Performer POGUES

Sayonara – Pogues

So long yankee break my heart Now there’s nothing left but sorrow Even the best friends they must part I […]

The Gentleman Soldier – Pogues

——————————– It’s of a gentleman soldier as sentry he did stand He saluted a fair maiden by a waiving of […]

Fiesta – Pogues

I am welcome to Almeria We have sin gas and con leche We have fiesta and feria We have the […]

Modern World – Pogues

On a stall in EC1 Tonight she’ll be out looking for some fun Her mate Gerry’s in the basement He […]

Blue Heaven – Pogues

And branches snap at your brain If I ever get through this swamp alive I’ll nevermore pray for rain This […]

How Come – Pogues

Ya always draw the ace of spades How’s it when your best friend Brings you lillies on your birthday Hey […]

Small Hours – Pogues

And dream a world for you and me Beyond the walls a city breathes In this room one heart beats […]

Bright Lights – Pogues

The bright lights are calling me When the world is dark and cold And I’m heading down the road The […]

Tosspint – Pogues

Sprung from a nightmare’s claw Thrice crows the dawn cock The mist is on the moor Tosspint cries from croaking […]

Greenland Whale Fisheries – Pogues

—————————————— In eighteen hundred and forty-six And of March the eighteenth day, We hoisted our colors to the top of […]

USA – Pogues

I watched the cars When I was older I drank in bars When I was young I chewed the leaves […]

Big City – Pogues

Where the lights are low Cold dirty ground Where the rivers don’t flow Nothing’s gonna change so throw it all […]

Poor Paddy – Pogues

—————————————– In eighteen hundred and forty-one The corduroy breeches I put on Me corduroy breeches I put on To work […]

Oretown – Pogues

And a stranger came to town A cold wind blowing And the rain pouring down Street lights flicker And the […]

Jesse James – Pogues

—————————— Jesse James we understand Has killed many a man He robbed the Union trains He stole from the rich […]

Kitty – Pogues

That the doom will be mine if I stay ‘Tis far better to part, though it’s hard to Than to […]

Boat Train – Pogues

He said hold me up for chrissake, for i can hardly stand the most disgraceful journey on which i’ve ever […]

Tuesday Morning – Pogues

Too many Tuesday mornings I thought of you today I wished it was yesterday morning I thought of you today […]

Gartloney Rats – Pogues

For a day on the rant with some music and more They’d drink porter in Maura’s way over in Fore […]

House Of The Gods – Pogues

Sipping singha beer on Pattaya Beach Singha beer don’t ask no questions Singha beer don’t tell no lies Singha beer […]