Performer PITBULL

Mujeres – Pitbull

Mujere loca mujere rica mujere linda mujere latina… Mujere, girls, a mi me encanta la mujere, girls, en la manana […]

Sticky Icky – Pitbull

[Pitbull: Talking] Hey Jim Jones, Let’s Show These Boys How It Really Goes Down Hey Lil Jon, U Know What […]

Orgullo – Pitbull

Los Latinos (los Latinos) En camino para los estados unidos (U-S-A) Buscando la oportunidad Y el sueño Americano de verdad […]

Shut It Down – Pitbull

(Oooo-oooo) Can’t tell me nothing now baby I know how to fly (Haaa-aaa) Can’t nothing hold me down I’m going […]

Un Poquito – Pitbull

It’s ya boy and Pitbull All my dogs say “Make money, money Make money, money, money” (Make money, money) (Make […]

Secret Admirer – Pitbull

Playa Skills Pitbull I’m your secret admirer I been watchin you Post up all night wit ya girls I’m just […]

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