Joey – Pretty Things

Wouldn’t you be mine Wouldn’t I always want the things you are Every day or year It’s got to be […]

Atlanta – Pretty Things

Atlanta airport driver please Lockheed Tristar, runway four Don’t you know I hate to leave. Lazy Acres, five slow days […]

Grass – Pretty Things

Sad patterns upon her face, She waits for you. So low below a laser sun, Through velvet fields she runs, […]

Drowned Man – Pretty Things

It’s like dancing on glass. You and your razor blade assistant, Carved the lies right from the past. But they […]

Trust – Pretty Things

Away from an eye that sees there’s nothing left to trust Finding that their minds are grey And there’s no […]

Office Love – Pretty Things

The morning screamed, neath the traffic’s feet The razor burned commuters reflections It didn’t seem a visual treat. The office […]

Belfast Cowboys – Pretty Things

Cast against the dark Revolution spark Bitter tears they flood the sea They’re drowning me. Frightened soldiers fighting for a […]

Bitter End – Pretty Things

But honey the strain I’m under, it’s ruining my health When we first met as lovers, we walked together hand […]

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