Performer POCO

How Many Moons – Poco

How Many Moons How Many Moons Has it been since I’ve seen your face Seems like forever Seems like I’ll […]

Odd Man Out – Poco

You got me turnin’ to the left You got me twisted to the right Woman all I’m askin’ is Is […]

Drivin’ Wheel – Poco

We were setting in the harbor With our sights out on the land There was something someone or other That […]

Find Out In Time – Poco

Ain’t it funny how a good day flies – when you’re high Makes you feel you’re so together – you […]

Daylight – Poco

Standin’ in the hurricane Just to feel the midnight rain It won’t wash away the stain left on your heart […]

High And Dry – Poco

Oh yeah, Tell tie, me a story ’bout how You been burned. No one can hurt you, your lessons You’ve […]

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