Performer PRO PAIN

Torn – Pro-Pain

I guess I took too much for the team Had a knack for keepin the score But I can’t put […]

Love / H8 – Pro-Pain

Got real drunk and acted cool Tought me how to hate myself So fuck you and everyone else In retrospect […]

F. O. A. D. – Pro-Pain

Why did you think they would? This revolution starts right here and now And I’m in your neighborhood It wouldn’t […]

I Remain – Pro-Pain

a buncha kids with nothin to do played bass, had a beat up car no plans of takin it far […]

Implode – Pro-Pain

when he placed a fuckin price on your head. Plenty of proof to believe in all of the shit that […]

Status Quo – Pro-Pain

To take advantage of the meek As sacrificial lambs are killed The blood will run into the street Mass migration […]

Un-American – Pro-Pain

Out of our minds Losing our faith, faith in mankidn It’s about us It’s about time!! It’s not what you […]

Aftermath – Pro-Pain

Skies of soot, acid rain, toxic mud. Tortured souls in body bags, scents of death. Melted limbs, blood on ice, […]

Leveler – Pro-Pain

War, starvation, disease, are sent by the fed Nineteen Thirteen set the stage, set the scene. Criminal elements, that’s who […]

Desensitize – Pro-Pain

Acquired taste to kill ourselves For demon seeds to grow Accept the fact – we’re not the same No right […]

Hopeless? – Pro-Pain

if that’s what you believe blessed is the truth beneath the web that you weave holier than thou were those […]

Fed Up – Pro-Pain

To Justify Oneself Of Existing Conditions Today The Race Is On And Yet The Stakes Are Fuckin High So We […]

One Man Army – Pro-Pain

Politically incorrect We knew he deserved the best But he never got no respect Six kids and an empty wallet […]

Blood Red – Pro-Pain

that precious time you can’t turn back all hope is lost when all possessions turn to dust Can we go […]

Where We Stand – Pro-Pain

Bound, gagged, shackled, silenced, and sentenced to die when I broke no law. Left for dead as I gazed at […]

Odd Man Out – Pro-Pain

Putting every emotion to the test Infatuation, obsession It’s making you feel like you’re the best Well, I for one, […]

Godzille – Pro-Pain

You’ll writhe in pain when I rock your mind till it hurts Approach with caution best beware Don’t believe me, […]

God’s Will – Pro-Pain

Displays of wonder light up the sky, and then the sun fades into the black, the moon turns into blood. […]

Denial – Pro-Pain

A million dollar smile A brand new box of toys Every mothers dream An innocent child to hold Untarnished by […]

Let Live – Pro-Pain

Can we live as one? Got stuck here in survival mode And the worst is yet to come We passed […]

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