Prelude / Melancholia – Darkside

when the dead paint with white hands
a laughing silence on the wall
the sleeper whispers still
unfold nymphic hands

mother silent sings goodnight
peacefully the child smiles
with so true eyes
in the brothel laughter dwells

poison running through my veins
my fever glowing eyes
death’s hand reaching out for me
senseless cries

heartbeats like distant thunder
feelings darker than black
at fallow light in cellars
Sighs life denied

Forest laying in decay
Shadows surround him like hedges
Meanwhile the river silent shivers
The deer comes out of their hiding places

Into the darkness of death
Decaying lips sucking red breasts

Dark plan seems without measures
Village scattered marsh and pound
Something seems to be a fire
A golden gloom on the street

Blue shades oh dark eyes

Lyric Prelude / Melancholia – Darkside