Performer POCO

Sweet Lovin’ – Poco

Sweet sweet love Sweet sweet love To light her way Sun shinin’ in the night My newborn child Oh my, […]

Downfall – Poco

Thought I’d seen it all before No one could show me any more Sunny skies and and lights so bright […]

Down In The Quarter – Poco

Down in the quarterpast anybody’s bedtime Anybody anywhere who was halfway out his mind I was sittin’ in a Rock […]

Susannah – Poco

Susannah there was peace between our fathers How we ceased lo be a bother We would run together in the […]

Skatin’ – Poco

Taking it easy Wasting my time everywhere I go Then you try to please me Telling me things I already […]

Ol’ Forgiver – Poco

Ol’ forgiver, You’re a true life giver When I’m cold Warm me when I shiver Ol’ forgiver When I’m runnin’ […]

All The Ways – Poco

All the ways of your love The hurt and tears to cry I sit and count the reasons why I […]

Bad Weather – Poco

In ev’ry day that passes us by I can’t help the feelin’ that you and I We won’t get to […]

Bitter Blue – Poco

Well I came out Of nowhere just to see you Now I can’t find my way home feeling so blue […]

Blue Water – Poco

Take the water blue water Can you see how far it is from flowin’ free Can we let it just […]

Indian Summer – Poco

There’s a full moon in the sky It’s got a hold on me, I’m hyptotized Like your love it’s getting […]

Rose Of Cimarron – Poco

Roll along, roll on Rose of Cimarron Dusty days are gone Rose of Cimarron Shadows touch the sand and look […]

You Are The One – Poco

Look up, wake up The sun is shinin’ No it’s not tomorrow It’s today. Stand up, make up For what […]

One Horse Blue – Poco

Though its true I’m living with A travelling heart, And it was yours you knew from the very start And […]

Makin’ Love – Poco

I wish I could say All my fears fall away With the sands in the hourglass But you know it […]

The Dance – Poco

WHEN THE DANCE IS OVER Spinnin’ around and around in a circle, Once you sit down you start it all […]

Me And You – Poco

You’re a woman – you’re a child Sometimes you’re weak and then you’re wild And I just can’t understand ‘Cuz […]

Lovin’ Arms – Poco

Seems to me I’m fallin’ And I can’t believe my eyes Don’t you know it’s love I’m Tryin’ to disguise […]

C’mon – Poco

I don’t sing no songs to make you sad Only ones to love me Every now and then again If […]

Just Call My Name – Poco

Just call my name Baby can’t you see something’s wrong? Ain’t it a shame All those old time feeling’s gone? […]

Here We Go Again – Poco

When I last saw you I couldn’t find a reason why I felt kind o’ blue watching you Hello my […]

Ride The Country – Poco

In she comes a-ridin’, On a mornin’ sunrise I am left to believing All that is standing before my eyes […]

I Guess You Made It – Poco

There you was a-standin’ with your feelings hurt Who was to blame? Oh no, it can’t be you, You’re much […]

Another Time Around – Poco

Did you hear that telephone ring? You’d better get ready and pack your things It’s time to be going out […]

The Storm – Poco

Look at all the raindrops fall from the sky tonight Just so many teardrops searchin’ for a place to hide […]

This Old Flame – Poco

Guess I should accept the call But I really don’t know what to say The operator won’t let me talk […]