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Your Mama Don’t Dance – Poison

[Chorus] Your mama don’t dance and your daddy don’t rock and roll Your mama don’t dance and your daddy don’t rock and roll But when evening rolls around and it’s time to hit the town where do you go – you gotta rock it The old folks say that ya gotta end your date by […]

Shooting Star – Poison

But nothing’s ever as it seems A mother waves her girl goodbye Then slowly hangs her head and cries Hollywood hills and the big city lights Outside her window they burn bright Someday the world will praise her fame They’ll know her face they’ll shout her name [Pre-Chorus] They’ll shout it real loud She’ll make […]

Squeeze Box – Poison

She wears on her chest And when daddy comes home He never get no rest [Chorus] Cause she’s playing all night And the music’s all right Mama’s got a squeeze box Daddy never sleeps at night The kid won’t eat And the dog won’t sleep There’s no escape from the music In the whole damn […]

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim – Poison

Hey!! Come on now, everyone sit down and shut up a minute. Give me a chance to talk, it’s my turn. Uptown got it’s hustlers Bowery got it’s bums 42nd Street got Big Jim Walker He’s a pool-shootin’ son of a gun Yea, he big and dumb as a man can come But he stronger […]

Cover Of The Rolling Stone – Poison

Bret: I’m gonna tell you who we are. Well we’re big rock singers we got golden fingers And we’re loved everywhere we go (That sounds like us) We sing about beauty and we sing about truth At ten million dollars a show (Yeah, right!) We take all kinda pills That give us all kinda thrills […]

Suffragette City – Poison

(hey man) oh leave me alone you know (hey man) oh henry, get off the phone, I gotta (hey man) I gotta straighten my face This mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place (hey man) my schooldays insane (hey man) my works down the drain (hey man) well shes a total blam-blam […]

Strike Up The Band – Poison

Never ever getting paid Kicking ass and paying dues Lose our mind in self abuse Loving ladies by the score Waking up and wanting more I hope my Mama understands When I strike up the band Well I spit out my anger as the sweat do fly Fifteen years of paying dues just to get […]

Ride Child Ride – Poison

I’ve got some old friends on my mind, yeah I do Yeah, me and Slick and Davy saluting Mr. Daniels For the very first time We was jamming to old Jimi, singing Purple Haze, no doubt, no, no I think between weed and whiskey my head went north and man, my feet went south We […]

Nothin’ But A Good Time – Poison

Not a dime, I can’t pay my rent I can barely make it through the week Saturday night I’d like to make my girl But right now I can’t make ends meet I’m always workin’ slavin’ every day Gotta get away from that same old same old I need a chance just to get away […]

Strange – Poison

She’s going my way She climbed in, the next thing I knew We started laughing and smoking, We got to talking Yeah, we’d both been hurt a time or two I knew she didn’t love me But I didn’t think she’d want me, no Right there she took me Underneath that sun, we became one […]

Home (Bret’s Story) – Poison

I want to go I want to go home now I want to go I want to go home now (Let’s go) Saturday night Rainbow bar and grill Where there’s Cocaine lines and a little white pill A beer and a gin, now I can’t see straight Slip it in, no glove, oops too late […]

Doin’ As I See On My TV – Poison

I saw sex, violence and death on the news One day I saw the Duke kill someone Daddy said don’t worry boy, they’re just acting son All I want is attention from somebody Somebody pay attention to me Like them actors I got no shame I want my fifteen minutes of fame Doin’ as I […]

Just What I Needed – Poison

I dont mind you comin here And wastin all my time cause when youre standin oh so near I kinda lose my mind, yeah. Its not the perfume that you wear Its not the ribbons in your hair I dont mind you comin here And wastin all my time I guess youre just what I […]

Theatre Of The Soul – Poison

came the final blow And somehow somewhere we lost sight in our search for that pot of gold And all that happened I don’t understand Could somebody here, somebody please explain to me Cause I’m feeling so damn deceived And I can’t run, can’t hide, can’t get nothing right lately Theatre of my soul….play on […]

Stand – Poison

Lies and money become the white man’s god We’ve burned all our bridges one too many times The time has come now to draw the line Chorus: You know you’ve got to Stand, stand, stand for what you believe You know you’ve got to Stand, stand, stand for what you believe Ohh, You got to…Stand […]

Shut Up And Make Love – Poison

(Do you like that?) Shipped out on of knees Her old man thinks you’re a social disease Dog pissed on the floor left a stain Your old lady’s daddy driving you insane She stopped taking the pill Then left you sued you for a mil You’ve got your problems, boy so damn great Can’t find […]

I Never Cry – Poison

If there’s a tear on my face It makes me shiver to the bone It shakes me, Babe It’s just a heartache that got caught in my eye And you know I never cry, I never cry Sometimes I drink more than I need Until the TV’s dead and gone I may be lonely But […]

Little Willy – Poison

Little willy knows a secret Little willy likes to lie He is getting so excited Willy’s a very emotional guy Little willy get’s nervous, but he ain’t super shy Unless some stuck-up skirt makes fun of his size [Chorus] Little willy likes to bang his drum (little willy likes to play in the band) Little […]