Performer PRO PAIN

Substance – Pro-Pain

Cause were down with the people And that keeps us alive It’s mind over matter – and the beat goes […]

All Rise – Pro-Pain

Only pain and hate and sorrow reside. And I awaken from this trance I’m in to forge on til’ the […]

On Parade – Pro-Pain

and there will come a time when we’ll see it all again frown upon a distant shore with intent to […]

Death Toll Rises – Pro-Pain

In god we trust, for god we fight Clutching our guns, lusting for wealth Trusting no one, especially oneself Hundreds […]

Go It Alone – Pro-Pain

A lot’s been said, but you know we meant every single word. So, thank’s to the many who’ve stood with […]

Freedom Rings – Pro-Pain

Black clouds hang over us keep us fucking singing the blues. Texas tea means nothing to me. Does it really […]

No Way Out – Pro-Pain

Call me when it’s done Make sure there’s no choice in all matters yet to come Follow me through darkness […]

Fuck It – Pro-Pain

Life’s a bitch boy when times are tough It’s best to burn out and worse to fade I’m gonna punch […]

Get Real – Pro-Pain

Secrets are kept plain as black and white And its a killing machine The best that there’s ever been Now […]

Getting Over – Pro-Pain

That’s if you want to live This place ain’t safe nor sane World destabilized by appointed police who’ll make your […]

Iraqnam – Pro-Pain

Thoughts imprisoned and owned by the corporations. God save their souls for leading us all into hell en masse. Contempt […]

Cut Throat – Pro-Pain

You cannot mistake this is it, it’s over my friend. Like they say, “it’s been real”. Your questions, like me […]

Lost Horizons – Pro-Pain

All my friends ain’t closely knit. Watch the passers by all day, wishing some would come my way. Hit the […]

Act Of God – Pro-Pain

deceived our sons – they feel betrayed how can we repent to save ourselves and face the day rise up […]

Halo – Pro-Pain

We do our time every day, working like slaves for the minimum wage. Yeah, that’s as good as it gets, […]

Pride – Pro-Pain

they don’t care what you do they don’t care what you think it’s killing me and killing you fuck this […]

24/7 – Pro-Pain

I gotta make it all go away Take your bullshit outta my face Before I wreck this whole damn place […]

Draw Blood – Pro-Pain

Fly high – god will let your eagle soar Shed tears on the path in which you pave Have faith […]

Three Minutes Hate – Pro-Pain

That our worst Orwellian nightmare cometh, but don’t start running….express your rage that the constitution was maimed by the fourth […]

The Prisoner – Pro-Pain

Time’s up, set me free I’ll do what I want to whenever Pissin off the powers that be Led a […]

Time – Pro-Pain

I like to listen to the rain come down I was never very good company You were the loneliest game […]

New Reality – Pro-Pain

We get it, your spineless, we know!! You honor those who are not worthy It’s shameless and vile and so… […]

Godspeed – Pro-Pain

I want out. Fuck you all, good bye. Such a shame. It’s been real. Hope you all die. Make a […]

Save Face – Pro-Pain

How would you feel if I would tell you to fuck off, and the reason – for keepin it real. […]

Burn – Pro-Pain

but rolling as fast as we can we’re searching for some in betweens and answers from only a man who […]

Company Jerk – Pro-Pain

With blood lust, these bitter men, they simply see the world through binary lenses of good vs. evil… us or […]

Psywar – Pro-Pain

Anonymously bogus sent to you from us here A lethal proposition that you’ll read as you weep While the bombings […]

All Fall Down – Pro-Pain

and millions are killed the cupboards are empty and pockets are filled a vicous intention to cut like a knife […]