Performer PRO PAIN

Where We Stand – Pro-Pain

Bound, gagged, shackled, silenced, and sentenced to die when I broke no law. Left for dead as I gazed at […]

Odd Man Out – Pro-Pain

Putting every emotion to the test Infatuation, obsession It’s making you feel like you’re the best Well, I for one, […]

Godzille – Pro-Pain

You’ll writhe in pain when I rock your mind till it hurts Approach with caution best beware Don’t believe me, […]

God’s Will – Pro-Pain

Displays of wonder light up the sky, and then the sun fades into the black, the moon turns into blood. […]

Denial – Pro-Pain

A million dollar smile A brand new box of toys Every mothers dream An innocent child to hold Untarnished by […]

Let Live – Pro-Pain

Can we live as one? Got stuck here in survival mode And the worst is yet to come We passed […]

Gunya Down – Pro-Pain

So catch a ride in the belly or the back of the beast They burned down the church And the […]

Love And War – Pro-Pain

if you can save your face justify all your wealth and leave that nasty taste seek and ye shall find […]

Walk Away – Pro-Pain

We could care less cause we can’t wait Got fucked up and so were they Man they sucked – but […]

Left For Dead – Pro-Pain

So you gotta go with the flow. I’m uncertain to change my ways. To scream bloody murders all I know. […]

F. S. U. – Pro-Pain

the psilocybin was laced with dust suicidal’s on the box and kids are goin’ fuckin nuts starin at the face […]

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