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17 Days – Prince

U didn’t answer your phone The main drag is knowing that U probably weren’t alone So here I sit in my lonely room Lookin’ 4 my sunshine But all I’ve got is two cigarettes And this broken heart of mine So let the rain come down Let the rain come down Let the rain come […]

Gotta Stop (Messin’ About) – Prince

Sittin’ outside your door, about to break down Fourth time this week somebody’s come around Who’s it gonna be tonight, who’s the lucky man Where you get the attitude, I’ll never understand Uh Oh, here he comes now, so happy that he came Hey! Was it good boy? [Thoughts on, of her aim] What goes […]

Goldnigga Pt. 2 – Prince

Tony, I’ll spend the night with U on one condition What’s that? U gotta have me home before dawn Uh oh My papa’s a preacher Well… He despises sweet-talkin’ fine-dressin’ dudes like U Then that could be a problem Why if he knew I missed Sunday church On account of keepin’ company with a brother […]

Peach – Prince

She got them gold hot pants on again Yeah man I wanna talk, but I dunno She’s a Peach She was dark, she was tan She made me glad to be a man She was young, she was smart Just one glance and she stole my heart The kinda girl you wanna teach She’s a […]

Cream – Prince

It’s time for u to go to the wire U will hit Cuz u got the burnin’ desire It’s your time (Time) U got the horn so why don’t u blow it U are fine (Fine) U’re filthy cute and baby u know it Cream Get on top Cream U will cop Cream Don’t u […]

Controversy – Prince

Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay? — Controversy Do I believe in God? Do I believe in me? — Controversy Controversy Controversy I can’t understand human curiosity — Controversy Was it good for you? Was I what you wanted me to be? — Controversy Do you get high? Does your daddy […]

Dig U Better Dead – Prince

Dig U better dead, I’d dig U better dead Dig U better dead, I’d dig U better dead (I’d Dig U) Dig U better dead, I’d dig U better dead A long time ago, U took six months a walkin’ Talkin’ on the other side What started as an experiment Turned into a heaven-sent message […]

U Got The Look – Prince

The dream we all dream off Boy versus girl in the World Series of love Tell me, have U got the look? U walked in, I woke up I never seen a pretty girl Look so tough, baby U got that look Color U peach and black Color me takin’ aback Crucial, I think I […]

Mad Sex – Prince

Say what? Yeah, she always want 2 talk 2 somebody Believe me, I know her Yeah I see U at another party Dancin’ all over the place Lookin’ 4 the perfect body 2 go with the perfect face Bushy head mulatto breakdown And your lips got wet 2day (Lips got wet 2day) Same damn bird […]

God – Prince

In the beginning, there was God He made the earth, and the heavens He gave us light to rule the day And another light to rule the night The Lord, thy God Made, He made the seas He made the fruit upon the trees When He saw, when He saw that it was good He […]

NPG Bum Rush The Ship – Prince

Photelic drive stable at this time, ha ha U havn’t even seen Tommy, have ya? (No) A million 2 hundred million kilowatts per second Captain Yes, Ensign Elm I will be taking a weekend furlough down in the.. What, that’s not fast enough, we have 2 get up 2 4 That’s right, it’s fast when […]

Ronnie, Talk To Russia – Prince

before its too late before its too late Ronnie talk to Russia before its too late before they blow up the world You go to the zoo, but you can’t feed guerillas can’t feed guerillas Left-wing guerillas You can go to the zoo, but you can’t feed guerillas who wanna blow up the world Ronnie […]

So Dark – Prince

So dark, so dark (Dark) {x2} Inside lookin’ out my window I don’t see nothin’ but rain Sun up in the sky just-a-shinin’ (Just-a-shinin’) Still I’m lost in my shadow of pain (Mm-hmm) Like an innocent man that’s on death row I don’t understand what made U go And wanna leave me, baby Leave me […]

Good Life – Prince

Fantasy never hurt nobody, whatever chills the illin’ When the everyday gets on your last 1, give it up and go 2 the place in everyone’s future, the good life – 1 day we’ll know (Good life) Everyday after school, U know where 2 find this brother Uptown at every movie show, outta my life […]

Come – Prince

I got something 4 your mind (Come) U should do that baby No more will U cry (Come) The spirit is calling Here’s a reason why (Come) If U had a chance 2 see the future would U try? (Come) If U will, so will I (Come) When I call U up, I wanna tell […]

