Freaky Time – Point Break

‘coz if your looking for a freaky time freaky time baby you can always count on me i’ll be waiting […]

The Game – Point Break

that you’r looking for something deeper than love i can see what’s on your mind and i don’t give a […]

Give It Up – Point Break

how we give it up for everything who would have thought that we’d come this far tear them apart being […]

Tag The Party – Point Break

it’s a party that’s funkin’ it’s jumpin’ and bumpin’ the beat the bad ballroom dance pickin’ it up with the […]

Say Yeah – Point Break

we got it goin’ on keep on rockin’ till the break of dawn got it goin’ on and on hey […]

Apocadelic – Point Break

about the styles for a while and trippin’ over what’s hot and what’s not and whnt’s gone under and over […]