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Sex In The Summer – Prince

Gimme that number, we can party all night long CHORUS: Sex in the summer, gettin’ it on Gimme that number, we can party all night long Checkin’ 4 bikinis, layin’ in the sand Rub it like a genie, livin’ while we can Afternoon in the city, somewhere in July Policemen actin’… yeah, U know, de-elevate […]

Strollin’ – Prince

Take a break from 9 to 5 It’s so great to be alive, oh yeah We could rent some roller skates We could skate around the lake If we don’t know how, we’ll fake it, oh yeah Strollin’, strollin’ we could have fun just strollin’ Rockin’, rollin’, oh yeah Let’s forget about the time (time) […]

Lady Cab Driver – Prince

Lady cab driver — Can U take me 4 a ride? Don’t know where I’m goin’ ‘cuz I don’t know where I’ve been So just put your foot on the gas — let’s drive Lady — don’t ask questions Promise I’ll tell U no lies Trouble winds r blowin’, I’m growin’ cold Get me outta […]

Round And Round – Prince

Oh yeah round and round and round round, round yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh yeah Can u tell me where we’re going 2? Can u tell me what it is we really want 2 find? Is the truth really there? Or is it right under our hair? 4 all we know it’s been there all the […]

Ripopgodazippa – Prince

If U flick of the pink plush, then this brother trippa Start down at the bass then stop at the treble Circle the midrange and up go me levels “;Precious”; by ChantЁ¦ is rockin’ the box This cannot be foreplay cuz this be 2 hot Up go the left thigh on me shoulder there Up […]

Circle Of Amour – Prince

Best friends as far as I could tell Chearleaders except 4 Denise She was the wild one She was the beast She was the one who named the group The original gang of 4 Mary, Claire, Denise and Belle Circle Of Amore 10th grade Central in September That was a year I remember On this […]

Temptation – Prince

Temptation Lust Pop go mama Everybody on this earth has got a vice And mine, little darlin’, mine is the opposite of ice Mine is the running hot water of the daughter of morality In other words, this little prince thinks a lot about U, see? Baby, baby, baby I’m guilty in the first degree […]

Goldnigga Pt. 3 – Prince

Tony, yo, what’s… what’s up, bitch? Oh shit, nigga I haven’t see U since high school about 10 years, Roy Yeah, ah man, been [here and there] U lookin’ good though man Yeah, U 2 man, U lookin’… Hey yo, would U check this out? Would U help a brother out, man? I’m kinda in […]

Freaks On This Side – Prince

When U can’t find the reason 4 the smoke There’s probably water in the fire When everything U know ain’t enough 2 float your boat And U’re lookin’ 4 somethin’ that’ll take U higher CHORUS: U got 2 get down (Freaks on this side, the freaks on this side) 2 a brand new sound (Freaks […]

I Wish U Heaven – Prince

Follow where we go And when the world’s compassion Ceases still I know 4 your every touch I Thank U so much 4 your every kiss I… I wish U love I wish U heaven I wish U heaven If I see 11 U can say it’s 7 Still I wish U heaven I wish […]

The Ride – Prince

I got the ride If U got the time, baby I got the ride Where I wanna go Keep U satisfied If U like it real slow, baby I got days If U like it real slow I got days But if U wanna take the short cut I know the way If U like […]

Love 2 The 9’s – Prince

A river u say’ll never run dry I’d rather hear u say 4 ever Instead of a smile I’d rather see u cry Don’t use the magical Mysterious, intoxicating, joy fantastic Fascinating word called love Unless u love me 2 the 9’s This is the only kind of love That I’ve been dreaming of The […]

Push It Up – Prince

Put your hands up ЁC come on (Push it up!) Huh ЁC yeah, this is it, this is it (Push it up!) This is it I think they got 2 get ready 4 this one here ЁC come on! (Ooh, everybody’s here) Say what? (This is the jam of the year) Huh, what did I […]

Strange But True – Prince

UЎЇre the only one that I gave it 2, the one I fantasised 4 And time away from U has taught me What I should have known That this hole IЎЇm trying 2 fill with another – yeah, itЎЇs grown And I got your package But when I tried 2 write back I bailed See, […]

Baby – Prince

I’m so in love with you (doo-wah) Baby, what are we gonna do? I know you’re in love with me to (doo-wah) Should we go on living together? Or should we get married right away? Whatever you decide, I’ll still love you, baby And we’ll grow stronger everyday Baby, what are we gonna do? I […]

