Planetary Black Elements – Covenant

A gaunt expression of the end
Prophecies revealed….Dimensional chaos
In perfect symmetry – a mask so dreary
A truth so stained – a planetary conformation
A long lost creation – a black door dimension
In shallow mystery
What is this universe, but a will to exist?
Forever….In all dimensions – Polaris opens it’s eyes
The nexus of time and space
Nexus….A path revealed – a joyous feast of fools
Stupidity renewed….Dimensional chaos…In perfect harmony
Possessive illusions – like a taste of defeat
Regress or regenerate – and your downfall is complete
Illusive possessions – an imaginary void
Hurled towards chaos – to destruct or destroy
“We reach for outerdimensional paranoia
Concealed parallels and hidden truths….

Lyric Planetary Black Elements – Covenant