Cue Fanfare – Prefab Sprout

“;Sweet Mary”; and “;Running to Me”;. The sweet sweet songs that cloud your eyes – nostalgia supplies. Loredo hihgstreet buried […]

Cruel – Prefab Sprout

then takes you away from me. There is no Chicago urban blues, more heartfelt than my lament for you. I’m […]

Green Isaac – Prefab Sprout

when you’d love to be someone… This is the time, I’ve set aside. From selling old rope, and tellingbad jokes, […]

Tiffanys – Prefab Sprout

The bus stopped at Tiffany’s So I went to hear the band I saw Cinderella, then the curtain dropped Time […]

Dublin – Prefab Sprout

Of music in the name of towns To build a city on such picturesque ground That takes some sort of […]

Swans – Prefab Sprout

Faithful forever or die on the water Foxes are only good for Ruffling feathers, leading lambs to the slaughter Swans […]

Enchanted – Prefab Sprout

Body talk seems big with him, so it’s conversations in the gym Ooh enchanted ooh enchanted “;Pray Forsooth”; and “;I […]

Moondog – Prefab Sprout

The heartbreak side of town The mourners all discuss The boy who caused a fuss We chopped a billion trees […]

Desire As – Prefab Sprout

Desire as a sylph figured creature who changes her mind? I’ve got six things on my mind you’re no longer […]

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