Melody Cool – Prince

I’ve seen a many bridges in my time and crossed every one of ’em with no trouble at all (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I had trials and tribulations, heartaches and pains (well that’s alright) Survived ’em all baby (uh huh, say it, say it!) Hmph, I’m still Melody, and I’m still Cool […]

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life Electric word life It means forever and that’s a mighty long time But I’m here 2 tell u There’s something else The afterworld A world of never ending happiness U can always see the sun, day or night So when u call up […]

3121 – Prince

Knock on the door Put Ur clothes in the pile on the floor Take Ur pick from the Japanese robes and sandals Drink champagne from a glass with chocolate handles Don’t you want to come? 3121 Gonna b so much fun 3121 That’s where the party b 3121 U can come if U want 2 […]

P. Control – Prince

(Here come the drums) Uh, yeah Uh Good mornin’ ladies and gentlemen Boys and motherfuckin’ girls This is your captain with no name speakin’ And I’m here 2 rock your world With a tale that will soon be classic About a woman U already know No prostitute she, but the mayor of your brain Pussy […]

Joy In Repetition – Prince

He like to frequent this club down up on 36th Pimps and thangs like 2 hang outside and cuss for kicks Talking 2 no one in particular, they say “;the baddest I am tonight”; 4 letter words are seldom heard with such dignity and bite. All the poets and the part time singers always hang […]

Interactive – Prince

Picked up my paper 2day Give U one guess what they say Now we got 2 learn how 2 play Interactive Another cross in need of a road Another loop in need of a hole Another body in need of a soul Interactive Ain’t that a bitch? CHORUS: Tell me what 2 do and I’ll […]

Play In The Sunshine – Prince

We wanna play in the sunshine We wanna be free Without the help of a Margarita or Exstacy We wanna kick like we used 2 Sign up on the dotted line We gonna dance every dance Like it’s gonna be the last time We got 2 play in the sunshine Turn all the lights up […]

I Wanna Melt With U – Prince

(Ooh – I wanna melt with u) (Ooh – I wanna melt with u) This is safe sex, (Ooh – I wanna melt with u) New Power Generation style A funky little story about u and me (Ooh – I wanna melt with u) Gettin busy 4 awhile From the tip of my typhoon (Ooh […]

Soul Sanctuary – Prince

Under your gaze I ponder this love 2night Unbothered by the chaos swirling ’round outside In your arms is where I want 2 live and die Someplace where your face is all that I see Where the love we make intoxicates intensively In a mirror where your sweet reflection used 2 be There is hope, […]

200 Balloons – Prince

Nobody Let’s do it 25 policemen all in a row Can’t stop the party people – Go go go If U can’t beat ’em join ’em baby say so It’s party time everybody come on lets go Fly with me 200 balloons (Let’s do it) Blowing down the city colder than ice I think U […]

The Sun, The Moon And Stars – Prince

ItЎЇs late and IЎЇm running out of clever things 2 say The kind that will bring a girl like U 2 tears ThereЎЇs only one more glass of this rosЁ¦ LetЎЇs throw it on the fire with our past And dance the night away until… The sun, the moon and stars DonЎЇt seem as far […]

Billy Jack Bitch – Prince

(Bitch) {Fishbone’s “;Lyin’ Ass Bitch”; sample repeats throughout song} What if I called U silly names Just like the ones that U call me? What if I filled your eyes with tears So many that U cannot see? CHORUS: Billy Jack Bitch – Do U ever really cry? (Billy Jack Bitch) Billy Jack Bitch – […]

Cloreen Bacon Skin – Prince

Yeah, one of them nice breezy motherfuckers Nigger. what U lookin’ 4 nigger? Oh hold it, stop Motherfucker didn’t even have the headphones on U. U. This song is called. This song is called Bacon Skin, hit me It’s dedicated 2 my first wife Her name is, oh Lord, Cloreen She’s just fat, hit me […]

Love Machine – Prince

Love machine, yeah. Hey, yeah. I’ve got the toys, 2 turn your body out I’ve got the noise, 2 make u scream and shout The love machine will take your body higher ’cause if it don’t then I know u’re a liar Don’t lie, u want some love that will make u cry 17 tongues […]

Slow Love – Prince

It feels so right Now that U’re mine Let’s take our time The man in the moon is smiling 4 he knows what I’m dreaming of Tonight is the night 4 making slow love The gentle breeze It blows with ease Let’s make IT slow Just like the wind blows Let’s make IT last forever […]

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