Tag The Party – Point Break

it’s a party that’s funkin’ it’s jumpin’ and bumpin’ the beat the bad ballroom dance pickin’ it up with the chance find a little buzz because we’r makin’ the noise but it ain’t about the weather lay you on the leather hey i’m at the end of my tether with the 11’o clock stop stop […]

Say Yeah – Point Break

we got it goin’ on keep on rockin’ till the break of dawn got it goin’ on and on hey girl sitting there looking so fly thinkin’ you’r so cool i’m just king of guy you need to rock your world throw down your wishin’ well if you wanna kiss then i won’t tell break […]

Baby I Don’t Care – Point Break

with you playin’ with my mind took you out to dinner but you left me bahind paid for the pleaseure but i wasted my time cause dawn it girl i thought that you’d be comin’ to mine friends are always tellin’ me to kick you aside i swear i thought that world of you guess […]

Apocadelic – Point Break

about the styles for a while and trippin’ over what’s hot and what’s not and whnt’s gone under and over but now it’s time to release a kinda police endorsement not to say it ain’t reinforcement see we’r talkin’ about the funk not the everybody punk of the riggy diggy jiggy of your regular punk […]