Possessed – Suicidal Tendencies

The people watch me shiver and shake
I’m a prisoner of a demon
I think my head’s about to break
it stays with me wherever I go
I can’t break away from its hold
This must be punishment
For selling my soul

Too much pressure my pulse is rising
My heart is pounding my head really hurts
I can’t take it all this pressure
>From all these things inside of me
Everywhere I look I see them
Everywhere I go they’re at
What did I do to deserve this
Why won’t they just leave my body

Are they people or are they spirits
Do they belong to the human race
Why do they want me so bad
Why won’t they come out of their hiding place
I can’t see them but I know they’re here
I can feel it in my veins
All this pressure on my body
Is causing all my strength to drain


Am I crazy or am I insane
Or have I already lost my mind
Is it real or is it fake
Or am I in a permanent bind
Am I in power or am I a slave
Who in the hell is in control

Lyric Possessed – Suicidal Tendencies