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You’ve Got Your Reasons – Poco

You’ve got your reasons Like the seasons they change Talking of pleasure While enjoying the pain And though it keeps you in the light And all the words are said just right There’s still a cry in the night Up on the mountain Through the snow-covered hills Taken for granted You can get all your […]

Blue Water – Poco

Take the water blue water Can you see how far it is from flowin’ free Can we let it just be Without a feelin’ of bein’ just a little guilty Alright Get your water green water wipe your eyes in it Still isn’t very clear It wouldn’t be wise to get too near Save the […]

Indian Summer – Poco

There’s a full moon in the sky It’s got a hold on me, I’m hyptotized Like your love it’s getting stronger Please keep my heart a little longer Indian Summer is on it’s way Cool at night – and hot all day Ain’t no black clouds filled with rain Santa Ana wind blew them all […]

Rose Of Cimarron – Poco

Roll along, roll on Rose of Cimarron Dusty days are gone Rose of Cimarron Shadows touch the sand and look to see who’s standin’ Waitin’ at your window, watchin’ will they ever show? Can you hear them calling? You know they have fallen on Campfires cold and dark that never see a spark burn bright […]

You Are The One – Poco

Look up, wake up The sun is shinin’ No it’s not tomorrow It’s today. Stand up, make up For what you’re finding ‘Cause anyone who’s turned around And lost his way Is looking for you. You are the one Who only needs to show a smile. You are the one Who can make any day […]

All Alone Together – Poco

If you see me fallin’ By the wayside callin’ Pick me up and let me start again This old road has a way Of takin’ me down a little each day And I can’t see my way around the bend All the things I like to take Cost so much more than I make And […]

One Horse Blue – Poco

Though its true I’m living with A travelling heart, And it was yours you knew from the very start And I have come to know your eyes When they’re hiding Lost in the time that slowly cries, Come on riding And 8 to 5 living, it ain’t a lot less than alive Knowing there’s a […]

Makin’ Love – Poco

I wish I could say All my fears fall away With the sands in the hourglass But you know it ain’t so I’m holdin’ on tight ‘Cause I know when it’s right There’ll be a woman Burnin’ in my soul Don’t you know I can feel it Feel it deep inside Pretty soon you’ll find […]

Do You Feel It Too – Poco

Thought a girl was a girl and then I found myself in love again. Yes, I’ve been in love a time or two But it never happened like it did with you. Do you feel it, too? Yea, my heart just went for, for a ride Certain feelings you just can’t hide I thought I […]

Stay (Night Until Noon) – Poco

Here I sit in my room Nobody here but me and a simple tune Hope you roll on in with the risin’ moon I wanna stay with you all night Wanna stay with you night until noon – yes I do Sayin’ nothin’, but feelin’ strong I’m a pretend poet with half a song Hope […]

The Dance – Poco

WHEN THE DANCE IS OVER Spinnin’ around and around in a circle, Once you sit down you start it all over again, Laughin’ so hard you lose all track of time, So shuffle your feet and follow the beat on down And when the dance is over Who will your partner be Will both of […]

Me And You – Poco

You’re a woman – you’re a child Sometimes you’re weak and then you’re wild And I just can’t understand ‘Cuz I’m a boy who plays the part of a man, now It’s not hard to see Must be the way it was meant to be You keep me guessin’ all the time You play the […]

Starin’ At The Sky – Poco

I can remember when I used to see you passin’ by And it seemed in vain when it never changed ‘Cause the only thing we said was ‘Hi’ Then out of nowhere We got together ‘Cause we didn’t try But then just as fast as it came to pass I was alone again starin’ at […]

Lovin’ Arms – Poco

Seems to me I’m fallin’ And I can’t believe my eyes Don’t you know it’s love I’m Tryin’ to disguise But I must confess that No one else but you Satiesfies my mind so What else can I do? Here I go fallin’ in love Just knowin’ that you’ll always care Your lovin’ arms Will […]

Nobody’s Fool – Poco

Baby, you can see that it’s a lie What he said to you Made you sad, kind of made me glad ‘Cause I got the same from you I ain’t your fool, you’d better go away Don’t apologize No words you’d say wouldn’t be okay I’m through listenin’ to your lies You thought I’d be […]

