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Send Angels – Plumb

Send angels, send angels, send angels Show me you love me Send angels, send angels, send angels Show me you love me He felt alone and aging unkind He knew there was trouble with this war inside So to feel young he did what he felt best Emptiness filling every vein He must be going […]

Stranded – Plumb

To see you standing in the dark alone Waiting there for me to come back I’m too afraid to show If it’s coming over you Like it’s coming over me I’m crashing like a tidal wave That drags me out to the sea And I wanna be with you And you wanna be with me […]

Candycoatedwaterdrops – Plumb

What is this Mass confusion This crazy way we’re living This emptiness we’re passing out Like candycoatedwaterdrops I’m spilling out my thoughts You’re spilling out your guts And I can’t help but stop and think that If the world stopped spinning If the end was beginning Would you even notice if I wasn’t there? If […]

Concrete – Plumb

When put in my position Temptations and opinions This heart’s not my possession Hold tight to your convictions Hypocrites in all directions Cling to the things your father taught you Confess your sins to the One who bought you Do you feel all alone Faith has always kept you strong If you could see my […]