Promise Keepers – Flotsam And Jetsam

Swollen shut black eyes burning bright
Folded arms hold everything she’s ever owned
Folded arms holding every broken bone

Hard to stand on broken feet below the ground
The silent face that screams a shattered sound
More to the eye than another knotted fist
Slash the lips that were once longed to be kissed

Promise keepers nothing cheaper, yeah
Promise to keep her digging deeper

One strong smile reminds looks can deceive
If you’re strong enough to bleed
You’re strong enough to leave
Running away again down the same short hall
The face she used to have stares from these walls

Burn the rope while tying up loose ends
Introduced to the family secret again
First step out is up then you start to walk
Take first salt by grain then by block

Promise keepers nothing cheaper
Promise to keep her digging deeper
Promise keepers nothing cheaper
I promise to keep her digging deep

If you get the guts you gotta hold em tight
You’ve got wings spread them out, take flight

Lyric Promise Keepers – Flotsam And Jetsam