C’mon – Poco

I don’t sing no songs to make you sad Only ones to love me Every now and then again If you’re feeling down and lonely C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon C’mon and love me Ain’t it downright sad at times When your love’s been mistaken There’s no one left, no one’s around Only your heart […]

Just Call My Name – Poco

Just call my name Baby can’t you see something’s wrong? Ain’t it a shame All those old time feeling’s gone? Right or wrong I know it takes us all so long to realize How we just get ourselves so lost in our lies There’s no time to cry. You hold me near I don’t even […]

Here We Go Again – Poco

When I last saw you I couldn’t find a reason why I felt kind o’ blue watching you Hello my sweet friend I’ve come to sing a lullaby Can I make amends or should I try Ooo – Mama can’t you see it’s not the same Lookin’ back behind A-can’t start anew But then here […]

Ride The Country – Poco

In she comes a-ridin’, On a mornin’ sunrise I am left to believing All that is standing before my eyes And I wonder Would the sun have shown Ever so brightly alone We been livin’ all of our lives On the other side of the hill Drifting on a golden wing, and I can’t wait […]

I Can See Everything – Poco

If it seems to you that I am fading Everytime I try to talk to you The words I’m speaking distort the view And then I end up thinkin’ what can I do Now you’re slippin’ away for a new Always hoping that the day will come When I can face it, won’t have to […]

I Guess You Made It – Poco

There you was a-standin’ with your feelings hurt Who was to blame? Oh no, it can’t be you, You’re much too cool to scar your name. Ah, what you did to me when I needed you, A trick, then a smile; you hurt me; When will you be through You’re just thinking of you Who’s […]

Another Time Around – Poco

Did you hear that telephone ring? You’d better get ready and pack your things It’s time to be going out again Kiss the ladies goodbye, wipe the tears From their pretty eyes. You’ll be back sometime, but you don’t Know when Moving on and on through the country Moving on and on in the towns […]

Don’t Let It Pass By – Poco

Go on, my little babe, and cry Lay your head down, shut your eyes Someday we’ll make us realize Things weren’t really quite that bad Think of all the things we had Oh, I know Sometimes we don’t do things right Lose our heads and start to fight Over something small, something trite Finally seeing […]

Just For Me And You – Poco

Wish that I could come With the mornin’ sun Shinin’ through your window I could be the one To open up your day Ooh, words can’t begin to say Feelings that are hidden in In such a special way And they’re just for me and you. Nighttime comes searhin’ blindly Been needin’ some lovin’ I […]

A Good Feelin’ To Know – Poco

When I need good lovin’ I always come home to you You free my lifetime of the blues Yes I got that old time feelin’ Burnin’ deep inside my soul And I am yours and baby I’m home And it’s a good feelin’ to know It’s such a good feelin to know Oh it’s a […]

A Good Feelin’ To Know – Poco

When I need good lovin’ I always come home to you You free my lifetime of the blues Yes I got that old time feelin’ Burnin’ deep inside my soul And I am yours and baby I’m home And it’s a good feelin’ to know It’s such a good feelin to know Oh it’s a […]

Georgia Bind My Ties – Poco

I been thinkin’ ’bout a place Like a dream that tries to show Can you see it in my face That it’s time again to go When I hear her callin’ me From a one way track Then I got to go and see What it is that brings me back Oh, Georgia, I’m just […]

The Storm – Poco

Look at all the raindrops fall from the sky tonight Just so many teardrops searchin’ for a place to hide Fallin’ from the dark clouds descendin’ on their way Baby aren’t those raindrops just like you and I Won’t you listen to your heart Tell me what you hear Is the sound of thunder comin’ […]

Consequently So Long – Poco

It’s been a long time a comin’ And I have to carry on It’s been a long time a comin’ But now you’ve gone Oh, look at me Sittin’ starin’ at the rain Knowin’ the days that we once new Won’t ever come again Well it seems to strange to really be So I pinch […]

Let Me Turn Back To You – Poco

I don’t know you but I can feel you In all the ways you get through these days Bluer than blue You’re throwin’ your dreams up they all come fallin’ down Then you turn away It’s another day And it seems you’re earthly bound There is doubt in your eyes in ehat you say And […]

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