Electric Guitars – Prefab Sprout

And that flash bulbs popped the air And girls fainted, every time we shook our hair. We were songbirds, we were Greek Gods We were singled out by fate We were quoted out of context – it was great. Grander than Castles, Cathedrals or stars Electric Guitars! Riots in airports – everywhere that we go […]

Doo Wop In Harlem – Prefab Sprout

And on the other side I’ll meet you Reunion in the air – A cappella meets pure prayer Somewhere : I can’t wait to meet you there Somewhere : I can’t wait to meet you there If there ain’t a heaven that holds you tonight They never sang doo-wop in Harlem If there ain’t a […]

Horsin’ Around – Prefab Sprout

I somehow let that lovely creature down Horsin’ around, horsin’ around Some things we check and double check and lose I guess I let that little vow get lost Forgettin’ the cost, forgettin’ the cost Quick to forgive and so slow to blame, the very thought fills me with shame But that didn’t stop it […]

Wicked Things – Prefab Sprout

But she’s not you All it takes is a little nerve as I close in for the kill Just stand still What could make a girl believe the wicked things he’d say? What could make a girl believe the wicked things he’d say? Like by the grace of God he’ll be the bugle boy on […]

Scarlet Nights – Prefab Sprout

This is where the weary find repose This is where a kinder bugle blows This is where you’ll wake To find the River Jordan flows Scarlet nights waiting sleep is overdue Scarlet nights ending here on in they’re blue Yes I know we’re not saying goodbye Yes I know that farewell don’t apply Yes I […]

Nancy (Let Your Hair Down For Me) – Prefab Sprout

I kiss my wife goodbye, I drive the boss to work each day. At the office, no one’s watching Can I catch her eye? The hours squeeze by, the boss works late Still I’ll always wait and drive her home with me and say… Nancy let your hair down for me Nancy leave the office […]

Goodbye Lucille #1 – Prefab Sprout

Ooh Johnny Johnny Johnny you won’t make it any better Ooh Johnny Johnny Johnny you might well make it worse Ooh Johnny Johnny Johnny I advise you to forget her Ooh Johnny Johnny Ooh You’re not the first though it hurts, Johnny Johnny Ooh… Ooh Johnny Johnny Johnny what are you twenty-one? Ooh Johnny Johnny […]

Jesse James Symphony – Prefab Sprout

‘Til the day they fold his arms across his chest He’s a long way from the cradle And his Ma’s authority But it only seems a minute Since he stood over his bed And she tried to tell him something Now what the hell was it she said??? Jesse James is thinking of the breaks […]

The Venus Of The Soup Kitchen – Prefab Sprout

And all us poor cripples who’ve been in the wars And up sleeping on her floor… Woah! When you’re scared of down and out You keep it to yourself and if anyone suspects You say : “;Who me? Hardly!”; You tell him “;Thank your stars, this isn’t Derby day ‘Cos it’s clear you’ve got the […]

Bonny – Prefab Sprout

I’m lost in heaven and I’m lost to earth Didn’t give you minutes not even moments All my life in a tower of foil Shaded feelings, don’t believe you When you were there before my eyes No one planned it took it for granted I count the hours since you slipped away I count the […]

Don’t Sing – Prefab Sprout

The burden of love is so strange. The stubborn beast and the priest, are hiding from the captians. The burden of love is so plain. Are they happy to see you? No, you always bring trouble. Cast a shadow on Mexico-denial doesn’t change facts. Like most I’ll cone when I want things done, please God […]

I Never Play Basketball Now – Prefab Sprout

I have nothing about games and always looking back. After the last unholy row – I never, ever play basketball now. It joins a list of things I’ll miss like fencing foils and lovely girls I’ll never kiss. Leave it behind on an overcrowded desk where the “;IN”;-tray is higher than the “;OUT”; ever will […]

Faron Young – Prefab Sprout

Every other sentiments an antique As obsolete as warships in the baltic I’m driving on a straight road it never alters And the radio serenades but doesn’t falter You offer infrared instead of sun You offer paper spoons and bubble gum Late sky Like an all night radio station Without morning Like stumbling on pearl […]

