Performer PLUS ONE

Be – Plus One

Ty Lacey, Bradley Spalter, Michael Norfleet If the tears Should ever cloud your eyes If the rain Should ever darken […]

My Life – Plus One

Wanna go with me? Do I have to wear A Shirt and tie? We can take a limousine But everybody […]

Kick Me – Plus One

*Chorus* Why can’t you be there for me A friend is nowhere to be found I just don’t understand why […]

You – Plus One

*Nate* Me It was always all about me My job, my plans, my time was all I cared about Myself […]

Soul Tattoo – Plus One

I just know that I’ve never felt like this And I know it’s because You exist in my life Like […]

The Promise – Plus One

I know that lately Things have been so hard and looking out Through your broken heart All you can see […]

My Friend – Plus One

We are standing at the crossroads And now it’s time For you to go your way And me to go […]

Use Me – Plus One

Use me, teach me Use me (yeah) teach me *Jeremy* Love look what you’ve done to me Not a sound […]