Performer PLACEBO

Every You Every Me – Placebo

You pucker up, our passion’s spent. My hearts a tart, your body’s rent. My body’s broken, yours is bent. Carve […]

Narcoleptic – Placebo

It’s not treason, it’s no lie You talk in paragraphs I write my sentence It’s not treason, it’s no lie […]

Plasticine – Placebo

That doesn’t sell it’s soul for self-esteem That’s not plasticine Beauty lies inside desire and every wayward heart redeemed That […]

36 Degrees – Placebo

Waxing with a candlelight, and burning just for you. Allocate your sentiment, and stick it in a box. I’ve never […]

Bitter End – Placebo

In our comfort zone Reminds me of the second time That I followed you home We’re running out of alibis […]

Passive Aggressive – Placebo

Concentrate It’s in your reach Concentrate If you deny this Then it’s your fault That God’s in crisis He’s over […]

Post Blue – Placebo

It’s in the pills that bring you down It’s in the water baby It’s in your bag of golden brown […]

Something Rotten – Placebo

Miss you something rotten The stinks are here It’s guaranteed all’s forgotten Down here Down here it’s clear that your […]

I’ll Be Yours – Placebo

The liquid piece I’ll be your ether you’ll breathe me in You won’t release Well I’ve seen you suffer, I’ve […]

Scared Of Girls – Placebo

The earth did open, swallow whole, Careenin’, Careenin’, Careenin’, Careenin’, Her next of kin who lived in sin, was asking […]

Protège Moi – Placebo

L’épidémie qui s’étend La fête est finie on descend Les pensées qui glaces la raison Paupières baissées, visage gris Surgissent […]

One Of A Kind – Placebo

Talk is cold and burns like the sun Can’t you see these skies are breaking Cause the top of the […]

My Sweet Prince – Placebo

Never thought I’d do you the same. Never thought I’d fill with desire. Never thought I’d feel so ashamed. Me […]

Black Market Blood – Placebo

With Armageddon crawling She’s insane, this friend of mine And she’s always bawling Hear her calling Hear her calling you […]

Infra-red – Placebo

I will be the one to make you crawl so I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday someone […]

I Know – Placebo

I know, you’ve got me wrapped around your finger I know, you want the sin without the sinner I know […]

Special Needs – Placebo

Remember me when you’re the one you always dreamed Remember me when whenever noses start to bleed Remember me special […]

Spite & Malice – Placebo

Aces take your time Queens are left for dead Jacks can stand in line And touch themselves instead Aces take […]

Pure Morning – Placebo

A friend with weed is better, A friend with breasts and all the rest, A friend whoЎЇs dressed in leather, […]

Centrefolds – Placebo

Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die Cos that’s wrong and I’ve been waiting far too long […]

The Crawl – Placebo

that could not make you stay it’s way to broke to fix no glue, no bag of tricks Lay me […]

I Do – Placebo

Your effortlessly graceful scene That drips from every pore of you Where logic cannot interfere I wanna take a bath […]

Twenty Years – Placebo

and twenty ways to know who will wear the hat. There are twenty years to go, the best of all […]

Nancy Boy – Placebo

lose my clothes, lose my lube cruising for a piece of fun looking out for number one different partner every […]

Space Monkey – Placebo

Riding in a rocket to a planet of sound She and the unplanned Dominos in drag Increasing population of 100% […]