Performer PITBULL

305 Anthem – Pitbull

This my way of letting my City know I’ll ride for ’em! I’ll Cry for ’em! Bust five for ’em! […]

Juice Box – Pitbull

I want, I need, I like, to get – Money, money, money, money, I want, I need, I like, to […]

Go Girl – Pitbull

Pitbull: Young Boss, Miss Trina, Pitbull Let’s show em’ how we get down I Party like a rockstar I Look […]

A Little Story – Pitbull

Sit down, open your ears, close your eyes, listen Here’s a little story that I got to tell About this […]

Raindrops – Pitbull

Pitbull this dedicated to everybody who lost somebody important in their life, dont worry their in a better place now. […]

Ay Chico – Pitbull

Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over Girl Show Me What Your Working With Bend Over […]

Shake It Up – Pitbull

Shorty ’cause I want you Baby you aint got to front (front, front) Shorty ’cause I want you Baby you […]

Miami Shit – Pitbull

Oohhhh Introduce (introduce) Mr. (mr.) Three (yep) O (yep) Five’ Hop on a bucket of hot legs, fuck it [x4] […]

Hey You Girl – Pitbull

Yo Its Dat Left Field..Thinkin Out The Box Never Thought Would Happen..Never Thought We Could Do Jim Jones… Pitbull [Chorus:] […]

I Wonder – Pitbull

And it makes me wonder, if we were to get it on Would you take the time to touch me.. […]

Oye Baby – Pitbull

Mi salsa es caliente! (my salsa is hot!) Mi cuerpo pide – oye! (my body wants – listen!) Mi cuerpo […]

Culo – Pitbull

Let’s go Right about now, (Waz up?) we need all the ladies to hit the dance floor (Dominicanas) If you […]

Get Up / Levantate – Pitbull

(Everybody get up) Levantate (Everybody get up) Levantate (Everybody get up) Levantate (Everybody get up) Levantate (Everybody get up) Levantate […]

Jealouso – Pitbull

Wussup Wussup (Wussup Wussup) I can see ya wanna ride Wussup Wussup (Wussup Wussup) I see ya mami makin eyes, […]

Mujeres – Pitbull

Mujere loca mujere rica mujere linda mujere latina… Mujere, girls, a mi me encanta la mujere, girls, en la manana […]

Sticky Icky – Pitbull

[Pitbull: Talking] Hey Jim Jones, Let’s Show These Boys How It Really Goes Down Hey Lil Jon, U Know What […]

Orgullo – Pitbull

Los Latinos (los Latinos) En camino para los estados unidos (U-S-A) Buscando la oportunidad Y el sueño Americano de verdad […]

Shut It Down – Pitbull

(Oooo-oooo) Can’t tell me nothing now baby I know how to fly (Haaa-aaa) Can’t nothing hold me down I’m going […]

Un Poquito – Pitbull

It’s ya boy and Pitbull All my dogs say “Make money, money Make money, money, money” (Make money, money) (Make […]

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