Performer PROFYLE

No Trickin’ – Profyle

Yo, yeah, yeah Ha, now what y’all wanna do Ha, yo, Teddy Bishop Profyle Like that, right? You know how […]

Liar – Profyle

After we made plans for a family And you swear you would bare my child All the while you were […]

One Night – Profyle

(Hello) Yeah baby what you doin’? One night is all I need To make, make you, you mine One night […]

Addicted – Profyle

Hmm It seems I’m addicted to your love And I can’t contain myself Baby don’t restrict me from your touch […]

I Won’t Cry – Profyle

You came and got things today, I packed your car, I watched you drive away. I cried so many tears […]

I Do – Profyle

But I’m ready (Girl I’m ready to say I do to you) I wanna love you forever (I’m ready to […]

Can We Talk – Profyle

Fed up for sure that’s no doubt By the way I’ve been carrying on Should’ve know by now, she’d want […]

Nasty – Profyle

[Monifah] Ooh you so nasty 1 – [Profyle](Monifah) Why you gotta be so nasty girl (Because you make me horny) […]

Too Shady – Profyle

[Cha Cha] Uh, Cha Cha You bet this broad get it all from a nigga From the car to the […]