Performer POGUES

Pont Mirabeau – Pogues

Slow flows the Seine And all out loves together Must I recall again Joy would always follow After pain Hands […]

Drunken Boat – Pogues

A hail of stones across the roof, the slates came raining down A blade of light upon the spit came […]

Rain Street – Pogues

An old drunk sings A young girl hocks her wedding ring Down on Rain Street Down the alley the icewagon […]

Sea Shanty – Pogues

I wish to God I was back on the sea again Though that belongs to the world of never will […]

Haunting – Pogues

And a strange tale I’ll impart to ye Of a time that I lived at the buff of a hill […]

Navigator – Pogues

They blasted and dug with their sweat and their guts They never drank water but whiskey by pints And the […]

Once Upon A Time – Pogues

I’m walking home just kicking stones I waited at the deopt you never showed You missed the last bus hours […]

The Auld Triangle – Pogues

Came o’er me stealing And the mice were squeeling In my prison cell And that auld triangle went jingle-jangle All […]

Amadie – Pogues

D’un homme cajun Amadie Adouin Etat son nom Avec sa guitare Et avec sa voix Amadie Adouin Etait le roi […]

Lorelei – Pogues

Same old sad songs, same old story The sirens sing no lullaby And no-one knows but Lorelei By castles out […]

Hell’s Ditch – Pogues

Black Hell Hell’s ditch – naked howling freedom The killer’s hands are bound with chains At six o’clock it starts […]

Anniversary – Pogues

To scare off the night And the sun from his slumber is woken The bells are ringing out As the […]

Pachinko – Pogues

The night is hot and smoggy I drink a little coffee A sake and a beer I run into a […]

Billy’s Bones – Pogues

And he knew an Arsenal from Tottenham blue We’d be a darn sight better of if we knew Where Billy’s […]

White City – Pogues

Once stood gleaming in the night Where now there’s just the rubble In the hole here the paddies and the […]

Waxie’s Dargle – Pogues

———————————— Says my aul’ wan to your aul’ wan “;Will ye go to the Waxies dargle?”; Says your aul’ wan […]

Sayonara – Pogues

So long yankee break my heart Now there’s nothing left but sorrow Even the best friends they must part I […]

The Gentleman Soldier – Pogues

——————————– It’s of a gentleman soldier as sentry he did stand He saluted a fair maiden by a waiving of […]

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