Pop Lockin’ – Silkk The Shocker

hey yo Snoop
tell Xzibit and Dre to be having that thing bumpin
When I come out there

That’s funky Soopafly
Big Snoop Dogg {Snoop Dogg}
Silkk the Shocker
Aint No Limit to this {aint No Limit}
Gangsta shit
West west ya’ll

Snoop tell them what’s up

[Verse One: Snoop Dogg]
The gangstas bang, do that dame thang
Me and my nephew dogghouse keep it tru
Roll that weed, pass that drank
Holla at your nigga baby bring your thang
You could shake what you got
Get your pussy real hot
Jump in the gator we could slide to my???
Just keep it on leasy
I know it ain easy
Your fuckin mouth greasy
Silkk this bitch cute, thick and all that
Why must I, chase the game
If you was me and I was you
You probably fuss on a nigga
buring rubber in a 52
Most bitches do and most niggas do to
In the land where it all about the red and blue
But me I’d rather get the greenery
Smoke out the whole muthafucking sceanery

[Hook 2X:]

[Verse Two: Goldie Loc]
Why must I, be like that
With them??? tux
Draped in all black
Takin back like the pop lockin??? gold suits
Bangin back in the day juss to get a lil jucie
Fuck the trus
Cuz we can get criped out krazy
Blast on all you suckas
Went to throw away 380
Fuck around get found up in a dumpster some where
Cuz them south side eastside gangstas don’t care
Nigga I wount, fool you don’t {know you don’t}
He fuckin with no niggas more gangsta than me
Tell him the truth loc
120 proof outs the sun roof
Throwing up the muthafuckin??
Tru Tank Doggs fuckin with Bigg Snoop Dogg
Soopafly to keep them high so they could come out there draws
What you player hatin perpitratior niggas make me mad
So I’m mad off you suckas and my pants never sagg

[Hook 2X:]

[Verse Three: Silkk The Shocker]
It aint nothing but a gangsta party
You know what we bring
No Limit and Dogghouse
Aint nothing but a G thang
You know, we thank the??
Ya’ll think moneys all out

Lyric Pop Lockin’ – Silkk The Shocker