Performer POISON

Cry Tough – Poison

and talked about all our dreams Well little did we know then they were more distant than they seemed Well […]

Ball And Chain – Poison

Get on your dress and put on a smile Lets lose this place and get out awhile, awhile, awhile You […]

Rockstar – Poison

Rock Stars or sumthin’) Oh yeah! Limousines, champagne Get my clothes custom made I take handfuls of pills Trash my […]

Mr. Smiley – Poison

Lately I’ve been living on the edge I won’t say that ain’t true, But who the hell are you I […]

Life Goes On – Poison

Now I feel it again No matter how hard I try This feeling won’t end So I pretend you’re here […]

Fallen Angel – Poison

Just a small town girl with her whole life Packed in a suitcase by her feet But somehow the lights […]

Ride The Wind – Poison

Streets of stone Modern warriors Saddle iron horses of chrome Taste the wild Lick the wind Like something they never […]

Unskinny Bop – Poison

Why can’t you sit still, yeah? Like gasoline you wanna pump me And leave me when you get your fill, […]

Body Talk – Poison

That looks quite the way you do The way you shake that thing now honey, Can’t take my eyes off […]

Can’t You See – Poison

I’m gonna take a freight train down at the station, Lord I don’t care where it goes Gonna climb a […]

Bad To Be Good – Poison

Watching a cop on the take marching to his city beat You got five fingers Johnny stealing everything in sight […]

I Want More – Poison

Right then she got my eyes She had an ass like a truck and two amazing thumping thighs She’s been […]

Devil Woman – Poison

She’ll slide you in, you taste the sin She slowly gets inside your head You feel her take control and […]

Bring It Home – Poison

the lions will appear And when they do they’ll be filling you with all the lies you will need to […]

Souls On Fire – Poison

In the heat of the night You’re gonna give it in No matter how you fight Hot nights, pretty women […]

Dead Flowers – Poison

Well when you’re sitting there in your silk upholstered chair Talkin’ to some rich folk that you know Well I […]

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