Pop Life – Prince

Is the poverty bringing U down? Is the mailman jerking U ’round? Did he put your million dollar check In […]

Mr. Happy – Prince

Turn off that weak jam, man Come on, huh Mr. Happy’s here, huh, and we’re buggin’ CHORUS: I will take […]

New Power Day – Prince

{phone rings} (The Cavaliers came up with a surprise upset) (Beating the Bullets 108 to 99) Talk X-TV, turn it […]

Pope – Prince

(Stir it like coffee) The Pope (Stir it like muthafuckin’ coffee) The Pope (The hell) This is the Pope Oh, […]

Partyup – Prince

We just want to jam Party up (Party up, got to party up) That Army bag Such a double drag […]

Annie Christian – Prince

but her kingdom never comes, thy will be done She couldn’t stand the glory, she would be 2nd to none […]

Mountains – Prince

17 mountains stood so high. The sea surrounded them and together they would be The only thing that ever made […]

Cindy C. – Prince

over in Paris, France (Oh, Cindy C) If I get a camera, Tell me will u dance (will u play […]

Horny Toad – Prince

If I had your number I’d call u on the phone I’d breathe a little heavy […] word maybe I’d […]

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