Rip Off Train – Pretty Things

Searching through the wet streets Looking for a rock ‘n’ roll band Caught the rip off train to freedom A line of agents holding out their hand Work your arses off forever Midnight highways really bring you down But you’re there and you’re working So don’t complain so many miss the train Chorus Find a […]

Drowned Man – Pretty Things

It’s like dancing on glass. You and your razor blade assistant, Carved the lies right from the past. But they offered you such miracles, You who have been handling straws. Soon you’re deafened by the decibels. Then you’re swallowed by the applause. Give’em, take’em, paint a face and I Live’em, make’em, make’em laugh and cry. […]

Bracelets Of Fingers – Pretty Things

These are a few of the things I find joy. Bracelets of Fingers since I was a boy. Fly to the moon and I’ll get there quite soon. If I wait awhile. Cradled in branches that stretched out their arms I must wait awhile. Bending my mind as I pick up the flowers in May, […]

Trust – Pretty Things

Away from an eye that sees there’s nothing left to trust Finding that their minds are grey And there’s no sorrow in the world that’s left to trust. Sitting on top of a white cloud Looking round for someone there to trust Changing your mind as you go through time You grasp at straws, There […]

Love Is Good – Pretty Things

But I didn’t know if I should try She was just a lonely girl But I didn’t know just which way she’d fly Over by the corner now she stands Cornered by the angels of her many plans She was just the saddest girl From that sad old American town Staring at the empty stage […]

Bridge Of God – Pretty Things

Heart double beating in a bright cage of fear, Something he wanted, but the price was too dear, His spirit’s starting to float, The Bridge of God is his hope. Choir voices calling as the priest reads the news, Congregations falling, but incredible views, Long ago a mason earned a new pair of shoes Building […]

Office Love – Pretty Things

The morning screamed, neath the traffic’s feet The razor burned commuters reflections It didn’t seem a visual treat. The office staff begin the humdrum Making the hours and the money flow. The guilty lovers keep their secret And hope it doesn’t show. Oh no office love is such a bitch Oh no like a knife […]

Maybe You Tried – Pretty Things

You really keep your ice-cream cold Mine’s melting in my hand, I don’t understand, I guess you never could have been told. You want to be a star Yes you are. Driving back home from my venture I’m really feeling empty handed Hand’s on my stick It’s making me sick Why did you leave me […]

Miss Fay Regrets – Pretty Things

Platinum to feel lady, Eyes are just two heavy stones, Someone, spilt the glass, And you’re ageing much too fast, And, you say that you’ve been left alone. You’re leant against the night, But you say you feel alright, Only somebody has stolen your home. The pearls around your neck There at great expense were […]

I See You – Pretty Things

The night is here my day is done. Through dark forests of my mind A light is shone – it’s you I find. I see you. On a dark and windswept street The faces I see of the people I meet. With their eyes they build a shrine That takes me back to the forests […]

Onion Soup – Pretty Things

I’ve got zebra in my zoo I’ve got airplanes in my sky Without you I will die Chorus Everybody says you’re leaving If you do you know it’ll surely break my heart I’ve got bad breath in the morning I’ve got shepherd’s pie red sky warning I’ve got pictures on my wall Without you I’m […]

Lost That Girl – Pretty Things

I bought myself some blue suede shoes I took down my suit and I pressed it. I shook up my body, and I lost that girl. Well I made my first mistake Asking that little girl to wait She was the icing on my cake And now she’s gone, and I lost that girl. She […]

Cries From The Midnight Circus – Pretty Things

We members of the midnight circus, Our bodies so brightly adorn In your long sedans and your Oldsmobiles, Through that slit in your face, you ask me, How it feels. Can you hear me, can you hear me, I’m a-telling you again. Daughters of Satan all stand in line, With faces greased and a mouth […]

Belfast Cowboys – Pretty Things

Cast against the dark Revolution spark Bitter tears they flood the sea They’re drowning me. Frightened soldiers fighting for a queen Streets of Orange and Green Ancient building scream As exploding motor cars Leave their scars. Hey, Belfast Cowboys, What you gonna do, where’re you gonna run. Towards the dawn the lights of power burn […]

Allnight Sailor – Pretty Things

Join one line there’s no other Cement mixer backroom fixer join one line Theres’s no other I’ve been through this town I think I’ve stayed too long There’s some truth in what I say Even though it’s getting late I must be moving on I can’t stand vampire day You whose hand shakes witness stand […]

Is It Only Love – Pretty Things

It’s time to speak the truth Say what I feel inside There’s nothing left to lose Only time can turn the tide. Is it only love that lets you down Is it only love that lets you Is it only love that lets you down. The morning came, it brought the rain Waking up to […]

She’s A Lover – Pretty Things

To wear as her disguise. Then catching cosmic rays She uses them for eyes. She’s a lover And you know she’s coming through She’s a lover And you know she’s coming through With warm breezes She will wipe away the sigh. In the green folds of her skirt A tired traveller lies, She’s a lover […]

Falling Again – Pretty Things

Where the moonlight’s on the sleeping sea A pretty girl stood there at the bus stop She said hey Johnny come and see about me. She said Doop Doop. So many seamen able and willing Have passed through these arms on their way to the sea They leave me tokens of love and affection When […]

Bitter End – Pretty Things

But honey the strain I’m under, it’s ruining my health When we first met as lovers, we walked together hand in hand But now that bridge of love has shattered, I’m such a lonely man I’m not gonna be your monkey, I’m not gonna be your fool I’m not gonna stand round waiting While you’re […]

No Future – Pretty Things

Do you remember last night It was a party, down on the block, Honey do you think that was right Is it so easy for married women to hide their Rings in their coat pocket Take out a youth from some scene, and really Think they really got it. Take it, eat it, put it […]

Over The Moon – Pretty Things

And I guess I never will Bluebird of love has knocked me down Sang her songs then left town Oh the lady sang so sweet Had the kids up on her feet Playing the town hall she took her bow Left me this letter I’m reading now Chorus I was over the moon but my […]

Havana Bound – Pretty Things

Feeling so sick I couldn’t say When the cat next to me Said let’s take it down to Cuba way Well his manner wasn’t nice But his hand grenades looked very mean And the luger down his trousers Well that was twice as obscene When we touched down in Cuba The temp was a 105Ўг […]