Performer PRINCE

The Max – Prince

U can relax now, the Max is in control Go… yeah yeah When my back is so far back it’s […]

Sexuality – Prince

Let me take u to another world, let me take u tonight U don’t need no money, u don’t need […]

5 Women – Prince

It took 5 months, a plenty good wasted time But it just took 5 minutes when I saw your face […]

Goodbye – Prince

I should have contemplated suicide 4 the smile upon your face that’s well worth keeping By morning – smears 4 […]

Dionne – Prince

Dionne U should have held my hand U should have let me be your man Dionne U should have closed […]

In Love – Prince

But it’s so hard to get you, baby, when you never come around Every day that U keep it away, […]

Papa – Prince

First he crucified every dandelion out in the yard Then he screamed at baby twice 4 throwin’ rocks at passin’ […]

I Love U In Me – Prince

She took off her dress, and I took a peek While thunder storm played hide and seek I begged for […]

Pheromone – Prince

Lie down beneath my shadow Lie down beneath my shadow with great delight And your feel will be sweet 2 […]

Positivity – Prince

Positivity YES Have U had your plus sign 2 day? Positivity YES Do we mark U present, or do we […]

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