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Amazed – Poe

[No “;but”;] Seem to say what I’m doing here My tongue is all twisted around the air I’m looking for words that ARE so well rehearsed But I can’t find them anywhere With you there’s no easy answer It’s true You change the equation I add up to [No “;that”;] And all of the things […]

Another World – Poe

What’s the crime, man Caught in space Nothing and everything is Always always always What’s your hurry What’s the hurry There’s no need to drive yourself so crazy Solar reaction, ruptures the skin And the sky above is saying The world is caving in Don’t worry, don’t worry Chorus: Another world Another time Another place […]

House Of Leaves – Poe

THINKING, WOULDN’T IT BE FINE IF WE COULD TAKE A LITTLE TRIP? WE WILL DO IT. I KNOW A GAME WE ALL LIKE TO PLAY INSIDE LA CASA–THE HOUSE. WE WILL PLAY HIDE AND SEEK. Daughter: I can hear myself; I’m somewhere in there….What’s happening? DADDY? Mother: Nobody’s home…NOBODY’S HOME…. Father: I thought he was […]

Trigger Happy Jack – Poe

It makes him so angry At me And his head it spins around Just like the Exorcist and I Find it ever so Hard to resist his cries But there’s nothing more sadistic than an infant Waving his pistol in my face He wants me right down on my knees Crumbling in disgrace But he […]

That Day – Poe

She’s got a run in her stocking and she’s missing the heel of her shoe Got up this morning rolled out of bed I spilled a Diet Coke Called my mother Said, “;Hi.”; What I meant to say was: “;Why is your life a joke?”; Then I went down to that ugly bar and I […]

Control – Poe

‘Cause she’s liable to grow up mean Surprised you to find that I’m laughing? You thought that you’d find me in tears You thought I’d be crawling the walls Like a tiny mosquito and trembling in fear Well you may be king for the moment But I am a queen understand x And I’ve got […]

Haunted – Poe

Come here Pretty please Can you tell me where I am You won’t you say something I need to get my bearings I’m lost And the shadows keep on changing And I’m haunted By the lives that I have loved And actions I have hated I’m haunted By the lives that wove the web Inside […]

Dolphin – Poe

I guess that whole thing is caving in Maybe it is time I learn how to swim I’ll be a dolphin, I’ll be a dolphin Sometimes I think I’m breaking down And other times I think that I’m fine But something got into my engine It slowed me down Now I gotta turn this whole […]

Terrible Thought – Poe

Daughter: WHY ARE YOU SO SERIOUS?! [These two lines are actually on this track, not #3.] A terrible thought has moved into my mind Like an unwanted room-mate drunk on wine It feeds on my happiness, won’t pay the rent I must take proper measures to evict it A terrible thought has moved into my […]

Angry Johnny – Poe

I wanna kill you, I wanna blow you…away I can do it you gently I can do it with an animal’s grace I can do it with precision I can do it with gormet taste Chorus: But either way Either (way), either way I wanna kill you I wanna blow you… Away I can do […]