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Pork Soda – Primus

yourself down on burgundy couch, you know, it never really was burgundy. It was red, and you painted with the goddamn sprinkler and now you have bits and pieces of burgundy stuck to your butt every time you get off of it. You never tell your family, you never tell your family because, you know, […]

American Life – Primus

Lived a family too proud to be poor In the year that fever took father away They hastened for American shores Now a mother and her son are standing in line It’s a cold day on Ellis Isle And they look to the Statue of Liberty For the boy we have American Life Ong is […]

Dmv – Primus

Anyone that’s been there knows precisely what I mean Stood there and I’ve waited and choked back the urge to scream And if I had my druthers I’d screw a chimpanzee-call it pointless When I need relief I spell it THC Perhpas you may know vaguely what I mean I sit back and smoke away […]

John The Fisherman – Primus

His mind would turn unto the waters. Always the focus of adolescent ridicule, He has no time for farmer’s daughters. Alienated from the clique society, A lonely boy finds peace in fishing. His mother says “John this is not the way life’s supposed to be.” “Don’t you see the life that you are missing?” And […]