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Days Of Shame – Pro-Pain

Blood onn our hands and our souls Filthy ideals fed to us those who play god In god we trust? This is insane We were wrong These days of shame last so long I’ve taken on this position cause that’s where I stand Abort the deadly mission and meet our demands Inhabitants beware of the […]

Go It Alone – Pro-Pain

A lot’s been said, but you know we meant every single word. So, thank’s to the many who’ve stood with us from the beginning. I say, hey. Way back in the day, oh at any dive we’d play. Let’s tip a glass as we toast the past. “Go it alone, and may the rest be […]

Freedom Rings – Pro-Pain

Black clouds hang over us keep us fucking singing the blues. Texas tea means nothing to me. Does it really mean something to you? Indecision, so what do we do, what can we do, what will we do? We can’t do nothing, got our backs to the wall. Gotta start from the bottom of this, […]

No Way Out – Pro-Pain

Call me when it’s done Make sure there’s no choice in all matters yet to come Follow me through darkness and trust my evil lead Bring death to those that shun us and swallow every seed And over the fields we will run Blind to what we’ve become Face your fears and have no doubt […]

In For The Kill – Pro-Pain

the whites of your eyes close all the doors and take a word from the wise arm personnel and deploy in the sand drive like a knife through the heart of the land the heart of the land where time stood still against our will won’t get no rest until we’re in for the kill […]

Fuck It – Pro-Pain

Life’s a bitch boy when times are tough It’s best to burn out and worse to fade I’m gonna punch the clock out with all dues paid I hate the taste of your humble pie And I’m walking out of here With my head held high and… I won’t save my face Or state my […]

Get Real – Pro-Pain

Secrets are kept plain as black and white And its a killing machine The best that there’s ever been Now feed, and give the nose a line It ain’t easy. Hard Defined 1986, L. A.’s Compton cocaine central Crackhead politics…I feel the international cause it was plain and simply self inflicting genocidal wounds that never […]

Getting Over – Pro-Pain

That’s if you want to live This place ain’t safe nor sane World destabilized by appointed police who’ll make your loss their gain Off with your fucking heads and die by the sword of bloody ignorance Death and eternal pain for financial gain This world is insane I watch it all go down like a […]

All for King George – Pro-Pain

A dunce was preordained and he reigned to the best of his ability Oh… I’m not the enemy, you’ll see that it’s really true! There’s only one of me but I’m doing more than all of you… and you, and you, and you!! All for King George you sold everything, truth be told Hail to […]

Iraqnam – Pro-Pain

Thoughts imprisoned and owned by the corporations. God save their souls for leading us all into hell en masse. Contempt for the dead, we learn nothing from the mistakes of the past. Always the first to deceive, the first to believe, the last to get something done. Our lives are at stake, and yet you’ve […]

Heads Will Roll – Pro-Pain

for revenge for those that died. That day most agreed we were right to stand up and fight. God willing we’d go get the villain, green lights were given for killing. Reminiscent of wars that passed, new theaters, familiar cast of big players – the most corrupt, with big plans to fuck you up and […]

Down In The Dumps – Pro-Pain

Disgruntled with the thing I see Looking for a future that lies in your hands Is such a bad place to be Educated hippies and psychedelic yups Really gets my Irish up I am just a beggar, begging for some money Spare some change to fill my cup It’s not so bad, I’m happy like […]

Cut Throat – Pro-Pain

You cannot mistake this is it, it’s over my friend. Like they say, “it’s been real”. Your questions, like me just get old, and that’s how I feel. Cut throat, then you run away. No hope, just another death, and just another day. You, you’re making me sick and chances are you’ll never know just […]

Lost Horizons – Pro-Pain

All my friends ain’t closely knit. Watch the passers by all day, wishing some would come my way. Hit the bottle after work. Just another hopeless jerk. Find it hard to “just say no”. “Bottoms up”, now here I go! I’ve had misfortune in my life. Good intentions don’t make it right. Seems all I’ve […]

Act Of God – Pro-Pain

deceived our sons – they feel betrayed how can we repent to save ourselves and face the day rise up above the ash do you see the wrath? can you feel the reign? lie on a bed of nails. paying for your sins. can you take the pain? act of god is what we’ll bring […]

