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Under The Influence – Plus One

*Nate* Whenever I’m feeling down Feelin insecure I like the way You come around And offer me the cure You know exactly what to say The pieces fall in place You make it all okay When you show me You love me I can do anything (anything) You give me something to believe in (something) […]

Kick Me – Plus One

*Chorus* Why can’t you be there for me A friend is nowhere to be found I just don’t understand why you Kick me when I’m down You think it’s over now but I’m gonna turn it all around Why can’t you see that you Kick me when I’m down *Jeremy* Enter the room maybe too […]

You – Plus One

*Nate* Me It was always all about me My job, my plans, my time was all I cared about Myself I only needed myself To get me through my life Then suddenly I found that Chorus: I want I need I crave I breathe I feel I hold I dream I know I trust I […]

Soul Tattoo – Plus One

I just know that I’ve never felt like this And I know it’s because You exist in my life Like hope shining bright Through the stormy skies And that’s why i could Never turn away from you I’d be some kind of fool To think I could lose your love You know that’s Something I […]

The Promise – Plus One

I know that lately Things have been so hard and looking out Through your broken heart All you can see is dark And lonely days ahead But remember Jesus said Chorus He knows every star in the sky Every single tear that you cry His love is here faithful and alive I know that this […]

My Friend – Plus One

We are standing at the crossroads And now it’s time For you to go your way And me to go mine I will pray the Lord Will keep you safe Until the day I see your face again Chorus My friend We have been through so much And you have been my Godsend With your […]

Use Me – Plus One

Use me, teach me Use me (yeah) teach me *Jeremy* Love look what you’ve done to me Not a sound snuck up on me Double take and I’m turned around Around *Nate* So many nights I’d lie awake Hoping it was not too late Try to go then I’d hesitate but now But now I’ve […]

I Will Rescue You – Plus One

When your days are dark And your nights are cold When you’ve just about Lost all your faith When your will is gone And your heart is torn, ‘Cause nothing is going your way When the world has Got you trapped And you can find that open door If you’re ever in a battle, and […]

Let Me Be The One – Plus One

Under the silver stars Anywhere you are Near or far you are close to me When you don’t understand And when you think nobody cares I’ll be the friend and the hope you need *Chorus* Let me be the one Leading you through the night Sharing the smiles and tears you cry Let me be […]