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Modern World – Pogues

On a stall in EC1 Tonight she’ll be out looking for some fun Her mate Gerry’s in the basement He hasn’t got a home But prides himself that he’s got most things done Meanwhile I’m up on the roof Waiting for the sun to shine I haven’t got an excuse So I’ll just keep my […]

Living In A World Without Her – Pogues

And tear my soul apart, but I Couldn’t see myself living in a world Without her She’s a tear, she’s a scream Takes me high, but my worst dream Could I survive living in a world Without her As my mother said open the door I didn’t want to be that boy All my friends […]

The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn – Pogues

There’s a glass of punch below your feet and an angel at your head There’s devils on each side of you with bottles in their hands You need one more drop of poison and you’ll dream of foreign lands When you pissed yourself in Frankfurt and got syph down in Cologne And you heard the […]

Lorca’s Novena – Pogues

A single red rose clutched in a dying hand The women wept to see their hero die And the big black birds gathered in the sky Mother of all our joys, mother of all our sorrows Intercede with him tonight For all of our tomorrows The years went by and then the killers came And […]

Blue Heaven – Pogues

And branches snap at your brain If I ever get through this swamp alive I’ll nevermore pray for rain This must be the place, and still Somehow it don’t seem right That something in the moon Could change these endless days To lonely nights I take a stroll down by the sea And walk along […]

How Come – Pogues

Ya always draw the ace of spades How’s it when your best friend Brings you lillies on your birthday Hey how come, hey how come Well I ain’t superstitious, but well these things I see How come, how come I ain’t a superstitious fella, but it worries me How come when your local clergy calls […]

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – Pogues

And I lived the free life of a rover From the Murrays green basin to the dusty outback I waltzed my Matilda all over Then in nineteen fifteen my country said Son It’s time to stop rambling ’cause there’s work to be done So they gave me a tin hat and they gave me a […]

I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day – Pogues

————————————— Oh my name is Jock Stewart I’m a canny gun man And a roving young fellow I’ve been So be easy and free when you’re drinking with me I’m a man you don’t meet every day I have acres of land I have men at command I have always a shilling to spare So […]

Small Hours – Pogues

And dream a world for you and me Beyond the walls a city breathes In this room one heart beats The stars they shine for you and me On the street ten floors below The city lights are all aglow The corner girls they come and go Dreaming of a ticket home The stars they […]

If I Should Fall From Grace With God – Pogues

Where no doctor can relieve me If I’m buried ‘neath the sod But the angels won’t receive me Let me go, boys Let me go, boys Let me go down in the mud Where the rivers all run dry This land was always ours Was the proud land of our fathers It belongs to us […]

Bright Lights – Pogues

The bright lights are calling me When the world is dark and cold And I’m heading down the road The bright lights are calling me As the world is round, the road is long I’ve trouble on my mind I’ll just keep on moving Until the day comes round The wind a’ blowing on my […]

Thousands Are Sailing – Pogues

But the ghosts still haunt the waves And the torch lights up a famished man Who fortune could not save Did you work upon the railroad Did you rid the streets of crime Were your dollars from the white house Were they from the five and dime Did the old songs taunt or cheer you […]

Tosspint – Pogues

Sprung from a nightmare’s claw Thrice crows the dawn cock The mist is on the moor Tosspint cries from croaking gills Thank God I’m not forsaken From the hellish depths of sleep At last I am awaken Tosspint flushed his kidneys And rained a golden shower Pleased to piss a good pot full He shat […]

Greenland Whale Fisheries – Pogues

—————————————— In eighteen hundred and forty-six And of March the eighteenth day, We hoisted our colors to the top of the mast And for Greenland sailed away, brave boys, And for Greenland sailed away. The lookout in the crosstrees stood With spyglass in his hand; There’s a whale, there’s a whale, And a whalefish he […]