Make Some Noise – Pro-Pain

We act alone – for reasons beyond our control Under the gun – our power of reason prevails Second to none – in whatever the mission entails We’re fighting a war For truth and never more The need to understand So do what you can and you will Open your mind – for we are […]

Halo – Pro-Pain

We do our time every day, working like slaves for the minimum wage. Yeah, that’s as good as it gets, cause for regular Joe the stage was set and right from the get go Joe was a kindred spirit to the typical blokes who candy coated the best years of their lives with the lies […]

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Pro-Pain

Yeah, what the fuck! I’m thinking of moving overseas The heart of this country has fallen apart and the people, they grovel on their knees I vote and I vote and I vote, but no results tell me what the hell is going on I-ll get on a boat pack a lunch and grab a […]

Pride – Pro-Pain

they don’t care what you do they don’t care what you think it’s killing me and killing you fuck this bullshit better do something fast first impression, make it last call it democracy that’s all for you and none for me show us that you care well we aint gonna be the first and we […]

Life’s Hard – Pro-Pain

He said crack the safe boy, get the gun It’s time to wash up the dirty hand Gonna fatten you up kid, rape the land Cause once we get some then we’ll want more It’s safe to call this an all out war You fend for yours, I’ll defend whats mine I declare discrimination by […]

24/7 – Pro-Pain

I gotta make it all go away Take your bullshit outta my face Before I wreck this whole damn place So leave my home and me alone Boy I hate this fucking scene And I know you know what I fucking mean You crucify me all day long And tell me how you’re right and […]

Thou Shalt Not – Pro-Pain

We search for a sign to guide us till the end Believe in yourself – Do what you think is right May your kids be safe and warm into the night The blood, the sweat, the anger and the tears Represent all our acts of faith throughout the years Deceit is a means in which […]

Take It Personal – Pro-Pain

Well I don’t really care for you and you know I hate your kind Assassination per demonstration of the rage This pissed off individual has recently come of age You wasted all my time – when time was on my side Life left to leave you blind my eyes are open wide Don’t stop to […]

Draw Blood – Pro-Pain

Fly high – god will let your eagle soar Shed tears on the path in which you pave Have faith and sacred vigilance will guard your grave Gotta take good care for those Who have taken care of us There is life beyond our woes So sacrifice we must To love to hate – for […]

Three Minutes Hate – Pro-Pain

That our worst Orwellian nightmare cometh, but don’t start running….express your rage that the constitution was maimed by the fourth fucking Reich Oh… that comfort zone you protect must keep you in denial that the end’s in sight So show your hate! Push it to the brink! It’s time to get the fuck up and […]

The Prisoner – Pro-Pain

Time’s up, set me free I’ll do what I want to whenever Pissin off the powers that be Led a life of death and destruction Bet you’d like to see me die A big nabd without interruption Blood lust is satisfied So what’s the meaning of life? And what do you suggest that I do […]

Time – Pro-Pain

I like to listen to the rain come down I was never very good company You were the loneliest game in town Lots of painful memories all stored up in my head like the day you chose the high road and I took the low instead Disappointment slowly turned to rage, I guess it’s the […]

Smokin’ Gun – Pro-Pain

my intentions are to serve you wrong I tried to find strength and piece of mind when you put me to the test, but not for long Pressure. It’s always on SOmetimes you gotta take the ball and run Power. It’s all in my hands but what will I do with the still smokin’ gun […]

Against The Grain – Pro-Pain

To save the day He started a militia Called crime does pay Everywhere he went The crowds would gather ’round As he posted propaganda All throughout the town Violence everywhere Blame the government Show us that you care How’s the money spent? Said it once before That ignorance is bliss And media’s a whore All […]

Casualties Of War – Pro-Pain

Morbid thoughts enter my brain Time to kill – thousands I will Goals to reach – trenches to fill The world will be no more The casualties of war Blood is shed – millions are dead Sounds of death rip through my head Minds i rape – chances I take Bones I break – choices […]

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