If I Told You – Plain White T’s

Would it move you enough To even act as though you’ve heard? If I said I was leavin’ Would you still find a reason To ignore my every word? ‘Cause I’m the one who waits here for you, I’m the one who’ll always adore you, I’m the one who is dying for your cause, Do […]

Tearing Us Apart – Plain White T’s

And something wasn’t right I wish that what I said was true But I messed up tonight I wish that you could understand the way I felt when she looked at me today Oh oh oh oh Oh when did I start tearin’ us apart? I’m tearin’ us apart I just got off the phone […]

Let Me Take You There – Plain White T’s

A place where no one knows you They won’t know who we are I know a place that we can run to And do those things we want to They won’t know who we are Let me take you there I wanna take you there I know a place that we’ve forgotten A place where […]

Sad Story – Plain White T’s

There’s nothin’ new, it’s all been done before Not looking to settle the scores. So please let me be Thought I’d be the one you’d adore I always thought I would be so much more not something that I can afford So please let me be Please let me be chorus: This is the end […]

All That We Needed – Plain White T’s

It would be easy for me To be sorry If you could see all the possiblities We might not still be standing where we started Oh no Don’t let me go for this Don’t let me go for this I might be a fool, you might be one too Maybe we’re all that we needed […]

My Only One – Plain White T’s

I’ll please you, not mislead you If you would be My only one Together we move slowly I’ll never leave you lonely If you would be My only one If you believe We were meant to be Why’d you leave me alone What happened to forever I’ll try to make things better If you would […]

What More Do You Want? – Plain White T’s

tell me what’s right tell me how you want me to do it tonight i dont want to sing i dont want to shout i just want a feeling that i’m living without what more do you want what more do you want what more do you want from me tell me what you want […]