Young Ned Of The Hill – Pogues

And heard the curlews cry Or seen the raven black as night Upon a windswept sky To walk the purple heather And hear the westwind cry To know that’s where the rapparee must die Since Cromwell pushed us westward To live our lowly lives There’s some of us have deemed to fight From Tipperary mountains […]

USA – Pogues

I watched the cars When I was older I drank in bars When I was young I chewed the leaves When I was older I drank with thieves I found a love She gave me dreams She left me drunk In New Orleans So cold and lonely So all alone I wished my heart Was […]

Big City – Pogues

Where the lights are low Cold dirty ground Where the rivers don’t flow Nothing’s gonna change so throw it all away In the big city Where the kids will come cheap And monsters prowl and never sleep Don’t cross the road if you haven’t got the time of day Well I lost my girl waiting […]

Dark Streets Of London – Pogues

Down Dalling Road by the dead old trees And drink with my friends In the Hammersmith Broadway Dear dirty delightful old drunken old days Then the winter came down and I loved it so dearly The pubs and the bookies where you’d spend all your time And the old men that were singing When the […]

Lullaby Of London – Pogues

One evening in the spring Heard a long gone song From days gone by Blown in on the great North wind Though there is no lonesome corncrake’s cry Of sorrow and delight You can hear the cars And the shouts from bars And the laughter and the fights May the ghosts that howled Round the […]

When The Ship Comes In – Pogues

When the winds will stop And the breeze will cease to be breathin’ Like the stillness in the wind ‘Fore the hurricane begins The hour when the ship comes in Oh the seas will split And the ship will hit And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking Then the tide will sound And […]

Poor Paddy – Pogues

—————————————– In eighteen hundred and forty-one The corduroy breeches I put on Me corduroy breeches I put on To work upon the railway, the railway I’m weary of the railway Poor Paddy works on the railway In eighteen hundred and forty-two From Hartlepool I moved to Crewe Found myself a job to do A working […]

Oretown – Pogues

And a stranger came to town A cold wind blowing And the rain pouring down Street lights flicker And the power lines moan The moon beat down On a river of bone Someone put the lights out No one make a sound You won’t find a thing Down in Oretown Foundry spits fire and smoke […]

Jesse James – Pogues

—————————— Jesse James we understand Has killed many a man He robbed the Union trains He stole from the rich and gave to the poor He’d a hand and a heart and a brain Now Jesse had a wife Lived a lady all her life And children they were brave But history does record That […]

Kitty – Pogues

That the doom will be mine if I stay ‘Tis far better to part, though it’s hard to Than to rot in their prison away ‘Tis far better to part, though it’s hard to Than to rot in their prison away So softly he kissed her pale lips ‘Twas the same story over an o’er […]

Boat Train – Pogues

He said hold me up for chrissake, for i can hardly stand the most disgraceful journey on which i’ve ever been the last time that i traveled on the boat train i had a couple of drinks in town, a few more in the port i puked up on the gangway but some kind folks […]

Streams Of Whiskey – Pogues

I dreamt I met with Behan I shook him by the hand and we passed the time of day When questioned on his views On the crux of life’s philosophies He had but these few clear and simple words to say I am going, I am going Any which way the wind may be blowing […]

Tuesday Morning – Pogues

Too many Tuesday mornings I thought of you today I wished it was yesterday morning I thought of you today I dreamt you were dressed in mourning But I knew that you With your heart beating And your eyes shining Would be dreaming of me Lying with you On a Tuesday morning I fell through […]

The Sun And The Moon – Pogues

And the cheetahs they can bawl And their ghosts can wait for the hereafter But if you are so proud As to say that’s not allowed We will get sick and choke ourselves with laughter And the girlfriends that you knew To whom you promised to be true We’ll have their sisters Hanging from the […]

Gartloney Rats – Pogues

For a day on the rant with some music and more They’d drink porter in Maura’s way over in Fore And never get drunk but stay sober There was Harry the banjo and Dunne of the swan With whose bone from the wing he’d beat the bodhran And the song that he’d sing was of […]

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