Moondog – Prefab Sprout

The heartbreak side of town The mourners all discuss The boy who caused a fuss We chopped a billion trees […]

Desire As – Prefab Sprout

Desire as a sylph figured creature who changes her mind? I’ve got six things on my mind you’re no longer […]

Bonny – Prefab Sprout

I’m lost in heaven and I’m lost to earth Didn’t give you minutes not even moments All my life in […]

Faron Young – Prefab Sprout

Every other sentiments an antique As obsolete as warships in the baltic I’m driving on a straight road it never […]

Horsechimes – Prefab Sprout

– That’s no reason to get so excited I’d been playing football with the youngsters, Johnson says don’t dramatise – […]

Talking Scarlet – Prefab Sprout

You hide under the eiderdown all you can’t sweep underneath the carpet When you cover your neighbour’s wife scalding marks […]

Technique – Prefab Sprout

Her husband works in Jodrell Bank, he’s home late in the morning, had he been a lawyer, he wouldn’t work […]

Weightless – Prefab Sprout

He was the first man in funky bass… space Somewhere among the stars tonight my heart Floats like a Russian […]

Diana – Prefab Sprout

The world careering nightmare somewhere it is her arms reach out And stop the savagery at least they do for […]