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Love Sign (Shock G’s Silky Remix) – Prince

(We don’t stop) {repeat sample in song} Love sign {x2} Love, love CHORUS: If U’re sick of evil knocking on your door Throw up the love sign once and 4 ever more If U’d rather make love and have a little fun Throw up the love sign everybody and not the gun In a chariot […]

America – Prince

Peace! Aristocrats on a mountain climb Making money, losing time Communism is just a word But if the government turn over It’ll be the only word that’s heard America, America God shed his grace on thee America, America Keep the children free Little sister making minimum wage Living in a 1-room jungle-monkey cage Can’t get […]

Uptown – Prince

Of your fine city It kinda turned me on when she looked at me And said, “;C’mere”; Now I don’t usually talk to strangers But she looked so pretty What can I lose, If I, uh, just give her a little ear? “;What’s up little girl?”; “;I ain’t got time to play.”; Baby didn’t say […]

Around The World In A Day – Prince

A train is leaving all day A wonderful trip through our time And laughter is all U pay Around the world in a day Around the world in a day Now dig Loneliness already knows U There ain’t no reason 2 stay Come here and take my hand, I’ll show U I think I know […]

Goldie’s Parade – Prince

Goldnigga (What U hear at our concert is the real thing) Be your own man Endless abyss (What U hear at our concert is the real thing) Do U love me? Is this just a carnival ride? We go round and round (What U hear at…) As we go round and round U stick around […]

One Of Us – Prince

And would we call it 2 His face If we were faced with Him and all His glory? What would U ask if U had just one question? Yeah, yeah, God is great Yeah, yeah, God is good Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! CHORUS: What if God was one of us? Just a slave like […]

The Continental – Prince

Now bring it up and let me kick the facts And I’m gonna do ya like u wanna… I’m gonna do ya like u wanna… I’m gonna do ya like u wanna be done Continental Continental This is the continental This is the main thing I can see u dancin’ 4 a pack of wolves […]

Push – Prince

Step 1… step off to the dance floor push (hey) ((push up on it)) (good god) Push – lord (push, yeah) ((push up on it)) Every time u get some People wanna take it back They rather see u on the run Than see u get it like that Every time they stop u Change […]

Life Can Be So Nice – Prince

Scrambled eggs, are so boring, 4 u’re all, all that I want 2 know Kisses never lie when delivered with milk from your lips Morning glories never cry. My love for u, baby, drips Life can be so nice. It’s a wonderful world, sweet paradise (paradise) Kiss me once, kiss me twice. Life can be […]

Elephants And Flowers – Prince

he’s looking 4 some action, he’s looking 4 a fight he’s looking 4 a saviour in a city full of fools maybe he just needs a good talker to give him a good talking 2. Can we talk baby? Strip down, strip down. I think I’m gonna fall in love tonight. Elephants and flowers, hot […]

Crucial – Prince

Cuz just one look from U could make an army surrender Baby, U’ve got 2 rescue me girl, girl A prisoner in love with the opposite gender I ain’t sayin’ U’re better, baby, but I ain’t sayin’ U’re not I ain’t sayin’ anything until U stop Never forget that cuz baby, I’ll be your jack […]

Little Red Corvette – Prince

By the way u parked your car sideways That it wouldn’t last See you’re the kinda person That believes in makin’ out once Love ’em and leave ’em fast I guess I must be dumb ‘Cuz U had a pocket full of horses Trojan and some of them used But it was Saturday night I […]

7 – Prince

They stand in the way of love And we will smoke them all With an intellect and a savoir-faire No one in the whole universe Will ever compare I am yours now and u are mine And together we’ll love through All space and time, so don’t cry One day all 7 will die All […]

Don’t Talk 2 Strangers – Prince

Little darling Gotta go now Don’t know when I’ll be coming back Got my future All planned out Got my bags packed Things don’t always turn out right That’s just the way it goes Before I leave u there’s just a few things u should know Don’t talk 2 strangers Don’t forget to say your […]

Paisley Park – Prince

There is a park that is known 4 the face it attracts colorful people whose hair On 1 side is swept back The smile on their faces It speaks of profound inner peace Ask where they’re going They’ll tell U nowhere They’ve taken a lifetime lease On Paisley Park chorus: The girl on the seesaw […]

