Putrid Cross Of Insignificance – Agathdaimon

Been listening to your mourning, watching you falling
Deeper, farer, until your calling
Evoked an eerie tone, that only you alone
As a warning have known
Guess, you’ve tried everything
To be as me, to winback the soul I’ve kindly been
Treating like my only son
God’s shiny angel, I am gone
and you what the hell have you become???
Abandoned son, my fairly fallen angel, come on
And tell your father, what will we become!!??

Angels, we dwell in hell, humiliating and sad as well
The world succumbed, some tell
And there I stand stone-still, hence
In my own non-existance and muse upon consequence!

Blood stained clay, forth from our sacred dissaray
Someone will walk a new way
And will close the door ‘twixt us and common core
Angel, did you really want this war???
Scarlet lips of indecency (Scarlet lips of perversity)
In search for a splintered tongue (Matching each face disguised)
Sharpened words of intimacy
They’ll need (all) my love (They’ll need my hatred)

Sapience, pierce my flesh with your thorns of irony
Angel falls and twists her wings and her gleaming breasts
will rot like foul flesh, hence worms will dance
to a macabre romance… the rape of sweetness in my eyes

Lyric Putrid Cross Of Insignificance – Agathdaimon