Pleasure Zone – Samantha Fox

I want to take you for a ride
To this place called the pleasure zone, pleasure zone
I want to take you for a ride
I want to take you home, take you home


Let’s do it!

I met you dancing at a club last night
I saw you baby you looked so right
If looks could tell you how I feel inside
Then you’d know that you blew my mind

Oh baby you’re one of a kind
Do you think we could spend some time
Oh honey you’re looking so good
Let’s take a trip where no one should
Let’s go!

Here we go!
I’d like to tell you but I’m not that type
but if you ask me I will spend the night
It’s just a feeling that I get from you
I wonder if you feel the same way too

Oh baby won’t you come my way
Let’s get together so that we can play
Come on baby give us a try
Let’s take a trip to the other side
Come on let’s go!

Oh baby you’re one of a kind

Lyric Pleasure Zone – Samantha Fox