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Every Little Thing – Profyle

Yeah, yea The moment I saw you I knew right then and there That I liked you The moment I saw you I knew I had to get to know you Baby the moment I caught your eyes I knew I had to give it a try, hmm The moment I looked into your eyes […]

Too Shady – Profyle

[Cha Cha] Uh, Cha Cha You bet this broad get it all from a nigga From the car to the figures Even your tour money Honey since last fall in December I’ve been getting that And setting that to the side If I pinch that It’s only cause your royalty and pug checks ain’t in […]

Whispers In The Dark – Profyle

I hear whispers in the dark, sayin baby don’t u stop Makin love to u but you’re not in my bed, Sexy dreams that stop and start Voices tearin me apart u keep on callin me whispers in the dark You step in the room close the door trail your clothes across the floor (you […]