Horsechimes – Prefab Sprout

– That’s no reason to get so excited I’d been playing football with the youngsters, Johnson says don’t dramatise – And you can’t even spell salacious In a caravette with such a pretty widow, but wheels aren’t there to be looked at. – And it’s cheap to say that she’s delicious When she’s someone’s daughter […]

All The World Loves Lovers – Prefab Sprout

All the world loves people in love Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it. Love whatever the price All the world loves lovers. All the world loves people in love Don’t forget it. – LOVE Don’t forget it. – LOVE Love whatever the price … LOVE You and I won’t lose our heads the way some […]

Talking Scarlet – Prefab Sprout

You hide under the eiderdown all you can’t sweep underneath the carpet When you cover your neighbour’s wife scalding marks appear you’re talking scarlet Kid yourself that it’s platonic love Best of friends – Eyes all smiling – Watch them turn to iron filings I will say late one evening while moonstruck beside her I’ll […]

Steal Your Thunder – Prefab Sprout

Whose eyes may be storm cloud grey Whose every kiss is hot as summer With the suns every ray But no-one’s ever, ever gonna steal Ever gonna steal your thunder Never, ever gonna steal Ever gonna steal your thunder Never, ever gonna steal your thunder Of course, I might get lucky And roll a six […]

Whoever You Are – Prefab Sprout

On street after street, in bar after bar The search for love is never ending Whoever you are Wherever you are I’m prepared to travel No matter how long no matter how far Now it may be eternity before I see you Whoever you are And while I search for you I’ll leave my door […]

Technique – Prefab Sprout

Her husband works in Jodrell Bank, he’s home late in the morning, had he been a lawyer, he wouldn’t work for pennies. In the morning I go walking, it helps the hurting soften, I’ve seen a lot of places, ‘cos I miss her very often. But I could never work there, what a shame that […]

Anne Marie – Prefab Sprout

I can glimpse him when you’re next to me, Anne Marie There is music that no-one can hear, Anne Marie Yet it’s audible when you are near Anne Marie, Anne Marie, what am I to do? You are married to someone else yet Every waking hour I think of you Oh listen to me Anne […]

Life Of Surprises – Prefab Sprout

The best parting line Rather then pretend we are A1 ultrafine Shall I be the first then to say what we have found There’s something in our lifetime won’t let us settle down Darling it’s a life of surprises It’s no help growing older or wiser You don’t have to pretend you’re not crying When […]

A Prisoner Of The Past – Prefab Sprout

I’m a ghost to you now, a shadow since you turned your back on me Maybe you’ll learn why it was I shook Baby your turn to wear the haunted look This ghost is here to stay I survived the blast Get Ready, get ready to pay I’m taking you at last – A prisoner […]

Weightless – Prefab Sprout

He was the first man in funky bass… space Somewhere among the stars tonight my heart Floats like a Russian satellite Weightless – love is a pure sensation Weightless – I feel like Yuri Gagarin Somewhere among the stars tonight I call out to a passing fireball Weightless – love is a pure sensation Weightless […]

Diana – Prefab Sprout

The world careering nightmare somewhere it is her arms reach out And stop the savagery at least they do for me Her eyes china blue saucers she’s born that way She tastes of apple strudel you can tell she does With arms that hold sweet William to her breast I wish that it were true […]

Appetite – Prefab Sprout

Till it hears the gun She will always pay the bills For the having big fun He talks so well, what can you do, It’s pretty plain he means it too I don’t want to sell you lines, I only mean to do you right But I’m a simple slave of appetite, I’m a poor […]

Jordan: The Comeback – Prefab Sprout

Sometimes the way it moves looks plain berserk But two things you should be slow to criticize A mans choice of woman and his choice of work Some work’ll earn you top dollar In this here tinsel town That’s where I started thinkin’ of something else Cos they couldn’t film the spirit From the waist […]