Pumpin’ 4 The Man – Ween

Sometimes you think you’re gonna drop
In the end you’re filthy dirty, horny, and pissed off
And before you can leave you gotta sweep the fuckin’ shop

It’s a real real bitch to be workin’ for the man
But shit, I do it well, so what the fuck
I could probably wash dishes at some other fuckin’ dump
But it’s all the same to me, bustin’ ass to make a buck

So read ’em up and stick ’em
Pump that fucker good
Some woman down on Main Street needs a jump
Get your fingers outta your ass
And pump some faggot’s gas
And think about how bad New Hope sucks

And it’s a piss poor life when the ladies fire you up
And then you check their oil and know you’re fucked
‘Cause no one wants a loser who works for 5 an hour
Smells like gas, looks like shit, works in the rain and rude as hell

Now I can fix a tire like Hurricane Melinda
I know that I’m the best for what it’s worth
So if I choose to help you don’t look like you expect it
‘Cause it’s a gift that God gave me at birth

So read ’em up and stick ’em

Lyric Pumpin’ 4 The Man – Ween