Motorhead – Primal Scream

Sky high and six thousand miles away Don’t know how long I’ve been awake Wound up in an amazin’ state […]

Medication – Primal Scream

Everyone’s a liar and a thief If the cancer don’t The taxman’s gonna get you It the women don’t The […]

Pills – Primal Scream

The truth about you, Truth about you You never been true You ain’t nothin You got nothing to say Shine […]

Kowalski – Primal Scream

In honour of the last American hero to whom Speed means freedom of the soul. The question is not when […]

Aftermath – Primal Scream

But only in my dreams These sort of things appear as wished Untouchable but seen If only I could touch […]

Star – Primal Scream

Are you solid as a rock Have you a strong foundation Or can your soul be bought It ain’t true […]

Rocks – Primal Scream

Thieves keep thievin’ Whores keep whorin’ Junkies keep scorin’ Trade is on the meat rack Strip joints full of hunchbacks […]

Call On Me – Primal Scream

If you’re feelin’ more dead than alive If you’re hungry and you’re needin’ a feast If you wanna get drunk […]

Swastika Eyes – Primal Scream

You dark the sun you Rain down fire on everyone Scabs, police, government thieves Venal psychic amputees Parasitic your syphilitic […]

Exterminator – Primal Scream

Broken eyess Claustrophobic concrete English high-rise Exterminate the underclass Exterminate the telepaths No civil disobedience No civil disobedience Incubating ultra-violent, […]

Free – Primal Scream

Creepin’ through my soul When i’m awake and when I’m dreamin’ Just won’t leave me alone I know you’ve got […]

Leaves – Primal Scream

Was a chance but you Are never one to change All of the excuses That i’ve heard from you Are […]

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