Into The Light – Prince

There came a sound that enters the mind Through a door that’s deep in your soul Through every pore of your body it goes And in a light too bright to behold Is a truth more shiny than gold And as sure as this candle burns Every soul must return Into the light, into the […]

Free – Prince

Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, don’t worry ’bout your pain Don’t cry unless you’re happy, don’t smile unless you’re blue Never let that lonely monster take control of U Be glad that U r free Free 2 change your mind Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime Be glad that U r free There’s many a man […]

Segue (XII) – Prince

(Ah yeah) (Come on man) (Whad’up, brother?) Hey, whad’up Tone? Ahh! Yo, yo, yo, yo man Won’t y’all, why don’t y’all cool out on that shit 4 a minute? (Ah man) Why U trippin’ man, what’s up? Mmm? Ah man, U know, I just come back from taking 2 these people, man At the company, […]

Take Me With You – Prince

It beats so strong It’s in your eyes what can I say They turn me on I don’t care where we go I don’t care what we do I don’t care pretty baby Just take me with u Come on and touch the place in me That’s calling out your name We want each other […]

Silly Game – Prince

That IЎЇd wanna run 2 I never thought U would be the one That would make me care And even tho U done me wrong 4 some strange reason I canЎЇt xplain I get happy knowing U phoned Cuz your voice could kill my every pain Why do we play this silly game? I never […]

Days Of Wild – Prince

Break down This is a bust (Hold onto your wits!) All U sorry motherfuckers up against the wall If U don’t play, bite the dust Cuz in a couple of simple fuckin’ phrases I’m gonna hip U 2 the fuckin’ place of The brand new mad style, uh Cuz these are the days of wild […]

Emancipation – Prince

I had 2 have double everything When they tell me that’s enough That’s when I wanna fill my cup 2 the top, Johnny, hear me sing CHORUS: Emancipation – free 2 do what I wanna Emancipation – see U in the purple rain Emancipation – free 2 do what I wanna Emancipation – break the […]

Lemon Crush – Prince

chorus: Every time U kiss me – lemon crush Nay, I can’t resist thee – lemon crush Every time U do me – such a rush Ooh it goes right through me – lemon crush All it takes is a little bitty Of your ooh! pretty, pretty And I’m the wildest in the city Ooh! […]

Cherry, Cherry – Prince

Rozanda was her real name But Cherry was her chosen one Everybody said that she’d soon be dead But Cherry replied “;At least I had some fun”; (Oh yes) Her eyes were like a pool of 24 karat diamonds I was the last in a long line of foolish men who dived in CHORUS: Cherry, […]

Shoo-Bed-Ooh – Prince

Brother pushin’ that game on ya as if U wanna play Askin’ U every other sentence if them titties are real One tramp even had the nerve 2 touch ’em as if U wanted a feel CHORUS: Shoo-bed-ooh, shoo-bed-ooh, ooh! Shoo-bed-ooh, shoo-bed-ooh, ooh! The money that U make ain’t payin’ the rent, so U sleep […]

Hide The Bone – Prince

(Ah yeah, ah yeah) {repeat sample in song} Hide the bone (Oh yeah) {repeat sample in song} I can’t hold it any longer It’s gettin’ harder every day The need 4 U is getting stronger Than my need 2 play CHORUS: Playin’ hard 2 get is gettin’ hard 2 play How can I be cool […]

Scandalous – Prince

Feel what U’ve been dyin’ 4 Don’t be afraid, baby Touch it and explode Understand, understand that I love U But more than that – I want U Everybody always told me “;Good things come 2 those who wait”; But I’ve got so much on the menu I just can’t wait, I just can’t, I […]

I Can’t Make U Love Me – Prince

Turn down these voices inside my head Lay down with me, tell me no lies Just hold me close, don’t patronize Don’t patronize me Cuz I can’t make U love me if U don’t I can’t make your heart feel something it won’t Here in the dark, in these final hours I will lay down […]

Animal Kingdom – Prince

In an ad sayin’ what would do my body good I told him he was wasting time I say If God wanted milk in me The breast I suck would have a line around the hood No member of the animal kingdom nurses past maturity No member of the animal kingdom ever did a thing […]

Dirty Mind – Prince

It happens all the time Whenever I’m around u, baby I get a dirty mind It doesn’t matter where we are It doesn’t matter who’s around It doesn’t matter I just wanna lay ya down In my daddy’s car It’s you I really wanna drive But you never go too far I may not be […]

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