah Pitbull Db Big star Oh, oh [Chorus:] Haters in the club (back up) Gold diggers (back up) Broke […]

Be Quiet – Pitbull

Shakespeare Mr. 305 This is to them boys that be in the club that talk a whole lot of nothing […]

Dopeball – Pitbull

It’s called Dope Ball. Similar rules and regulations, but at the same time very different. Hahaha Goes a lil something […]

Preguntale – Pitbull

Que eso va a pegar en Los Estados Unidos Preguntale a Diddy quien le dijo que se junte con Emilio […]

Hurry And Wait – Pitbull

To rip on this track, I’ll rip any broad I don’t care, white or black! Hee’s baaacckk! If Pit’s on […]

Voodoo – Pitbull

Caco e maco salta cocote Cubano Caco e maco salta cocote Boricua Caco e maco salta cocote Mexicano [x2] Stop […]

Ying & The Yang – Pitbull

Pequeno one. Pitbull (that’s right) Mami I just wanna see you do one thing right quick. Just follow me baby. […]

Thats Nasty – Pitbull

What What What What YEEEAAA! Pitbull in this! This Lil Jon Chekin in Where my T golds at! [Chorus] Twentyfo’s […]

Get On The Floor – Pitbull

Ohh Girl you better (ohh) St-Stop playin (ohh) Bitch what’cha waitin for Get your ass on the floor You know […]

Bon, Bon – Pitbull

Tod wo tooi you isogu of shizumi hajimeta yuuhi ga Sukoshi portion dogs todomatte awai yume no yo wo miseru […]

The Anthem – Pitbull

Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, abuela y abuelo Everybody sing along! Mami, el negro Mami, el negro […]

Jungle Fever – Pitbull

Ehhh Wyclef with Pitbull, the clubs ain’t safe tonight [Chorus – Wyclef] Mamacita so nice to meet ya, You drunk […]

Dirty – Pitbull

H-town! Pitbull, Bun B.. My dogg Demi, keep ya head up, I gotchu, I promise! All my chicos, I gotchu, […]

Fuego – Pitbull

Oh, I already see what it is He thinks he’s a gangsta Mr. Collipark! [Chorus:] You think you gangsta cause […]

Toma – Pitbull

Oye Loca, Vien pa’ca, Come here! [x3] What Muevelo, muevelo sin parar Let’s Go (como) [Chorus] Si tu quiere que […]

Dammit Man – Pitbull

Dammit man (Lil Jon), D-D-Dammit man (Pitbull) D-D-Dammit man, D-D-Dammit man Dammit man (Lil Jon), D-D-Dammit man (Pitbull) D-D-Dammit man, […]

Full Of Shit – Pitbull

I know you full of shit [Chorus:] Your so full of shit [x8] [Verse 1:] Believe nothing of what you […]

Dukey Love – Pitbull

It’s the truth. You don’t know what you have until you lose it. I’ve had all the women you could […]