We Can Funk – Prince

Jump ’em and funk ’em, pump ’em and funk ’em We can funk I’m testing postive 4 the funk I’ll gladly pee in anybody’s cup and when your cup overflow I’ll pee some more I could tell u stories ’til u get tired. I could play with your mind. But u’d probably say that I […]

I Love U, But I Don’t Trust U Anymore – Prince

That it wasn’t your dress U had on That wasn’t your perfume And what happened 2 the ring that I gave U? What am I 2 assume? I love U, but I just don’t trust U anymore U could tell from the moment U looked in my eyes That I could see right through Ь […]

Graffiti Bridge – Prince

something 2 believe in, a reason 2 believe that there’s a heaven above everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge everybody’s looking 4 everybody’s looking 4 everybody’s looking 4 love everybody wants 2 find the perfect 1 someone that makes u happy, someone that makes u laugh when u want 2 cry everybody wants to find […]

Sex In The Summer – Prince

Gimme that number, we can party all night long CHORUS: Sex in the summer, gettin’ it on Gimme that number, we can party all night long Checkin’ 4 bikinis, layin’ in the sand Rub it like a genie, livin’ while we can Afternoon in the city, somewhere in July Policemen actin’… yeah, U know, de-elevate […]

Strollin’ – Prince

Take a break from 9 to 5 It’s so great to be alive, oh yeah We could rent some roller skates We could skate around the lake If we don’t know how, we’ll fake it, oh yeah Strollin’, strollin’ we could have fun just strollin’ Rockin’, rollin’, oh yeah Let’s forget about the time (time) […]

Lady Cab Driver – Prince

Lady cab driver — Can U take me 4 a ride? Don’t know where I’m goin’ ‘cuz I don’t know where I’ve been So just put your foot on the gas — let’s drive Lady — don’t ask questions Promise I’ll tell U no lies Trouble winds r blowin’, I’m growin’ cold Get me outta […]

Round And Round – Prince

Oh yeah round and round and round round, round yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh yeah Can u tell me where we’re going 2? Can u tell me what it is we really want 2 find? Is the truth really there? Or is it right under our hair? 4 all we know it’s been there all the […]

Ripopgodazippa – Prince

If U flick of the pink plush, then this brother trippa Start down at the bass then stop at the treble Circle the midrange and up go me levels “;Precious”; by ChantЁ¦ is rockin’ the box This cannot be foreplay cuz this be 2 hot Up go the left thigh on me shoulder there Up […]

Circle Of Amour – Prince

Best friends as far as I could tell Chearleaders except 4 Denise She was the wild one She was the beast She was the one who named the group The original gang of 4 Mary, Claire, Denise and Belle Circle Of Amore 10th grade Central in September That was a year I remember On this […]

Temptation – Prince

Temptation Lust Pop go mama Everybody on this earth has got a vice And mine, little darlin’, mine is the opposite of ice Mine is the running hot water of the daughter of morality In other words, this little prince thinks a lot about U, see? Baby, baby, baby I’m guilty in the first degree […]

Goldnigga Pt. 3 – Prince

Tony, yo, what’s… what’s up, bitch? Oh shit, nigga I haven’t see U since high school about 10 years, Roy Yeah, ah man, been [here and there] U lookin’ good though man Yeah, U 2 man, U lookin’… Hey yo, would U check this out? Would U help a brother out, man? I’m kinda in […]

Freaks On This Side – Prince

When U can’t find the reason 4 the smoke There’s probably water in the fire When everything U know ain’t enough 2 float your boat And U’re lookin’ 4 somethin’ that’ll take U higher CHORUS: U got 2 get down (Freaks on this side, the freaks on this side) 2 a brand new sound (Freaks […]

I Wish U Heaven – Prince

Follow where we go And when the world’s compassion Ceases still I know 4 your every touch I Thank U so much 4 your every kiss I… I wish U love I wish U heaven I wish U heaven If I see 11 U can say it’s 7 Still I wish U heaven I wish […]

The Ride – Prince

I got the ride If U got the time, baby I got the ride Where I wanna go Keep U satisfied If U like it real slow, baby I got days If U like it real slow I got days But if U wanna take the short cut I know the way If U like […]

Love 2 The 9’s – Prince

A river u say’ll never run dry I’d rather hear u say 4 ever Instead of a smile I’d rather see u cry Don’t use the magical Mysterious, intoxicating, joy fantastic Fascinating word called love Unless u love me 2 the 9’s This is the only kind of love That I’ve been dreaming of The […]

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